Catholic Colleges That Give Merit Aid

Catholic Colleges That Give Merit Aid

The best Catholic colleges and universities offer a great combination of faith, learning and high-quality education. But if you’re looking for financial aid from these schools, it’s not all good news. Many Catholic institutions have limited merit aid (which is awarded based on academic achievement) because they’re required to follow strict financial rules set by their sponsoring religious organizations. That said, there are still some ways for smart students to get around those limitations—and score great deals on tuition without sacrificing their grades or Christian values.

College of the Holy Cross

College of the Holy Cross, a private, Catholic liberal arts college located in Worcester, Massachusetts, was founded in 1843 by members of the Congregation of Holy Cross. It is one of 28 member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. It has an undergraduate student population that ranges from 4500 to 5000 students across its 60-acre campus.

College of the Holy Cross has been ranked as one of the top 25 regional universities (North) by US News & World Report on multiple occasions since 1999. The school also offers over 100 undergraduate majors and concentrations along with over 50 graduate programs including: business administration; education; engineering science; English language/literature; environmental sciences & studies; philosophy & religious studies; political science; psychology & sociology; physics & astronomy

University of Notre Dame

  • Notre Dame is located in South Bend, Indiana.
  • It’s a private Catholic university, with over 10,000 students and a total undergraduate enrollment of 7,300.
  • The school offers more than 125 undergraduate degree programs across its seven schools: the College of Arts and Letters; the College of Science; the Mendoza College of Business; the School of Architecture; the School of Engineering; Holy Cross College at Notre Dame (an exclusively undergraduate institution); and Saint Mary’s College.
  • The university also has graduate programs in law and medicine as well as business administration with several different options for obtaining an MBA depending on your area of study or career goal.

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University is a private Jesuit university in Santa Clara, California. It has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top-tier national universities since 2003 and has a strong commitment to social justice and service learning programs. The campus boasts several academic resources, including the Leavey School of Business Center for Ethics in Corporate Governance which provides courses and seminars on business ethics; the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics which offers courses in applied ethics for undergraduate students; and the Ecole Biblique Francaise (French Biblical School) which fosters biblical studies and provides resources for scholars working with ancient texts from Israel, Palestine, Greece, Egypt and Rome.

The Santa Clara University Alumni Association has over 150,000 members who have graduated from this institution since 1851 when it was founded by Saint Joseph College (later Holy Names Academy).

Fordham University

Fordham University is a Jesuit university in New York City. It’s known for its strong academics, athletics, and student life. The university offers more than 100 majors and minors to undergraduates along with several graduate programs in law and business. Fordham has an acceptance rate of about 22%, making it one of the most selective schools in the country.

Students can choose from 40 different NCAA Division I sports teams that compete at the Atlantic 10 Conference level (Fordham University sponsors men’s baseball but not women’s). There are also plenty of intramural teams to play on if you don’t want to commit yourself to one sport during your college career; there are more than 30 different intramural sports available on campus including flag football, dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, soccer and softball!

St. Thomas University

St. Thomas University is a private, Catholic liberal arts university located in Miami Gardens, Florida. The university was established in 1947 and today has over 3,000 students enrolled. St. Thomas University offers undergraduate programs in business administration and accounting, education, computer information systems and electronic media studies; as well as graduate programs in business administration (MBA), education leadership (EdD)and higher education policy analysis (PhD).

Marquette University

For a school that has a large endowment and no merit scholarships, Marquette University has a surprisingly high acceptance rate. This may be because it is known as a Jesuit university (its official mission is to “enrich the human person through learning and service”). The school’s motto of “For the Greater Glory of God” reflects its Catholic roots and values.

As far as rankings go, US News & World Report ranked Marquette among the top 20 best national universities in 2019. It also ranked No. 9 overall in terms of undergraduate teaching experience (No. 1 among Midwest schools).

Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University is a private, Jesuit university in Spokane, Washington. The school was founded in 1887 by the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), and today it has several colleges offering undergraduate degrees and graduate programs. The school’s total enrollment numbers 6,515 students—including a total undergraduate enrollment of 6,081 students and a graduate enrollment of 434 students.

Loyola Marymount University

Loyola Marymount University is a private, coeducational university in Los Angeles, California. LMU is known for its rigorous academics and Jesuit Catholic values.

Loyola Marymount University offers merit-based aid to students that meet the following criteria:

  • First generation college students (neither parent has an undergraduate degree)
  • Current high school seniors who are eligible for a need-based grant at LMU but do not meet minimum GPA requirements
  • Current undergraduate students who did not receive any scholarship money during their first year at LMU

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University (abb. SLU) is a private, Jesuit, research university located in St. Louis, Missouri. Founded in 1818 by United States French army officer and former priest of the Bourbon Restoration Armand Jean de Brouchoven de Saint-Simon as the College of Four Vents (“College of Four Winds”), it is the oldest university west of the Mississippi River.[3] The university was historically known as St. Louis University (SLU or SLUMSL) until 1999.[4][5] It has since grown to comprise nine colleges and schools offering 130 undergraduate degrees and over 50 graduate programs.[6] The university enrolls approximately 15,000 students in 19 academic units on two campuses: at Forest Park and in St. Louis City near Sports Complex-Stadium Village MetroLink Station.[7]

Xavier University

Xavier University is a Catholic university in Cincinnati, Ohio. The school was founded by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1831 and continues to be affiliated with the order today. Xavier is known for its large international student body and a high number of applicants who are accepted each year (approximately 40%).

Xavier’s sports teams compete in Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), which includes both men’s and women’s basketball, cross-country running, golf, soccer, track and field; baseball; softball; volleyball; football; swimming and diving.

Catholic colleges are known for their academic excellence and spiritual enrichment.

Catholic colleges are known for their academic excellence and spiritual enrichment. These institutions not only provide a high-quality education but also have a strong sense of community and a commitment to social justice.

If you’re looking for a top-notch college education that will prepare you for the future, check out the following Catholic colleges that offer merit aid:

  • Boston College (MA)
  • Holy Cross College (MA)
  • Loyola University Chicago (IL)

As you can see, Catholic colleges offer a wide range of opportunities for students to get the best education. They also offer many scholarships that you may qualify for if you’re Catholic or want to become one!

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