Colleges That Give Scholarships For Act Scores

Colleges That Give Scholarships For Act Scores

You can earn scholarships for high ACT scores. If you want to attend one of these colleges, you should take the ACT with us!

The scholarships in this list are based on ACT and GPA requirements. The dollar amounts listed are not fixed; you may receive more or less than the suggested amount.

Scholarships for ACT scores are based on ACT and GPA requirements. The dollar amounts listed are not fixed; you may receive more or less than the suggested amount.

  • The minimum score for the scholarship is an 18 in each section of the test.
  • Students who score a 21 or above in any section can apply for the scholarship award.
  • The maximum amount awarded to students who meet these criteria is $2,000 per year, paid over four years (8 semesters). This means that if you have scored a 21 or higher in all four sections of your test, you will be eligible to win up to $8,000 during your college career!

Boston College

Boston College is one of the few schools that does not require students to have a high GPA to receive scholarship money. In fact, the school grants scholarships based on ACT scores only and awards them to incoming freshmen. The scholarships can be worth up to $34,000 per year and continue for four years. They are renewable for your fifth year at BC if you meet satisfactory academic progress standards (GPA between 2.25 and 3.0).

Baylor University

Baylor University is a private university located in Waco, Texas. The school was founded by the Republic of Texas in 1845 and has an undergraduate enrollment of over 14,000 students. The university offers a number of scholarships for incoming freshmen with high ACT scores. These scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000 per year and are awarded based on your test results combined with your GPA.

Brown University

Brown University offers a variety of merit-based scholarships to students who achieve a high score on the ACT. The Achievement Award is one of these scholarship programs, and it’s designed to recognize and reward academic achievement.

All incoming freshmen who take the ACT and achieve at least 32 composite points may apply for this award—if you score above 33 points, you’ll be considered for the Brown University Presidential Scholarship instead. Students are eligible to receive up to $20,000 over four years at Brown if they accept this award.

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is a private research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Carnegie Mellon was founded by Andrew Carnegie in 1900 as the Carnegie Technical Schools and had its first graduating class of engineers and architects in 1902. The school was renamed Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1912, to reflect its focus on technological innovation and research. In 1964, the Carnegie Institute of Technology merged with the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research to create Carnegie Mellon University. Today, CMU has over 4,000 undergraduate students and more than 12,000 total students across all three campuses (the contiguous campus located in Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood; Heinz College’s Center City campus; and Tepper School’s suburban campus).

The College of Engineering at CMU offers bachelor’s degrees through nine departments: Biomedical Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Civil & Environmental Engineering; Electrical & Computer Engineering; Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science; Computer Science (including Software Systems); Statistics/Data Science/Information Systems Engineering & Management Information Systems

Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College offers scholarships for high ACT scores of 32 or above. They also offer scholarships for high SAT scores of 1200 or above, and they even have a scholarship program called the Dean’s Scholarship that looks at GPA and class rank in addition to test scores. This is one of the best schools in the country because it provides so many opportunities for students with strong test scores, especially if those students are on top of their classes too. As long as you do well on your exams and contribute positively to your class community, then Dartmouth may be able to provide you with some financial aid!

Emory University

Emory University is a private research university in Atlanta, Georgia. It was established in 1836 and is among the top 15 universities in the country by U.S. News & World Report. The school has student body of approximately 16,000 students from all 50 states and over 130 countries.

Emory University is also recognized as one of America’s premier academic institutions for medical education, nursing studies and psychology programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Georgetown University

  • ACT requirement: 24 or higher
  • GPA requirement: 3.5 or higher

Harvard University

Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, established in 1636. Harvard is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States and the first corporation (legal entity) in the country.

Harvard offers degrees across seven academic divisions: Humanities and Arts; Social Sciences; Biological Sciences; Physical Sciences and Engineering; Education; Business; and Medicine. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS), which includes Harvard College, contains more than 40 departments within 12 faculties including philosophy, musicology, history, economics and government science among others.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT has a generous scholarship program for high-performing students. MIT’s scholarships are merit-based, not need-based.

MIT offers a variety of scholarships, including the MIT Presidential Scholarship, MIT Trustee Scholarship, and the MIT Questbridge Scholarship. The Questbridge Scholarship is worth up to $60K per year (covering full tuition as well as room and board), while other awards can range from $20K to $10K per year.

Rice University

Rice University offers a number of scholarships based on ACT scores. They also have an extensive array of merit-based and need-based scholarships, as well as scholarships for first generation students and other minorities. To qualify for these awards, you must fill out their free application on the Rice website.

Rice University’s acceptance rate is 14%. The average GPA at this school is 4.0 and the median ACT score is 31 (out of 36). If you’re wondering whether or not to apply for admission, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • You need an ACT score that meets or exceeds Rice’s average Math + Reading + Writing composite by at least one point in order to get accepted into this school. However, if your scores are below average then there may still be hope—Rice also offers conditional admissions where they can grant admission if certain criteria are met during freshman year at college (e.g., maintaining a 3.0 GPA or higher).
  • You don’t need an ACT score in order to receive scholarship money! In fact, most scholarships do not require standardized test scores at all; it’s only required when applying directly through common app/college board (which doesn’t include many private schools).

Stanford University

Stanford University is a private research university in Stanford, California. It is located on an 8,180-acre (3,310 ha) campus near Palo Alto and San Jose.

In addition to its main campus at Stanford University, the university has other facilities nearby including: The Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace; The Stanford Center at Peking University; The Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies; SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory; Mount Wilson Observatory (shared); Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve (shared); Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; IBM Almaden Research Center (shared).

Tufts University

Tufts University is a private research university in Medford, Massachusetts, United States. It is well known for its arts and science programs, as well as its biomedical school.

Tufts awards scholarships to students with high ACT scores or SAT scores that are above their median scores. Students can also be considered for academic merit scholarships and various other types of grants if they apply early enough in the admissions process.

Vanderbilt University

If you get a score of 30 or higher on the ACT, Vanderbilt will give you a full-tuition scholarship that covers all four years of your education. In addition to this deal, they also offer merit scholarships.

The minimum GPA requirement is 3.7 and the median GPA for admitted students is 3.9

If you score well on your ACT, these colleges offer scholarships to reward your performance.

  • The amount of the scholarship is based on your GPA and ACT scores. A high GPA and high ACT score can lead to a larger scholarship, but it’s not guaranteed.
  • Scholarships are renewable. If you maintain a certain GPA, you continue receiving your scholarship each year that you’re in school at the college or university.
  • Some scholarships require a minimum GPA and/or ACT score in order to receive them. For example, if your school awards $1,000 per year as part of its admission package but requires a minimum 2.5 GPA as part of its admissions requirements (and perhaps even an additional 3+ score on the SAT), then there’s no way for someone with just an average 3+ score on the SAT or 16+ overall ACT composite score to qualify for this particular award unless they also have excellent grades throughout high school and apply during their senior year when their transcripts will be available for review by admissions officers at colleges that give out such awards (such as some schools within University System of New Hampshire).

If you are a high-performing student and want to go to college, check out these colleges that offer scholarships for ACT scores.

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