Colleges That Don’t Require Sat For Class Of 2022

Colleges That Don’t Require Sat For Class Of 2022

The SAT is an expensive, standardized test that many colleges require. Even if you don’t have to take it, there are still lots of good reasons why you should consider skipping the college entrance exam.

You’ll save hundreds of dollars by avoiding the SAT fees.

If you’re not taking the SAT, what are the benefits of ACT? Many students take ACT instead because it’s cheaper. Why? The ACT costs less to take. Although the cost of both tests varies from school to school and state to state, in general, it costs less than $60 for both tests (and sometimes much less).

ACT fees range from $49-$60 per administration for non-residents and about $10 more for residents. The average fee for a high school student taking SATs is about $45-$60 per test–more if there are other fees involved such as late registration or payment plans. If you don’t have to pay these extra fees or want more control over when your scores are released after testing day, then consider taking an ACT instead!

You’ll avoid taking a standardized test which doesn’t represent your academic abilities.

You can apply to more colleges without taking the SAT.

You can save money by avoiding taking a standardized test that doesn’t represent your academic abilities.

You won’t have to spend time preparing for the SAT, and there’s no need to take it again if you don’t get a good score on the first try.

You won’t have to spend tons of time getting ready for the SAT

If you’re a student who doesn’t want to spend time and money preparing for the SAT, here are some colleges that don’t require it.

  • Alliant International University (San Diego)
  • Andrews University (Berrien Springs, Mich.)
  • Bellarmine University (Louisville, Ky.)
  • Concordia College (Ann Arbor, Mich.)
  • Delaware Valley College (Doylestown, Pa.) *

You’ll be able to apply to more colleges.

If you’re not taking the SAT, you can apply to more colleges. If a college requires only your ACT score, then that’s one less test you have to take! You can also apply to other schools within the same area or even state as your top choice school if they don’t require it.

Taking the ACT is more affordable.

The ACT is a better test of academic ability than the SAT. It tests math, reading and English skills that you need to do well in college. The SAT tests only math and reading, while also testing less important things like vocabulary, sentence structure and reading comprehension.

The ACT is easier to prepare for since it has fewer questions overall than the SAT (36 vs 44). You can learn or improve your score much faster on the ACT because there are fewer questions you have to practice with before taking it again! In contrast, if you’re studying for a section of Math Flashcards on your phone one day when suddenly someone asks for directions at the bus stop…you might be stuck without your iPhone nearby!

There are great reasons to skip the SAT and you can still get into a good college

Here are six great reasons to skip the SAT:

  • You can apply to more colleges. When you don’t use the SAT or ACT, you are free to apply for financial aid at any school that doesn’t require these tests. This means you’ll have more options when it comes time to choose a school and possibly save money in the process.
  • You can save time and energy preparing for standardized exams. By skipping this test, you will have more time on your hands so that you can focus on other things like studying for AP exams or taking classes in school (if allowed). If your child is not currently taking an advanced course load, they may need some help fitting in extra hours of study time before taking those extra courses at college level. If they don’t take them now, they may never get around to doing them later!
  • You won’t be tempted by cheating services offering tips on how best too “beat” these tests–and still get into college! These companies make big promises about how easy it would be for anyone who wants into a good university … if only there was some way around doing what everyone else has always done instead: studying hard with books from reputable publishers like Kaplan Test Prep Books P&S Edition 2018-2019 Edition – Includes 1 Practice Test Booklet (Kaplan Test Prep) by [Kaplan Publishing].

I hope that this article has given you some insight into how to get into a good college without taking the SAT. There are so many advantages of skipping this test and it’s important that students know about them. If you want more information on how to go about applying for colleges without taking the SAT, please contact us here at College Essay Experts! We have helped thousands of students apply for their dream schools without needing to take any standardized tests like the SAT or ACT.

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