Colleges That Accept 1170 Sat Score

Colleges That Accept 1170 Sat Score

There is a lot of information about the SAT, but it can be hard to find a good source of information on colleges that accept 1170 SAT score. This article will give you some tips on how to use the 1170 SAT score to your advantage when looking for schools. We will also show you our list of top-ranked colleges that accept an 1170 SAT score so that you can get started with your college search!

College of Charleston

The College of Charleston is a public, coeducational university located in Charleston, South Carolina. It is the oldest institution of higher learning in South Carolina and one of the oldest Southern institutions established before the American Revolution. The first major American college to be chartered after the Revolutionary War, it stands as an example of a pre-existing colonial institution being rechartered into a unique state college for its time period; this occurred under provisions outlined by Thomas Jefferson’s 1776 Ordinance for Establishing Religious Freedom which decreed that all colonial colleges would be free from government control. The College’s historic campus is today preserved as part of Colonial Williamsburg.

The College was founded to train members for religious ministry and leadership; however, it has become known more recently for its emphasis on undergraduate research and liberal arts courses than its original mission statement suggests.[2] The College has been named among America’s Best Colleges by Forbes.[3]

Northeastern University

Northeastern University is a private research university in Boston, Massachusetts, established in 1898. The university has a highly selective admissions process. The university is a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU). Northeastern University has been ranked as one of the best universities in the world by several publications, including U.S News & World Report’s “Best Global Universities” rating and Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings.

Rutgers University

Rutgers University is a public research university in New Jersey. It is the eighth-oldest college in the United States and the first public institution of higher learning in New Jersey.

Rutgers was chartered as Queen’s College on November 10, 1766. It is one of only three colonial colleges that later became public universities. Rutgers, however, unlike Princeton and Columbia, did not receive a royal charter but was an act passed by the legislature of New Jersey.[10] For this reason, it does not have a seal like those of its sister schools.[11] The school relocated to Newark during World War II due to financial difficulties during the Great Depression and its campus consists primarily of buildings located within two blocks from Newark’s downtown area[12].

Temple University

Temple University is a public research university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is part of the Big Five athletic conference. The university has a total undergraduate enrollment of 34,973, its setting is urban, and the campus size is 234 acres.

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University is a private research university in Baltimore, Maryland. Johns Hopkins was established in 1876 as the first research university in the United States and has been ranked among the top universities for its interdisciplinary approach to education. Students can choose from more than 500 undergraduate programs and 120 graduate programs at Johns Hopkins University. The school offers many different degrees such as: BA, BS, MS and PhD.

The total undergraduate enrollment at Johns Hopkins University is 8,966 with an acceptance rate of 15 percent (2019). The average cost of tuition per year at this school is $67,968 (2018) while the student-faculty ratio is 7:1 (2018).

The Catholic University of America

The Catholic University of America is a private, coeducational university in Washington, D.C. The university maintains its historic connection with the Catholic Church through the Archdiocese of Washington and its president serves as pastor of the local parish.

The school was founded as a graduate-only institution on September 8, 1895 by Archbishop John Ireland and Father James A. McGrath to serve the educational needs of young men aspiring to be priests. Initially based in Jamestown (now part of North Dakota), Father McGrath had dispatched several Jesuits from his order to open schools for Native Americans at St Michael’s Mission on Turtle Mountain near St Joseph, ND in 1885, who were then transferred when plans for this seminary became more concrete under Archbishop Ireland’s guidance three years later . The new facility was dedicated on October 7th 1898 by Bishop O’Reilly who praised both “the noble purpose” behind its creation and faculty members’ efforts during their first decade: “Father Messmer has been indefatigable [sic] laboring continually amongst us since he came here first; Father Casparis has been teaching mathematics very successfully these past two years.”

George Washington University

George Washington University is a private institution with campuses located in Washington, DC. The university has a rolling admissions process, so students can apply at any time throughout the year. GWU has a diverse student body that includes people from around the world. The university offers over 200 majors and areas of study for undergraduate students to choose from when choosing their major.

GWU is highly selective; only 18% of applicants are accepted into the school each year on average (as of 2019).

Adelphi University

Adelphi University is a private, coeducational university located in Garden City, New York. The four-year institution consists of the following colleges: Adelphi University College of Arts and Sciences; C.W. Post Campus; School of Business; School of Health Professions (which includes graduate programs); Social Welfare/Social Work and Psychology Departments; Sarah Lawrence College for Women Departmental Programs; and the Teachers College Division. The University also offers several graduate and professional programs at both its Health Sciences Center campus in Brentwood and its Riverhead campus on Long Island Sound.

Adelphi University accepts 1170 SAT scores from applicants who wish to be considered for admission into their undergraduate programs (though some departments have more stringent requirements).

Hofstra University

Hofstra University is a private, nonsectarian university in the United States. The university has more than 12,000 students enrolled in more than 100 different undergraduate and graduate programs across 10 schools and colleges.

The Hofstra Pride athletics program has 23 varsity sports teams that compete at the NCAA Division I level.

Le Moyne College

Le Moyne College is a private liberal arts college in Syracuse, New York. Founded in 1946, the school has more than 6,000 students from all over the world. Le Moyne College is a member of the Syracuse University and participate in NCAA Division I athletics.

St. John’s University, New York City Campus

St. John’s University, New York City Campus

St. John’s is a private, coeducational university in New York City. Located in Jamaica, Queens, it has 24 undergraduate colleges and graduate schools that cover arts and sciences; business; community service; education; health professions; music and performing arts; nursing; law as well as other areas. It also offers master’s degrees as well as doctoral degrees at its Queens campus.

See the full list of colleges that accept an 1170 SAT score

  • Carleton College
  • Davidson College
  • Grinnell College
  • Harvard University
  • Princeton University

So, if you have a 1170 SAT score and want to go to college, check out the list of colleges that accept an 1170 SAT score.

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