Graphic Design Programs Canada

Graphic design is one of the most successful industries in Canada. That’s because graphic designers are needed in every field, from advertising to website development to packaging design. If you’re looking for a career as a graphic designer, look no further than these colleges and universities:

Graphic Design Programs Canada

Bachelor of Design in Communication Design, OCAD University

OCAD University is a public university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Bachelor of Design in Communication Design program is a four-year degree that provides students with a foundation in the theory, practice and history of design.

The first two years focus on general studies which include graphic design fundamentals like typography, colour theory and information design. In addition to these core classes students take specialized courses such as Media Writing or Photography & Video Production to give them an opportunity to explore other areas within the realm of communication design.

The last two years are spent developing their own portfolio by choosing electives from various departments including: Visual Art (Drawing), Experimental Animation Program (Experimental Animation), Interaction Design Lab (Interaction Design), Interactive Media Program (Video Game Design). This allows students to specialize their skillset according to their personal interests while still ensuring they have the broad understanding required for success in the industry.

Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication Design, UBC

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is a public research university located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. UBC is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in Canada and around the world. UBC has a student population of over 60,000 students and an alumni base of 175,000 individuals.

Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design for Communication, Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Emily Carr University of Art + Design is a public university in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is the only public post-secondary institution devoted solely to the visual arts and design in Canada. Emily Carr offers Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Graphic Design for Communication and Visual Arts as well as Bachelor of Arts degrees in Art History & Theory and Media Studies.

Emily Carr offers a wide range of courses that focus on the relationship between art and its audience through various mediums including painting, sculpture, digital media such as video installations or interactive computer games; photography etc…

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, NSCAD University

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design is a four-year program offered by NSCAD University. It has a strong foundation in the areas of design, history and theory, media literacy, and critical thinking. Students will learn how to utilize their creative abilities while also developing their technical skills in areas such as image editing software and print processes.

Students will be able to apply what they’ve learned through practical assignments like branding campaigns or designing an exhibition poster series for an artist’s body of work. The curriculum is designed for students who are passionate about both art and business so that they can develop a well-rounded understanding of what it takes to be successful in this field.

Students must apply using the CAAP portal system before March 1st each year (the deadline for December applications). The application fee is $50 CDN for domestic students ($55 USD), or $75 CDN ($80 USD) internationally. For more information about applying visit https://www1.nscadu/admissions/apply/.

Bachelor of Applied Arts – Integrated Media, Sheridan College

At Sheridan College, the Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA) in Integrated Media is a four-semester program that focuses on the study of art and design. The Integrated Media program gives students the chance to explore their interests through various hands-on courses, including:

  • [content marketing](, where students learn how to create web pages using HTML and CSS, as well as how to promote them through social media platforms;
  • [digital photography](, where students develop skills in shooting photos for print and online media;
  • [fundamentals of web design](, which teaches students how to use tools like Photoshop and Illustrator CS6;

Diploma – Interactive Media Arts, Capilano University

The Diploma in Interactive Media Arts program at Capilano University is a unique blend of graphic design, programming, user experience and animation. You’ll learn to create websites, mobile apps and games while developing your storytelling skills to generate meaning through sound, images and text. The degree also includes an introduction to social media marketing.

Graduates are prepared for a career as a designer or developer of websites, mobile apps or computer games; creative director; webmaster; technical writer; advertising art director or interactive designer at agencies that specialize in digital media production such as video-game developers.

Bilingual Diploma in Graphic design and Advertising, LaSalle College Montréal

The Bilingual Diploma in Graphic design and Advertising program is offered by the Centre de formation professionnelle et technique (CFTP) at LaSalle College Montréal. Students can learn graphic design and advertising in either French or English. The program is offered full time, part time and online.

The Bilingual Diploma in Graphic design and Advertising offers three levels: an introductory level, intermediate level and advanced level. Each level builds on the previous one so it’s recommended that you work through each level consecutively before moving to another course.

Honours Bachelor of Graphic Design, Fanshawe College

  • Honours Bachelor of Graphic Design, Fanshawe College

Fanshawe’s Honours BA in Graphic Design offers students an opportunity to learn at the cutting edge of current practice. The courses are designed to provide a thorough grounding in graphic design principles and techniques, with a view to developing both creative and critical thinking skills. All students will develop practical skills across a broad range of areas including layout design, typography, illustration, photography and digital media. They will also have the opportunity to work on real world projects under the supervision of professional designers.

Certificate – Publishing and Graphic Communications, St. Clair College

The program is designed to help students develop a solid foundation in the field of publishing and graphic communications. The program provides students with an understanding of the principles and processes involved in publishing, including editorial workflows and production standards, as well as an introduction to typography, computer-assisted design (CAD), digital imaging, desktop publishing software and typesetting methods used in print production. Students will also gain insight into career opportunities within this area by learning more about advertising agencies as well as commercial printers.

Here are some great colleges to look into if you want to study and work as a graphic designer.

If you’re looking to earn a degree in graphic design, one of the first things to consider is where you will study. There are a variety of options available if you want to learn how to become a graphic designer; here are some great colleges and universities in Canada that offer programs in this field:

  • Alberta College of Art and Design (Calgary, Alberta)
  • Emily Carr University of Art + Design (Vancouver, British Columbia)
  • Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning (Toronto, Ontario)
  • OCAD University (Toronto, Ontario)

The following schools also offer graphic design programs at the certificate level:

  • Canadian National Institute for the Blind – CNIB St-Laurent Campus (Montreal Quebec)


These universities offer great programs that will help you get started on a career in graphic design. They have some of the best programs in Canada, so check them out!

Colleges That Offer Video Game Programming

Colleges That Offer Video Game Programming

Video games are a huge part of our culture, but they’re also more than just fun. In fact, they can be a very lucrative career option. If you’ve always been interested in how video games work, these schools offer programs that will teach you all about them—and prepare you for a career as a game developer:

DigiPen Institute of Technology

DigiPen Institute of Technology (formerly DigiPen) is a private, non-profit university located in Redmond, Washington. The school offers an undergraduate degree in Computer Science that emphasizes game development and production. As part of their curriculum, students can study 3D animation, interactive media design and sound design.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program at DigiPen provides students with an in-depth understanding of software development for video games. Students may choose from two tracks: Game Programming and Interactive Media Design & Production (IMDP).

