Colleges That Accept Low Gpa In New Jersey

Colleges That Accept Low Gpa In New Jersey

If you’re like most students, you probably have a GPA that’s not as high as you’d like. If so, don’t worry! There are still plenty of great colleges in New Jersey that accept low GPA applicants and will give you a chance to prove yourself in their classes. Here are some schools we think are worth checking out if your grades aren’t what they could be:

Caldwell College

  • Caldwell College is a private, co-educational, non-sectarian, liberal arts college located in Caldwell, New Jersey.
  • It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the liberal arts and sciences.
  • The college was founded in 1935 by The Episcopal Diocese of Newark as an affiliate of Columbia University as a women’s college. It became non-sectarian in 1970 when it merged with the College for Men to become Caldwell University. In 1985 it became independent from Columbia University and renamed itself to its current name: Caldwell College

Centenary College

Centenary College is a private liberal arts college located in Hackettstown, New Jersey. It was founded as Centenary Collegiate Institute in 1867 and first opened its doors to students in 1885. The college has an acceptance rate of just over 50 percent, making it a selective school.

Centenary has high retention rates with 88 percent of students returning after their freshman year and 81 percent returning after sophomore year. The college also has a high graduation rate at 83 percent within six years of entering the school.

Drew University

Drew University is a private university in Madison, New Jersey. It was founded in 1867 by the Methodist Episcopal Church. Drew was originally named Madison University, but it was renamed after Edward Thomson Drew, its first president who served from 1888 until 1914.

Drew is known for its liberal arts education with a focus on undergraduate studies and small class sizes. It has an acceptance rate of 63%, making it more selective than most other schools on this list. In fact, Drew has been ranked as one of the top 50 colleges in America by Forbes magazine for several years now because of its generous financial aid packages and low costs compared to other private universities like Princeton or Harvard (which have acceptance rates above 10%).

The college has strong ties to central New Jersey where much of its population lives within 30 miles from campus; however, there are many students who come from all over the country and world (including countries like China). Students can choose from 80+ majors/minors including: biology; business administration; chemistry & biochemistry; communications studies; criminal justice studies; English literature & language; finance & economics; history — social science — public policy analysis; international relations — politics — security studies math & computer science physics nursing psychology sociology visual arts

Georgian Court University

Georgian Court University is a private university located in Lakewood Township, New Jersey. Georgian Court University offers a variety of majors and minors. The school is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and is recognized by the United States Department of Education as an approved institution for federal financial aid purposes.

Georgian Court University has a student to faculty ratio of 15:1, which means you’ll get plenty of one-on-one attention from your professors. It also means you’ll be surrounded by other students with similar interests who want to learn from each other!

With low GPA requirements, you can start applying today!

Kean University

Kean University is a public university in Union, New Jersey. It has the lowest acceptance rates of any college or university in New Jersey with an acceptance rate of 43%. The school has approximately 24,000 students, 1,200 faculty and staff members, and more than 150 programs of study. Kean University has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best universities in the Northeast region for eight consecutive years (2008-2016).

The school offers more than 150 undergraduate and graduate degree programs through its five colleges: College of Arts & Communication; College of Business Administration; Richard J. Codey School of Leadership & Public Policy; School of Education; School Of Health Professions And Human Services; School Of Nursing And Allied Health Professions

Montclair State University

Montclair State University is a public university in Upper Montclair, New Jersey, United States. It was founded in 1908 as the New Jersey State Normal School at Montclair when teacher training programs were added to vocational schools that taught mechanical and industrial arts. In 1913, the institution became the New Jersey State Teachers College at Montclair and began to offer liberal arts programs as well. In 1928, it became the first teacher’s college accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools to award bachelor’s degrees. At this time, it was given its current name. The school would be renamed again in 1966 to “Montclair State College” before finally settling on its current name of “Montclair State University.”

The university has five campuses: University Hall (Upper Montclair), Cook/Douglass Campus (Cook/Douglass), Downtown Campus (Downtown), Kasser Campus (Kasser) and Livingston Education Center.(Livingston)

New Jersey City University

New Jersey City University (NJCU) is a public university located in Jersey City, New Jersey. The university was established in 2001 when the College of New Jersey merged with Hudson County Community College to form a new institution. It began operations at its campus on Kennedy Boulevard during the 2002-2003 school year.

The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs through its seven schools: School of Business & Management; School of Arts & Humanities; School of Education & Counseling Psychology; School of Nursing; School for Public Affairs and Administration; Marcus L. Hansen Center for Graduate Studies and Research; and Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development.[5]

New Jersey Institute Of Technology (Njit)

New Jersey Institute of Technology (Njit) is a public research university with campuses in New Jersey and New York.

Njit is a leading research university with over $325 million in annual research expenditures, making it one of the most productive public universities in the nation. Njit is also one of the Top 100 Universities in the World, according to Times Higher Education (2018). Njit’s faculty includes six Nobel Laureates and two National Medal of Science winners who have won more than 50 honorary doctorates from prestigious universities. The university offers 128 undergraduate majors and minors for undergraduates, who can choose from over 80 master’s degree programs or pursue an accelerated path toward their Ph.D., MFA or MBA degrees within 10 years after graduation from NJIT’s undergraduate program — one of just four U.S.-based institutions that offers such opportunities at this level (UCLA, MIT & USC are others).

Ramapo College Of New Jersey

Ramapo College of New Jersey is a public college located in Mahwah, New Jersey. It’s a small college with an enrollment of 2,961 students. According to the most recent data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), Ramapo College of New Jersey accepts nearly 68% of its applicants on average and has an acceptance rate for transfer students around 40%.

Ramapo College Of New Jersey is a medium-sized college with an undergraduate population of 2,961. The school offers both undergrad and graduate degrees, with 15 areas available at the undergraduate level and 14 areas at the graduate level.

This post is about colleges in New Jersey that accept low gpa students.

This post is about colleges in New Jersey that accept low gpa students, and a list of colleges that are known to accept students with low GPA. If you’re looking for schools that will let you in with a low GPA, this is the place to be!

You’ll find a list of schools below with their acceptance rate and median test scores. We’ve also included links so that you can easily apply online or request more information from them. We hope this helps!

You should know that there are many colleges in New Jersey that accept a low GPA. If you’re looking for a place to attend, then it’s worth it to take a look at these schools!

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