Cheap Online Colleges That Offer Laptops

College can be expensive. Even if you’re receiving financial aid, it’s still not a cheap endeavor. But it doesn’t have to mean that every penny has to go toward tuition fees and textbooks. Fortunately, there are many colleges that offer laptops to their students—and some of them even give them out for free! Here are 10 online colleges with laptop programs:

Cheap Online Colleges That Offer Laptops

The University of Maine at Fort Kent

The University of Maine at Fort Kent, a public university located in the small city of Fort Kent, provides a laptop to all incoming freshmen. If you are a senior or a graduate student, you can also receive one for free. Veterans and faculty or staff members may also be eligible for this benefit. The school offers several programs that help students pay for their education through military service, grants and scholarships.

If your circumstances change during your time at UMFK—you get married, have children—they offer several different ways to continue receiving financial assistance:

The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University is a public university located in Columbus, Ohio. It has a large number of students and boasts one of the highest graduation rates in the state. This university is also one of the most affordable online colleges. As a student enrolled at this institution you will have access to over 40 courses for less than $10 per credit hour, including:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting Principles

Florida International University

Florida International University (FIU) is a public research university in Miami, Florida, United States. It was founded in 1965 as Florida Technological University. Over the years it changed its name several times until finally settling on Florida International University in 1997. FIU has three campuses: Biscayne Bay Campus (formerly known as West Campus), Southestern Medical Center and North Miami Campus (formerly called North Campus).

Of all these schools, FIU offers one of the most comprehensive laptop programs for their students that includes MacBooks or Macbooks for every student who enrolls at any time during the year; this includes your freshman year! Students can also bring their own laptops if they wish to do so.

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University is a public university in Hays, Kansas. It was founded in 1905 as a teacher training school for women and became coed in 1970. Today, Fort Hays State University has over 10,000 students enrolled.

Utah State University-Eastern

The Utah State University-Eastern campus is located in Price, Utah, a small town with a population of only 11,000 people. The university offers bachelor’s degrees online through its College of Eastern Utah (CEU), which is part of the larger USU system. CEU partners with the other four colleges at Utah State University to allow students access to more than 80 undergraduate degree programs.

The USU system has an excellent reputation and is recognized for its high quality research programs in both science and humanities fields. It also boasts very good graduation rates for two-year programs: 81% for first-time freshmen who began their studies in fall 2012; 84% for all freshman who began their studies during that time; 77% for all undergrads who began their studies during that time period; and 85% overall graduation rate at every level (i.e., undergraduate).

Metro Community College

Students at Metro Community College can check out laptops, which are available to use in the library, computer lab, dorm rooms and classrooms. They can also use them in their labs and get help with their laptop software at the college’s Technology Resource Center.

Dakota College at Bottineau

Dakota College at Bottineau is a two-year college in Bottineau, North Dakota. The school offers associate degrees in several fields and has a student population of about 1250.

Dakota College at Bottineau offers laptops to students who meet the following criteria:

  • Are enrolled full time to complete an associate degree
  • Have earned 30 credits or more toward their degree

Deere Community College

Deere Community College is a public community college located in Moline, Illinois. Deere offers a variety of laptop programs for students who wish to take advantage of the technology available to them at school and at home. These programs include:

  • Laptop for Life
  • Laptop for Success
  • Laptop for Success Plus

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is a public, two-year institution that offers online programs designed to fit the needs of students who want to complete their degrees online. Students enrolled in any of the college’s online programs can receive a laptop as part of their financial aid package.

Mount Marty College

Mount Marty College

The tuition cost is $6,500 per semester. The laptop is free for 10 years. Free software includes Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud. Technical support is included for two years after purchase of the computer. Virus protection comes standard with the computer and continues for as long as you own it, or until the end of your college career (whichever comes first).

There are diverse colleges that offer laptops to their students.

There are diverse colleges that offer laptops to their students. They may also allow you to use your own laptop if it is compatible with the college’s requirements.

There are different types of laptops available in the market today, and there is a college that will fit your needs depending on what type of student you are.

If you do not need a lot of storage space, then a Chromebook would be perfect for you because they have very low prices and come with many great features such as webcams and microphones so that you can communicate easily with other students or teachers when needed!


The schools mentioned above are a few of the many that offer laptops. There are many others out there, so don’t limit yourself to just these options! You can also check out our article on free laptop programs if you want more information on how to get free laptops for college students.

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