Game Programming focuses on developing both 2D and 3D games using a variety of tools including Unity3D (C#), UDK or Unreal Engine 4; the IMDP track focuses more on storytelling techniques as well as audio production for games like “Mass Effect 3” or “Batman Arkham Asylum.”

Full Sail University

Full Sail University offers a Bachelors of Science in Game Design and Development, which can be completed online at the Bachelor’s level. This degree is designed for those who wish to become professional game designers, artists or programmers.

Full Sail University’s Bachelor of Science in Game Art and Design prepares students for careers as game developers and designers. The program provides an education that allows students to explore their creative passions while developing technical skills needed to succeed in this competitive field.

Rochester Institute of Technology

RIT has a video game design program that focuses on art, animation, and sound. It also offers a game development program, which is more focused on programming and software engineering. The combination of these two degrees—one in art and the other in programming—allows students to learn about both sides of video games during their time at RIT.

The school has several different ways for students to earn their degree in Game Design at RIT:

  • Bachelor of Science – Digital Games & Media Arts (DGMA)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts – Digital Games & Media Arts (DGMA)
  • Bachelor of Science – Computer Science (CS) with Concentration in Game Design

The Guildhall at SMU

The Guildhall at SMU is a game development program based in Dallas, Texas. The program is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), which means it meets certain standards of quality. The program is three semesters long and costs $43,000.

The University of Utah Entertainment Arts and Engineering Program

The University of Utah’s Entertainment Arts and Engineering Program is a four-year degree offered through the university’s School of Computing. The EAE Program is designed to prepare students for careers in video game development, with each year focusing on an area of specialization that includes game design, programming, art design, sound design and production management. Students may choose between a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree.

The EAE Program has been ranked among the top 10 programs in North America by Game Developer Magazine and has had multiple students win awards at national competitions such as ACM SIGGRAPH for virtual reality projects.

You can go to college to learn how to build a video game.

The good news is that you can go to college to learn how to build a video game. You’ll need an academic background in programming, which means taking courses like Computer Science and Software Engineering, but once you have that down, there are plenty of programs out there that offer technical degrees in gaming.

In general, video game development degrees are focused on learning how to make the software behind video games: programmers who create the code that runs inside your favorite games (such as Fortnite). While this might sound incredibly technical and hard-to-understand (and it is!), it also means that if you have an interest in computer science or software engineering but aren’t sure what kind of career path would be best for you—a degree program could help guide you toward making great games!

There are a lot of different programs you can take to learn how to make video games. You can learn from the best in the industry, and have access to resources that will help you finish your project on time. These programs also offer networking opportunities with other students and professionals in a variety of roles like artists or programmers as well as employers who are looking for talent.

Hochschule Bremen University Of Applied Sciences

Hochschule Bremen University Of Applied Sciences

The Hochschule Bremen University Of Applied Sciences is a highly regarded institution of higher learning, which has existed for over 100 years. It’s located in the beautiful city of Bremen, Germany and it offers courses in a wide range of disciplines. We pride ourselves on our small class sizes and support systems.

Information For Prospective Students

The Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences is the only state-funded institution of higher education in Bremen. We offer a wide range of diploma programmes, from engineering and business to social sciences and languages.

The application process can be completed online or through a printed form which you can pick up on campus or from us by email. Please note that a copy of your passport will be required when submitting your application for admission. As soon as we have received all relevant documents, we will inform you whether or not your application has been successful within two weeks at the latest.

If you are applying for a scholarship, please submit the following documents:

  • A letter stating why this scholarship should be awarded to yourself;
  • Your CV;
  • A recommendation letter by an academic staff member (can also be sent electronically)

We Offer Contextualised Education To Train High Profile Scientists And Professionals

With a large number of foreign students from all over the world, Hochschule Bremen University Of Applied Sciences is one of the most international institutions in Germany. It offers programmes in English for international students and has an active international student association (AISA) with over 1,000 members. AISA organises events throughout the year that facilitate networking among students as well as with employers and speakers from abroad.

The university is close to the city centre, making it easy to reach by public transport or bike. The campus has plenty of open green spaces and sports facilities including an athletics track, an indoor swimming pool, two fitness studios and two fitness halls where you can practice yoga or dance classes free of charge!

Education For The Real World

The university is a great place to study.

It’s also a good place for learning.

And it’s also a good place to work, in addition to being an excellent location for studying with other students.

The University Of Applied Sciences Bremen Offers An English-language Degree Programme In A Small And Supportive Context With No More Than 40 Students Per Class.

The University Of Applied Sciences Bremen Offers An English-language Degree Programme In A Small And Supportive Context With No More Than 40 Students Per Class.

The University Of Applied Sciences Bremen is a small, friendly university with a student-teacher ratio of 1:15. This means that you will receive individual attention in your classes and on the other hand have plenty of opportunities to build up networks with other international students. The language of instruction is German but there are also several courses taught in English at all levels (Bachelor, Master and Phd).

Bremen is one of Germany’s smallest cities but offers great living conditions for both students and young professionals alike. It has excellent public transport connections to other major cities such as Hamburg or Berlin; it has excellent facilities such as its sports arena which hosts several national teams including handball club THW Kiel; it offers numerous cultural events throughout the year such as concerts by big bands like The Who or Bruce Springsteen; it even hosted an exhibition featuring works by Andy Warhol!

We Have A Wide Range Of Bachelors, Masters And Postgraduate Courses

Our Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes cover a wide range of subjects including:

  • Environmental Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Management and Economics

We have many options to choose from but whatever you choose, you’ll be taught by staff who are passionate about their subject. Our small class sizes mean that you receive plenty of one on one support from your tutors and the university is proud to be recognised as one of the best universities in Germany for teaching quality.

Scholarships And Financial Assistance

The Student Services Office can help you find scholarships and financial assistance for your studies.

Scholarships for international students

The International Office awards scholarships to non-EU citizens who wish to study at the Hochschule Bremen University Of Applied Sciences. The scholarship is a one-off payment that covers tuition fees, living costs and travel expenses for a period of one year (9 months).

