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College can be an extremely exciting time in a young person’s life, but it can also be challenging. Whether you’re a freshman trying to figure out your major and find your place on campus, or a senior who is evaluating your college options, the process of choosing a college can be daunting. In this article, we’ll introduce you to four colleges that have changed the lives of their students for the better. Each college has its own unique story to tell, but they all share one commonality – they make sure that their students graduate with skills and knowledge that will help them succeed in the world.

The Colleges That Change Lives Organization

The Colleges That Change Lives Organization (CTCLO) is a national nonprofit organization that helps colleges and universities create transformational student experiences. Their mission is to “advance the cause of higher education by supporting colleges and universities in their efforts to create transformative student experiences.”

Since its inception, CTCLO has awarded over $158 million in grants to more than 1,000 colleges and universities. They accomplish this through their four strategic focus areas: engagement, leadership development, scholarship funding, and impactful admissions practices.

Founded in 2005 by John Bronfman and Jon Pariseau, CTCLO has a long history of supporting higher education reform. Earlier this year, they announced the creation of their Impact 2021 initiative which will help colleges and universities become even more accountable for the impacts of their work on students and society.

According to CTCLO’s website, “the success of our organization depends on the involvement of our members—colleges and universities who are committed to using their resources responsibly and innovatively to improve the lives of students.” If you’re interested in helping colleges achieve this goal, be sure to check out CTCLO’s website!

What is the Colleges That Change Lives Organization?

The Colleges That Change Lives Organization is a nonprofit organization that aids low-income students in pursuit of higher education. The organization provides scholarships and financial aid to students who are interested in pursuing a degree at a participating college or university.

The Colleges That Change Lives Organization was founded in 1988 by Dr. James F. Hargis and Barbara P. Hargis. James F. Hargis is the founder and president of the organization, while Barbara P. Hargis serves as the executive director. Jim and Barbara have dedicated their lives to helping others, and their work with the Colleges That Change Lives Organization reflects this dedication.

There are currently more than 130 colleges and universities that participate in the Colleges That Change Lives Organization program. These institutions offer more than 1,400 scholarships and financial aid awards each year, totaling over $30 million dollars worth of assistance.

For more information about the Colleges That Change Lives Organization or to find a participating college or university, please visit their website at

The Mission of the Colleges That Change Lives Organization

The Colleges That Change Lives Organization (CCLO) is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships and mentorship to high school students in the U.S. who have been incarcerated or have experienced significant barriers to success after graduation.

The CCLO was founded by Dr. Damon Tweedy in 1997, with the goal of preventing young people from ending up in prison or other negative life outcomes. Today, the organization provides more than $7 million in scholarships and support to over 4,000 students annually.

The CCLO also offers mentorship programs, which provide high school seniors with resources and connectedness to professionals in fields such as business, law, health care, and education. These programs help students develop skills necessary for successful post-secondary careers.

In addition to its scholarship and mentorship programs, the CCLO also engages in advocacy work on behalf of prisoners and young people experiencing social isolation or other barriers to success. This includes working on legislation and public policy changes that will benefit these populations.

The CCLO is committed to creating long-term positive change for its students, which is why it emphasizes the importance of college education for those who have faced significant challenges in their lives

The Types of Programs and Services Offered by the Colleges That Change Lives Organization

The Colleges That Change Lives Organization (CCLO) is a national nonprofit organization that offers programs and services to help students succeed in college. CCLO’s offerings include tutoring, mentorship, and admission assistance.

CCLO offers a variety of programs and services to help students succeed in college. These programs include:
-Admission assistance

CCLO also has a wealth of resources available to help students achieve their academic goals. These resources include:
-A website with information on the admissions process and specific program requirements for various colleges
-A guide to financial aid and scholarships
-An online book club for students to discuss topics related to college and career planning

How to Become a Member of the Colleges That Change Lives Organization

If you are looking for an organization that can help you make a difference in the lives of others, look no further than the Colleges That Change Lives Organization. The CTCL was founded in 1997 by two college graduates who wanted to do something to improve the quality of life for the people around them. Since its inception, the CTCL has worked with over 750 schools and organizations throughout the United States and Canada.

The CTCL is a member-based organization, which means that you can become a part of it by becoming a member or donating money. The benefits of membership include access to resources, networking opportunities, and support from other members. Additionally, members receive regular email updates containing information about events and programs that are affiliated with the CTCL.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the CTCL, please visit our website or contact us at

What Benefits Do Members of the Colleges That Change Lives Organization Enjoy?

The Colleges That Change Lives Organization is a nonprofit organization that helps students transition into successful careers. The organization offers resources and support to students who are looking to gain the skills they need to find jobs in their field of choice.

One of the benefits of being a member of the Colleges That Change Lives Organization is access to career resources. Members have access to a wide range of tools and resources, including job listings, online courses, and employer resources. This allows members to find the information they need to start their own career path, and reach their full potential.

Another benefit of being a member of the Colleges That Change Lives Organization is access to support. Members can connect with other members through social media and discussion forums, which provides them with support and advice during their journey into adulthood. This support network can be invaluable as students work towards achieving their goals.

The Colleges That Change Lives Organization offers a variety of services that can help students reach their career goals. These services include career counseling, workshops, and mentorship programs. Members can also access scholarships and financial assistance through the organization. All of these resources make it easier for students to find jobs in the field of their choice, and help them reach their full potential as I believe that every person has the ability to change their life for the better, and by going to college, you have the opportunity to do just that. Colleges That Change Lives (CCL) is a nonprofit organization that helps students from low-income backgrounds achieve their dreams of higher education. Through scholarships and other financial aid resources, CCL strives to give kids from disadvantaged backgrounds an equal chance at success. I believe that everyone should have access to an excellent education, regardless of their circumstances, and I am proud to support CCL in its mission to help as many people as possible realize their dreams. Thank you for taking the time to read this article – I hope it provided you with some insights into what CCL does and why it is so important.

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