Scholarships for national students

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers scholarships to German nationals who want to study abroad as well as foreign nationals who wish to study in Germany. Scholarships are available in almost every subject area at universities throughout Germany, particularly those with strong research profiles such as medicine or engineering. Please note that these opportunities are not open exclusively to Hochschule Bremen University Of Applied Sciences students: interested applicants should directly contact the relevant institution where they intend on studying if they would like further information regarding how best they might be able apply through this route rather than via the DAAD itself which has no direct links with any individual university or course provider within its remit.*

This Is A Good Place To Study

If you’re looking for a university that puts the needs of its students first, Hochschule Bremen should be at the top of your list. The university is small and therefore has a more personal relationship with its students. Hochschule Bremen’s campus is located in a beautiful city that offers plenty of opportunities for cultural and sociological engagement. The university has been around since 1901 and has built up an excellent reputation over time because it provides high-quality education to its students.”

Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences is a state-funded institution of higher education that offers degrees at Bachelor, Master and PhD levels. It is located in the city-state of Bremen in Germany and has over 12,000 students enrolled.

Colleges That Have Degrees In Marketing

Colleges That Have Degrees In Marketing

Marketing is one of the most popular fields to study, and there are many colleges that offer degree programs in marketing. If you’re looking for a school with a marketing program that offers quality education at an affordable price, these schools may be a good choice for you.

University of Mississippi

University of Mississippi

The University of Mississippi offers a Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree, and a Master of Science in Marketing degree. In addition to the undergraduate and graduate-level programs, they also offer a Ph.D. in Marketing. Finally, they offer a Certificate program for those who only want to take one or two classes on marketing topics that interest them.

The Common App School

The Common App School is a private university located in New York. The school offers an undergraduate degree in marketing, which can be completed in four years.

The Common App School’s curriculum includes courses such as:

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Public Relations and Corporate Communications
  • Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Management

SUNY Geneseo

SUNY Geneseo is a public liberal arts college located in Geneseo, NY. The college offers several undergraduate degree options and some graduate degrees.

SUNY Geneseo has a marketing degree program available for students to pursue as part of their education at the school. Students can major in marketing or choose to minor in the field, depending on their interests and career goals.

Notre Dame College

Notre Dame College is a private, coeducational, Catholic liberal arts college located in South Euclid, Ohio, United States, a suburb of Cleveland.

Notre Dame College was founded in 1920 as a women’s college by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. The school became coeducational in 1965 and gained accreditation from North Central Association of Colleges and Schools in 1968.

University of Maine at Farmington

The University of Maine at Farmington is a public university located in Farmington, Maine. It’s main campus is on the edge of town and sits on 200 acres of land. The school was founded in 1854 as the Maine State Seminary.

The University of Maine at Farmington offers a Bachelor’s degree in both Marketing and Public Relations as well as an online Master’s degree in Marketing Management.

Fort Valley State University

Fort Valley State University (FVSU) is a public, coeducational, historically black university located in Fort Valley, Georgia. It was founded in 1877 and became a state-supported institution in 1922. Fort Valley State University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees across its main campus as well as at its satellite locations in Macon, Atlanta and Savannah.

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in marketing requires students to complete 60 credit hours including general education core courses; 30 hours of business courses; 30 hours of required concentration courses; electives; and a capstone course or project. The college also offers minors or concentrations within the degree such as advertising/marketing communications, finance & decision sciences, management information systems (MIS).

Eastern New Mexico University

  • Location: Portales, New Mexico
  • Size: 5,700 students
  • Undergrad tuition: $6,300/year (in-state); $17,000/year (out-of-state)
  • Tuition/fee schedule: [link][link]
  • Admission requirements: Minimum GPA of 2.5; SAT scores between 620 and 670 (critical reading and math), or ACT scores between 20 and 23; high school transcript with 4 years of English, 3 years of social sciences, 3 years of math (algebra I & II preferred), 2 years of science including 1 year lab science—at least one course each in biology and chemistry

Admission test scores: SAT critical reading = 620 – 670 / Math = 670 – 700 / Writing = 630 – 680 / Composite = 1230 – 1380; ACT composite score = 21 Averages from regionally accredited high schools will be considered for admission if the applicant has taken at least 16 core courses that include 4 years each in English and Social Sciences (with a minimum grade point average of 2.5 per semester). For students who have been home schooled or are products currently enrolled in a non-accredited private preparatory school , however!

Williams Baptist College

A prospective student who is interested in pursuing a degree in marketing may be interested to learn that Williams Baptist College offers degrees in this field. The college is located in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas and was founded as a Baptist college in 1902. It currently has an enrollment of roughly 1,200 students.

The Bachelor of Business Administration program offered at Williams Baptist College provides students with a well-rounded education that includes an emphasis on business administration principles and marketing studies. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in internships during their enrollment here and learn from faculty members who have been recognized for their professional accomplishments within the industry.

For those who wish to continue their studies further, the Master of Business Administration program at Williams Baptist College provides them with advanced knowledge about how to apply theory into practice through participation in research projects or consulting activities within organizations such as corporations or nonprofit organizations

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Southeastern Oklahoma State University is a public university in Durant, Oklahoma, United States. Southeastern Oklahoma State University was founded as Southeastern State Normal School in 1909 by an act of the Oklahoma State Legislature.

Grambling State University

Grambling State University is a university located in Grambling, Louisiana. It was founded in 1901 and is the only historically black university in Louisiana. Grambling State University is a member of the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC), a Division I athletics conference for HBCUs.

The university has had notable graduates including former NBA player Johny Newman and NFL defensive tackle Cedric Johnson.

Colleges That Have Degrees In Marketing

The following is a list of colleges that offer degrees in marketing:

  • University of Southern California
  • Harvard University
  • Stanford University
  • Yale University

Marketing is a difficult field to get into, because it requires a lot of experience and most importantly, education. If you’re interested in pursuing a marketing degree but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve compiled this list of colleges that offer degrees in marketing!

Colleges That Offer Office Administration

Colleges That Offer Office Administration

The secretarial profession has evolved into the office administration field. You can find a number of programs that offer training in this growing field.

Careers in executive assisting and office administration are growing at a faster rate than most other careers.

You can find many career opportunities in the field of office administration. The job market for these careers is growing at a faster rate than most other careers, and it’s expected to continue growing through 2022.

The fastest-growing jobs are those that require a bachelor’s degree or higher, such as executive assistants and administrative assistants. These positions require people who can organize information and manage details, but they don’t necessarily need people with a lot of experience in the field; if you have strong organizational skills and good communication skills, there may be an opportunity for you to get started in an entry-level position without having had prior experience working as an executive assistant or administrator.

Most colleges offer certificates, diplomas, associate’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees in office administration.

Most colleges offer certificates, diplomas, associate’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees in office administration. A certificate is the least extensive degree and requires students to complete a certain number of courses. A diploma is similar to a certificate but takes longer to earn because it includes more classes than the required credits for a certificate. An associate’s degree includes fewer required credits than a bachelor’s degree but more than half of what you need for your chosen major. A bachelor’s degree usually takes four years as opposed to two years for an associate’s degree. You can also receive master’s degrees and doctorate degrees after completing undergraduate studies at some colleges if you choose that path.[

Graduates will likely be employed as an accounting assistant, administrative assistant or payroll clerk, among other positions.

Graduates of a college program in office administration will have a variety of career options, including accounting assistant and administrative assistant positions. Other possibilities include payroll clerk and bookkeeping work.

Colleges typically offer certificates, diplomas, associate’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees in office administration. The length of time it takes to complete these programs depends on the level of education chosen by students. In general, certificate programs take about one year to complete while associate’s degree programs require two years to complete and bachelor’s degree programs three years. Most programs include classes in keyboarding skills; word processing; spreadsheet use; business writing/grammar; accounting principles; bookkeeping principles; data entry procedures for spreadsheets or databases (such as Microsoft Access); customer service skills; leadership skills for those who aspire toward management roles within their organizations; interpersonal communications strategies such as how best to interact with managers or coworkers from other departments when necessary (this includes knowing which email etiquette rules are appropriate given specific situations); public relations strategies such as how best approach contacting media outlets if there is an event worthy enough coverage by local newspapers or television stations).

Most programs include classes in keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheet use and bookkeeping.

Most programs include classes in keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheet use and bookkeeping. Many also cover office etiquette and management techniques. Other skills that are taught include computer troubleshooting and the use of specialized software such as accounting applications or management programs.

Many college students who are interested in an office administration program will be required to enroll in general education courses that do not meet their major’s specific requirements. For example, a student who has chosen an online office administration degree may need math courses or basic communications skills classes as part of his or her general education requirements.

Some programs are offered online, which allows the student to study at home.

If you’re a busy person who wants to study in your own time, an online program may be for you. You can complete your coursework at home and on your own schedule, which means that it is easy to fit around any other commitments you might have. This is a great option for students who need to balance school with their jobs or family life. Online programs are also ideal for those who are self-motivated and don’t mind being independent learners. Some colleges offer both traditional and online programs; others only offer one or the other. Be sure to check before making an admissions decision!

Some schools have discovered that offering courses both on campus and online has several advantages: students get the best of both worlds—the flexibility of an online program but also the interaction with peers, instructors, professors and advisors available on campus classes—and they save money by not having to pay rent on housing near campus (if living off-campus).

Some colleges offer training in office administration.

The field of office administration is a broad category that encompasses many different jobs, from executive assistants to receptionists. A college degree in this area can help you start your career at the bottom and work your way up over time, or it can help you get started in another position if you do not have any experience in the field.

In addition to formal education, there are many other ways to train for a job in office administration. You might consider enrolling in an online course or taking classes at night school so that you can continue working during the day while earning credits toward your degree.

Whether or not you choose an online degree program, make sure that it includes applicable skills training such as typing speed and accuracy (50+ WPM), proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel spreadsheets, customer service techniques such as telephone etiquette and email etiquette (including CCing important people), multi-tasking ability under pressure (being able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously), communication skills like listening well when someone else speaks while also speaking clearly yourself so that others understand what is being said without having them rephrase themselves too many times before finally getting their point across without feeling intimidated by another person’s presence around them who may be more skilled at their job than they are but due only because they’ve had more time on their hands than most other people do — these types of things would really round out any potential employer’s view on whether or not someone should be hired full-time instead just part-time because they’re worried about how much work might come through while still keeping track of other tasks which may need attention later down line besides just focusing on what needs done now.”

If you are interested in a career in office administration, there are many options for you to consider. You can attend a two-year college and earn an associate’s degree, or complete most of your coursework online and finish your studies at home. It is important to find out what type of program fits with your needs before enrolling in classes so that you know what to expect once entering this field of work.

Colleges That Offer Physical Therapy And Athletic Training

Colleges That Offer Physical Therapy And Athletic Training

Physical therapy and athletic training are two important fields of study that can lead to rewarding careers. While there are hundreds of colleges in the United States with programs in either field, there’s only a handful offering both programs under one roof. Here are five colleges where students can get both degrees:

The University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is a public institution located in College Park, Maryland.

The university is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and offers undergraduate degrees in more than 150 majors.

The athletic training program at the University of Maryland has an application deadline of March 15th for fall admission, with an additional deadline in May if you’re interested in enrolling as a preferred applicant (which means you’ll be considered for more than one program if your application is denied). There’s also a separate application process after acceptance into the program itself—the deadline here is March 1st for new students who are eligible to enroll immediately.

For general information about applying for physical therapy programs at other schools throughout the United States, check out this useful guide from DPT Central:

Columbia University

Columbia University is a private Ivy League research university in Upper Manhattan, New York City. Columbia is one of the world’s most prestigious universities, consistently ranked among the top 20 universities in the world. The university was founded in 1754 as King’s College by royal charter of George II of Great Britain; after the American Revolutionary War, King’s College briefly became a state entity, and was renamed Columbia College in 1784. It has been since known as Columbia University .

Quinnipiac University

Quinnipiac University is a private university in Hamden, Connecticut. It was founded in 1929 as a school for law, but has since become a comprehensive university. The school’s athletic teams compete in the NCAA Division I Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC).

The physical therapy program at Quinnipiac is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE).

Mount Saint Mary’s University

Mount Saint Mary’s University is a private university located in Emmitsburg, Maryland. This Catholic liberal arts university has been in operation since 1808 and offers over 30 undergraduate majors and four graduate programs. Mount Saint Mary’s University is a four-year, liberal arts university with more than 2,000 students enrolled. The school is also home to the Mount Saint Mary’s Eagles basketball team who plays in NCAA Division I athletics.

College of Saint Elizabeth

College of Saint Elizabeth is a private, Catholic, liberal arts college located in Morristown, New Jersey. The College offers undergraduate programs that lead to bachelor’s degrees and graduate-level programs that lead to master’s degrees in many fields.

The College has an athletic training and physical therapy program for students wishing to pursue these careers.

Simmons University

Simmons University is a private, non-profit university located in Boston, Massachusetts. The school was founded in 1899 and has a student population of 4,000. The Physical Therapy and Athletic Training program at Simmons University includes both undergraduate and graduate programs. Prospective students who are interested in this program must apply for admission through the same process as any other undergraduate or graduate degree program at Simmons University.

New York Institute of Technology

The New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) offers a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy program that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) and the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). The school also offers a master’s degree in sports medicine & athletic training program, which is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).

This university has been recognized by U.S News & World Report as one of America’s best colleges several times since 2012, including being placed at #64 among all universities nationally for its graduate programs.

Long Island University Brooklyn Campus

Long Island University Brooklyn Campus is located at One University Plaza, Brooklyn, New York. At this school, you can earn a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training degree in four years. If you want to earn a Master of Science in Athletic Training degree, it will take an additional year after that. The total cost for this program is $62,000 for out-of-state students and $54,000 for in-state students.

Long Island University Brooklyn Campus’s ranking is #20 for Best Physical Therapy Programs and #40 for Best Athletic Training Programs by U.S News & World Report rankings in 2019. Long Island University Brooklyn Campus is accredited by Middle States Association Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). In order to become eligible for licensure as an athletic trainer with the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA), students must complete all requirements listed on their website before graduation or shortly after graduation so they can apply right away (and be able to start working).

A.T. Still University

A.T. Still University offers a Physical Therapist Assistant program with the option to work on campus or off-campus after graduation. This program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE).

The university is located in Kirksville, Missouri and is a private university.

Here are some colleges with Physical Therapy and Athletic Training programs

  • The University of the Pacific
  • Western Michigan University
  • California State University, Chico
  • Concordia University – Nebraska

If you are looking for a school that will help you become a Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer, there is no shortage of colleges that offer this program. Here are some of the top schools in the country:

The list of colleges and universities with these degrees is growing every year, but it still isn’t very long. If you’re going to be a physical therapist or athletic trainer and you want to go to college, there are plenty of options for you out there. The best way to find one that fits your needs is by doing some research online and talking with people who have experience in this field.

Colleges That Offer Fire Fighting

Colleges That Offer Fire Fighting

Firefighting is a highly-skilled profession that requires training, experience, and commitment. Firefighters work in teams to protect people and property from fires and other hazards. They must have excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work under extreme conditions for extended periods of time.

Firefighters are required to complete a rigorous training program before being allowed to fight fires on their own. Some states require that all new firefighters complete an internship with a local department before graduating from their fire academy at the state’s regional campus or community college; others allow them to begin working immediately after graduation from an academy. State certification requirements vary by state but generally include passing written exams about fire safety education and practical tests demonstrating basic firefighting skills such as ladder use, hose applications, ventilation techniques, rope rescue procedures, hazardous material identification and containment methods (when appropriate), etc… College credits earned while earning certification may be applied toward an associate degree if desired (see below). Likewise:

1 Community College of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Community College of Allegheny County, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the largest community college in Pennsylvania. It offers a fire science program and has received accreditation from the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress.

2 Delaware Technical & Community College-Stanton/Wilmington, Newark, Delaware

  • Delaware Technical & Community College-Stanton/Wilmington, Newark, Delaware

This community college offers a fire science technician training program that consists of coursework in fire prevention and detection, firefighting tactics and strategy, firefighter safety education, and basic hydraulics. The program requires 64 credit hours to complete and includes both classroom sessions and practical field work.

3 Gateway Community College, New Haven, Connecticut

Gateway Community College

New Haven, Connecticut

Fire Fighter 1: This course is offered in both a hybrid format and online. The class meets twice a week, with online assignments due every Friday. The course covers topics such as the history of firefighting, the role of the firefighter, and how to prevent fires. It also covers technical skills such as how to operate thermal imaging equipment or use an SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus). The course can be taken in either fall or spring semesters or summer sessions.

4 Hinds Community College-Rankin Campus, Pearl, Mississippi

Hinds Community College-Rankin Campus is a two-year public institution located in Pearl, Mississippi. It was founded in 1970 and offers a variety of programs, including fire fighting. The college has an acceptance rate of 99%.

5 Kent State University at Ashtabula, Ashtabula, Ohio

Kent State University at Ashtabula is a public university in Ashtabula, Ohio.

The school offers a two-year associate’s degree in fire science technology and an associate’s degree in fire science technology management.

6 Northwest Arkansas Community College, Bentonville, Arkansas

Northwest Arkansas Community College is a two-year, public institution with over 11,000 students enrolled. The fire science program offers students the opportunity to receive an Associate’s degree in Fire Science and Safety Technology.

The program covers topics such as:

  • Basic firefighting principles and practices
  • Fire behavior and extinguishing agents
  • Building construction basics for structural and wildland fires

Students spend their first year taking classes such as Introduction to Emergency Management, Advanced Physical Education & Health, Introduction to Public Safety Communications and Firefighter I & II (certification). They will also complete one field experience during this time period. During the second year of study at NWACC, students take courses such as Advanced Physical Education & Health; Hazardous Materials Response Operations; Introduction to Homeland Security Management Systems; Incident Command System Essentials; Structural Collapse Prevention & Mitigation Techniques; Wildland Fire Behavior & Control Methods; Emergency Medical Technician I Certification (statewide certification)

7 Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, California

Orange Coast College, located in Costa Mesa, California, is a public community college. OC offers firefighting classes for students who wish to pursue a career as a firefighter or emergency medical technician. The college’s main campus is located in Costa Mesa; it also operates campuses in Irvine, San Juan Capistrano and Anaheim Hills.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), Orange Coast College had an enrollment of 16,831 undergraduate students during their 2017-2018 academic year; this represents an increase from 15,657 students reported three years earlier by NCES (2014-2015).

8 Pima Community College-Desert Vista Campus, Tucson, Arizona

Pima Community College-Desert Vista Campus, Tucson, Arizona

The main campus is located in Marana and has an enrollment of approximately 9,000 students. The school offers a wide range of associate degrees and certificates. The college is known for its excellent nursing program; it also has an award-winning aviation program that was founded in 1987 by retired military pilots who wanted to give back to the community.

9 San Jacinto College-Central Campus , Pasadena , Texas

San Jacinto College-Central Campus is a public community college located in Pasadena, Texas. The college offers more than 100 associate degree and certificate programs as well as online coursework. San Jacinto College-Central Campus is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

10 Southwestern Community College , Sylva , North Carolina.

The Southwestern Community College fire science program is a two-year associate degree. The college has a fire science academy for high school students and a Fire Science Academy for adults.

To apply: Visit the Southwestern Community College website for application information, contact information and detailed instructions on how to apply.

Here are ten colleges that offer fire fighting courses.

  • List of ten colleges that offer fire fighting courses.
  • List the colleges in order of preference.
  • List the colleges by location (e.g., state/city).
  • List the colleges by cost, including tuition, room and board and other fees. The total cost for a year at a particular college should be about $X for one academic year (i.e., two semesters). For example, if you want to go to a college that costs $10k per year and lasts four years with no breaks between semesters or summers off then you’ll need to plan on having about $40k saved up before starting your first class at that school so that you can pay all your bills without taking out any loans or getting into debt! Of course this is just an example but hopefully it helps illustrate how much planning needs doing before choosing where university will take place!

All in all, there are a lot of colleges that offer fire fighting courses. There are also many other places where you can learn about this type of work if you have the desire to do so. The important thing is that when it comes down to it, everyone needs to know what they are doing when there is an emergency so that we can all work together and solve any problems that may arise from time-to-time

Colleges That Offer Music Education

Colleges That Offer Music Education

Music education is an important field to consider if you want to work with music. It’s a wide-ranging degree and can be used to work as a music teacher, director, producer or other roles. If you’re looking for schools that offer music education programs, you’ll find that there are many options available.

Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA)

To get an education in music at Berklee College of Music, students must complete the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree in Music or Music Business.
  • A concentration in one of the following areas:
  • Performance (guitar, piano, percussion)
  • Songwriting and Producing (songwriting and producing electronic music)
  • Music Business (music business courses)

Boston University (Boston, MA)

Boston University is a private research university located in Boston, Massachusetts. The university is nonsectarian, although it was founded by members of the Congregationalist Church. BU has more than 3,800 faculty members and 33,000 students.

The school’s main campus is situated along Commonwealth Avenue on Boston’s Charles River Campus, which includes a mixture of historic buildings as well as modern facilities such as the School of Law’s state-of-the-art facility at 765 Pierce Hall and the Warren Towers Residence Hall (formerly known as Stetson Tower).

BU also has satellite campuses in Brighton; Brookline; Chestnut Hill; Dorchester (Boston); Jamaica Plain; Newton Corner (Boston); Roslindale; Waltham; West Roxbury/Chestnut Hill (Boston)

California State University Long Beach (Long Beach, CA)

California State University Long Beach’s (CSULB) Bachelor of Arts in Music Education program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music, the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, and NCATE. The curriculum focuses on a core liberal arts foundation with courses in music theory, composition, performance and history. Students must complete a minimum of 120 units to graduate from this program.

Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL)

With a music education degree from Florida State University, you can teach all ages and levels of students. In the undergraduate program, you’ll learn how to teach music in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools (and even in community centers). The master’s program is designed for music teachers who want to pursue a career in university teaching or performance. For both programs, students are required to choose an area of emphasis: either instrumental or vocal/choral.

The doctorate program provides students with an opportunity to become leaders in public school systems across the country. It also provides them with the opportunity to work with organizations like local orchestras, symphonies and chamber ensembles; community arts councils; state arts councils; performing arts centers; historical societies; museums; professional music organizations such as ASCAP/BMI etc.; festivals/fairs/festivals etc.; chamber choruses which perform at concerts by themselves or alongside other groups within their communities (such as school choirs); youth symphonies which perform at concerts by themselves but also alongside other groups within their communities (such as school orchestras); after-school programs sponsored by local governments that include both instrumental instruction along with lessons taught by faculty members from colleges throughout Florida State University system.”

Indiana University Bloomington (Bloomington, IN)

Indiana University Bloomington is a public research university located in Bloomington, Indiana, United States. It is the flagship campus of the Indiana University system and was founded in 1820 by the Indiana General Assembly.

Jacobs School of Music (Bloomington, IN)

At the Jacobs School of Music, you can earn your undergraduate degree in music education, master’s degree in music therapy or a master’s degree in music theory. The school also offers a master’s degree in musicology.

Manhattan School of Music (New York, NY)

Manhattan School of Music (MSM) offers a wide range of music education programs, including the Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance.

The following information is taken from the school’s website:

  • Admission Requirements: Students must have a high school diploma or equivalent to apply for this program. Test scores are required as well as previous experience in performance, composition, and improvisation; transcripts are also needed.
  • Student Life: Students can join one or more ensembles during their time at MSM with opportunities ranging from jazz combos to symphony orchestras and chamber groups. These ensembles are open to both undergraduate and graduate students alike as well as alumni who wish to participate in these groups while they study at MSM or even after graduation!
  • Academics: The four year Bachelor’s degree program includes lessons in theory (harmony/form), ear training, sight singing/dictation/intervals/rhythm), solo performance practice techniques (chamber sextet ensemble), conducting techniques (large ensemble conducting studies), ensemble coaching techniques (small ensemble coaching studies), orchestral studies (orchestral repertoire used by concertmasters throughout the world). There are also classes offered on improvisation for all instruments taught by some of the best jazz guitarists on staff! If you’re interested in other courses outside those offered through this program check out some additional ones below!

New England Conservatory of Music (Boston, MA)

The New England Conservatory of Music (NEC), founded in 1867, is a private, non-profit music conservatory located in Boston, Massachusetts. The school offers about 50 different degrees, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as doctorates.

The school is a member of the Association of Independent Music Schools (AIMS), an organization for independent schools worldwide offering musical training at all levels; it also participates in National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), which accredits degree programs from institutions across the nation. NEC has been recognized by the Carnegie Foundation for its highest degree of research activity: Research University – Master’s Level III status

New York University & Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development–Music Education Program (New York, NY)

New York University & Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development–Music Education Program (New York, NY)

The Steinhardt School offers a BA in Music Education, a BS in Music Education, a BA in Music and Technology and a BA in Music Media Technology. Students have the option to earn an MA or PhD as well. Students can choose from one of four tracks: elementary general music; secondary general music; instrumental music education; or choral music education.

Northwestern University & Bienen School of Music (Evanston, IL)

Northwestern University’s Bachelor of Music Education program is a four-year undergraduate degree that trains students to teach music in all grades (elementary through college). Bienen School of Music also offers a five-year option for students who want to get started on their credentials early. The six-year option gives you the chance to complete your bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the same time, but it requires you to take additional coursework in order for your degree to be official.

The curriculum includes courses like “Music Pedagogy,” “Orchestration and Instrumentation,” and “Mentoring and Coaching.” You’ll spend at least five days per week in class, so this isn’t one of those schools where you can just coast by on high school transcripts—you have to put in some serious effort if you want good grades!

The Hartt School at the University of Hartford (West Hartford, CT)

The Hartt School at the University of Hartford (West Hartford, CT) offers a Master of Music in Music Education degree; students are required to complete a minimum of 36 hours in performance, pedagogy and musicianship. Students can also select an emphasis on wind instrument, string instrument, piano or voice. The program requires one year of teaching experience and includes coursework on classroom music instruction methods as well as conducting training.

Hartt School also offers a Master of Music in Music Performance degree for performers who wish to study with some of the top professors in their field including Daniel Rothman and John Andrew Schreiner. Students must pass an audition before entering this program which lasts two years (60 credits).

The Ohio State University/Fisher College of Business – Executive MBA Program Columbus (Columbus, OH)

The Ohio State University/Fisher College of Business – Executive MBA Program Columbus (Columbus, OH) offers a full-time, part-time and online program. The program is designed for working professionals who want to advance their careers by attaining the knowledge required to lead organizations in an increasingly competitive world.

The flexible, accelerated format allows students to complete the degree in just two years by taking classes on evenings and weekends. The curriculum focuses on six core areas: leadership; managing people; strategy formulation; marketing; finance and operations management. All courses are taught by visiting professors from top business schools around the world, including Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business and London Business School. Students also participate in a variety of field trips that allow them to apply what they’ve learned through case studies at local companies such as Procter & Gamble Co., Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., Sony Music Entertainment Inc., Fifth Third Bank and many others

These colleges offer music education programs.

You can find the best music education programs at the following colleges:

  • Princeton University
  • Harvard University
  • Yale University

Additionally, these schools offer quality music education programs:

  • UCLA (University of California Los Angeles)
  • Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts; New York City, New York; Valencia, Spain; and Shanghai, China

With so many colleges and universities to choose from, it can be difficult to decide where to study music education. We hope this list of schools has given you some ideas about which schools might be right for you based on what type of school they are (public or private) or the location where they’re located (close to home).

Colleges That Teach Native American Languages

Colleges That Teach Native American Languages

Haskell Indian Nations University

Haskell Indian Nations University (HINU) is a tribal college in Lawrence, Kansas. It was founded in 1884 as the United States’ first off-reservation boarding school for Native American children. The university offers degrees in business, education, liberal arts and sciences, and social work. The campus also includes an on-site hospital with medical services for tribal members. Student population is about 2,000 students from more than 60 tribes across the country; many attend HINU on scholarships provided by their tribes or through federal grants like those awarded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).

Navajo Technical University

Navajo Technical University is a tribal college located in Tsaile, Arizona. The university is a division of the Navajo Nation. It offers bachelor’s degrees in business administration and electrical engineering technology as well as associate’s degrees in civil engineering technology and computer science.

Leech Lake Tribal College

  • Leech Lake Tribal College (LTC) is located in Cass Lake, Minnesota, and offers a two-year degree program that teaches Ojibwe language, Anishinaabemowin language, and English.
  • Established in 1979 as part of the tribal government’s educational system, LTC became a college under its current name in 2004. It was one of only two colleges offering any courses on Ojibwe or Anishinaabemowin at the time—the other being Bemidji State University in Minnesota—and continues to be one of very few institutions still teaching these languages today.

Northwest Indian College

  • Location: Aberdeen, Washington
  • Established: 1965
  • Offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.
  • Offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.
  • Offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Indian Studies and Native American Studies

Chief Dull Knife College

Chief Dull Knife College is located in Lame Deer, Montana. The college was founded in 1968 and named after a Cheyenne warrior who fought alongside Crazy Horse at the Battle of Little Bighorn. Chief Dull Knife College offers associate degree programs, bachelor’s degrees and certificate programs that include tribal management; business administration; human resources management; accounting; computer science; nursing; liberal arts and sciences; communication studies/journalism/media studies/public relations; early childhood education; history/social science education for pre-kindergarten through grade 12 teachers (online); business education for K-12 teachers (online) etc.

Chief Dull Knife College provides distance learning courses via satellite technology or dial up connections as well as online courses through its Moodle Learning Management System platform.

Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College

Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College is located in Baraga, Michigan. It offers programs in English and Ojibwe, and has a student population of about 1,000 students. The college has a student-to-teacher ratio of about 20:1. Some of its most popular programs include psychology and general studies/liberal arts & sciences.

The college has an overall graduation rate of 50%, which is higher than the average for community colleges (about 48%).

Comanche Nation College

Comanche Nation College is a community college in Lawton, Oklahoma. It has an enrollment of more than 2,000 students, and approximately 100 employees. The majority of these students are Native American. The school offers courses in many disciplines including art, business, education and science.

The Comanche Nation College was established in 2007 after the University of Central Oklahoma opened its campus at the site to allow more people to access higher education classes taught there by professors from their tribe or community colleges across Oklahoma.

United Tribes Technical College

United Tribes Technical College is a tribal college located in Bismarck, North Dakota. The college offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Applied Science in Nursing and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing/Master of Science in Nursing. It also offers a Master’s program that includes online courses through its distance learning program.

United Tribes Technical College is one of only two colleges throughout the United States to offer this kind of degree program and has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1992. They have been recognized as one of the best tribal colleges for Native American language instruction by

Salish Kootenai College

Salish Kootenai College, located in Pablo, Montana, is a tribal college founded by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. It’s accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) and offers degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The school serves nearly 1,100 students each year—many of whom are members of Native American tribes—and has about 20% international students from 27 countries around the world.

The school’s language programs include instruction in Blackfeet, Crow-Pelican Lake, Flathead/Kootenai (Salishan languages), Kalispel-Pend Oreille (Spokan-Kalispel) Language Systems as well as English as a Second Language classes for speakers of Spanish or German. In addition to its language courses offered on campus at Salish Kootenai College itself (which includes dorms), there are also various distance learning opportunities available through SKC’s community education division which covers topics like “Advanced Bilingualism” where students learn how best integrate their two cultures into one identity while still maintaining their own unique sense of self.”

There are many colleges that teach Native American languages.

There are many colleges that teach Native American languages, and most of them are located in the United States or Canada. Most of these schools are tribal colleges, but some are public and private institutions as well.

University Of Pennsylvania Education Graduate School

University Of Pennsylvania Education Graduate School

The University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education (PennGSE) is a top-ranked school for aspiring teachers and education professionals. Established in 1872, PennGSE is consistently ranked as one of the best graduate schools for education in the country. The university offers both master’s degree programs and doctoral degrees.

University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education

University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education is a private college located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The school has a total undergraduate enrollment of 4,902 students and a total graduate enrollment of 3,714 students. University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education has a 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

The University of Pennsylvania offers certificates and degrees (associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s) across six colleges as well as pre-collegiate programs through its Center for STEM Excellence. In addition to these programs offered by the university itself, you can also take classes through Swarthmore College (just five miles away), Temple University (about 10 miles away), or Drexel University (about 15 miles away).

If you’re interested in applying to this college but haven’t yet done so or if you’ve already submitted your application but want more information on what steps are next in the process then read on!

Admissions Deadlines

The deadline for all applications and supporting documents is Friday, January 15. If you are applying for the Master of Science in Education (MSEd) program or the Child and Adolescent Studies (CAGS) Special Education program, please note that we begin accepting applications on a rolling basis. Applications will be reviewed once all required application materials have been received.

As part of the admissions process, all applicants must complete an application through the Graduate College at Penn and submit transcripts from each postsecondary institution attended along with a resume/CV which includes:

  • A current statement of interest describing your goals; if applicable, also include information about why you are interested in working with children or adolescents
  • A personal statement detailing professional accomplishments related to academics; work experience; leadership activities; community involvement; personal qualities such as determination and creativity; any significant health issues you have faced during college that may have impacted your studies

The University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) is a private Ivy League research university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. UPenn is said to be among the top 5 universities both in the USA and worldwide.


The University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) is a private Ivy League research university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. UPenn is said to be among the top 5 universities both in the USA and worldwide.

The Graduate School of Education at UPenn offers programs for students who are interested in working with children from preschool through high school. You can earn an M.A., MSEd or PhD degree, or complete your certification requirements by completing one of their graduate certificate programs.

The following specializations are offered: Early Childhood Education; Gifted Education; Higher Education; Literacy Leadership; Special Education – Generalist K-12; Special Education – Multicultural/Diverse Learners K-12, Special Education – Autism Spectrum Disorder K-12, Special Education – Deafness/Hard of Hearing K-12: Inclusive Early Childhood (Birth to Age 8), Inclusive Secondary Schooling (Grades 9-12), Bilingual Cross Categorical (BXC) Cross Categorical Community Based Services Coordination & Consulting within Home & Community Based Services Settings

M.A.T. In Secondary Education – For individuals with a non-teaching degree who aim to work as high school teachers

If you have a non-teaching degree, but wish to become a high school teacher in the future, you may want to consider the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) program at the University of Pennsylvania. This highly selective program is designed for individuals who want to earn their bachelor’s degree and then go on to obtain licensure as an instructor of secondary education.

The M.A.T. program has many benefits: it offers excellent preparation for future educators; it allows students enrolled in this track to take advantage of resources from both Penn GSE and UPenn; and it gives students access to additional support staff members who can help them plan out their academic goals and career paths moving forward as well as offer feedback on assignments throughout each semester’s term requirements

Ph.D. in Education – For students who wish to conduct an advanced research program in education, culminating in a dissertation in addition to their coursework

The doctoral program in education prepares students to conduct an advanced research program in education culminating in a dissertation. The doctoral program is designed for those who wish to conduct original research and professional development related to the study of pedagogy, psychology and sociology of learning, curriculum development and teaching methodology.

Ph.D. students are expected to teach courses on the undergraduate level while enrolled as graduate students; they should also plan their program so that they can teach at least one course per semester (or two courses per year). If a student does not complete this requirement, he or she will be ineligible for financial aid from Penn.

The degree requires satisfactory completion of at least 60 credits beyond the master’s degree (excluding thesis), with no fewer than 30 credits completed within three years after admission into candidacy for the doctorate; satisfactory completion of four semesters of coursework leading toward an advanced master’s degree with distinction; successful defense of an acceptable dissertation proposal if required by the department; successful completion of comprehensive examinations if required by the department; successful completion of four semesters’ teaching experience in approved classrooms at institutions accredited by recognized accrediting agencies or under joint auspices with another accredited institution(s) or accredited educational unit(s); successful defense before all members present at time set aside for defense unless waived due to extenuating circumstances such as illness or military service duty outside continental United States when required elements must be met within three years after admission into candidacy (including any extensions granted) except where such extension may be granted only once subject to approval by Department Chairperson/Director on recommendation from Faculty Council President upon written request submitted by student before deadline stated therein stating reasons why extension should be granted including documentation showing sufficient progress toward meeting criteria below but no later than three years after admission into candidacy date

MSEd / CAGS Special Education (K-12) – A cutting-edge, research-based master’s program that prepares educators to teach students with disabilities.

The MSEd/CAGS Special Education (K-12) program is a cutting-edge, research-based master’s degree that prepares educators to teach students with disabilities. The program is designed for individuals who have a non-teaching degree and who wish to work as high school teachers. It is also appropriate for those in the field who already hold teaching credentials but want to expand their knowledge base and develop new skills.

The curriculum includes advanced coursework on special education theory, current issues in special education practice and policy, applied research methods, assistive technology instruction methods, inclusive classroom instruction strategies, and effective instructional practices based on evidence of effectiveness. Students study curriculum development techniques focused on core content areas such as literacy or math; they also learn how to collaborate with other specialists (such as speech pathologists) when providing services at school sites.

UPenn offers graduate programs for those interested in becoming teachers and working with students who have special needs

The Master of Science in Education (MSEd) Special Education program is designed for students who wish to become certified Special Education teachers. This cutting-edge, research-based master’s program offers an innovative curriculum that prepares educators to teach students with disabilities from kindergarten through high school.

The CAGS Special Education (K-12) offers an engaging, experiential learning environment where candidates learn how to teach students with varying levels of cognitive abilities in inclusive settings. The program also provides candidates with the opportunity to pursue a second major as they prepare for teaching careers at both the elementary and secondary levels.

The University of Pennsylvania offers several graduate programs for those interested in becoming teachers and working with students who have special needs. These programs are designed to help you prepare for a career in education by providing the skills and knowledge necessary to become an effective educator.

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