Colleges That Look Like Castles In Europe

If you’re looking for beautiful campuses with sweeping views, you’ll love some of the colleges in Europe. Here are five campuses that will make you feel like a true princess or prince: 1. University of Edinburgh – With its stunning architecture and picturesque surroundings, University of Edinburgh is sure to make you feel like a queen or prince on campus. 2. University of Strasbourg – Located in the heart of France, University of Strasbourg offers gorgeous grounds and top-notch facilities. 3. University of Rennes – With its ivy-covered walls and picturesque gardens, University of Rennes is a perfect setting for a lazy day spent studying. 4. King’s College London – With its impressive Norman architecture and sprawling campus, King’s College London is sure to impress. 5. Loughborough University – With its lush green lawns and picturesque lake, Loughborough is the perfect place to relax after classes are finished for the day.

The United Kingdom

Just like in Europe, some colleges in the United Kingdom are beautiful examples of medieval architecture. These schools may be small, but they often have magnificent courtyards and impressive staircases that make them seem much larger than they actually are.

Some of the most notable colleges with medieval architecture include Oxford and Cambridge Universities, Warwick University, and Edinburgh University. Each of these institutions has a unique history and offers a unique educational experience, so students should definitely check them out if they’re interested in learning more about these places.

Whether you’re looking for an idyllic setting to study or simply want to see some of the most breathtaking architecture in the world, visiting a college with medieval architecture is a must-do tourist attraction!


France is home to some of the most beautiful and historically significant universities in the world. From the Gothic architecture at the University of Notre Dame to the sprawling campuses of Paris Nanterre and Versailles, French universities are some of the most iconic sights in Europe.

Some of France’s top colleges even look like castles from a distance. The University of Caen, for example, boasts a striking Norman-style castle as its main campus. And at the prestigious University of Paris Sorbonne, students can explore a centuries-old building that looks like it could have come straight out of a movie set.

Whether you’re interested in studying history or soaking up the French culture on campus, these universities will have you feeling like a part of the European community.


Shalom College in Geneva looks like a castle out of a fairytale. The college was founded in 1875 and is now one of Switzerland’s most renowned institutions for higher education.

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne is known for its cutting-edge research and attracts students from all over the world. The school was founded in 1798 and has a long history of educating leaders in their field.

University of Geneva is a prestigious institution with a long history dating back to 1451. The university has campuses all over the city, making it easy for students to find a location that best suits their needs.

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One thing that makes Switzerland so special is its scenery. From Haute-Savoie to Bern, there are plenty of beautiful places to study in Switzerland. With mountains, lakes, and rivers throughout the country, it’s hard not to be impressed by its natural beauty. Between the stunning scenery and world-renowned universities, it’s no wonder why so many people choose to study in Switzerland!


German colleges are some of the most beautiful campuses in Europe. The architecture and landscape surrounding these institutions is reminiscent of castles and other grand estates found in various parts of Europe. From the Gothic architecture at the University of Freiburg to the idyllic courtyards and gardens at the University of Heidelberg, these schools have a unique quality that sets them apart from other colleges in North America or Australia.

While some universities in North America or Australia might aspire to have a “castle-like” feel, few can actually pull it off. In Germany, however, all of the country’s universities boast impressive campuses that are worth exploring. Some standout examples include the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich with its famous Frauenkirche cathedral landmark, the Technical University of Berlin with its stunning Tiergarten park location, and the Free University of Berlin with its impressive neoclassical architecture.

Germany’s colleges offer an exceptional education that rivals those found in some of the world’s most prestigious universities. Whether you’re interested in studying business, law, science, or engineering, you’ll be able to find a college that suits your needs. And when it comes to beauty and awe-inspiring architecture, German colleges simply


Italian colleges are some of the most beautiful castles in Europe. They have intricate Gothic architecture and often overlook lush landscapes. The universities in Italy are among the most prestigious in the world, and they attract students from around the world.

Some notable Italian colleges include the University of Bologna, which has a Gothic architecture and boasts a stunning skyline; and the University of Padua, which was founded in 1222 and has a magnificent Renaissance-era architecture.

If you’re looking for a picturesque college experience, be sure to check out some of Italy’s campuses!


Spain is known for its architecture and stunning castles. Some of the most famous Spanish universities look like castles, complete with turrets and battlements.

University of Granada
The University of Granada is a renowned university in Spain with a beautiful campus that looks like it could be right out of a fairytale. The university has a number of turrets and towers, making it an attractive sight for students and visitors alike.

University of Valencia
The University of Valencia is another top-ranked Spanish university located in the heart of Valencia. The campus has several imposing buildings, including the Valencian Royal Palace which houses the university’s library and museum. The university also has a number of turrets and towers, making it an impressive sight from any angle.

University of Zaragoza
The University of Zaragoza is one of Spain’s most prestigious universities, with a beautiful campus that looks like it could have come straight from medieval Europe. The university has several impressive towers and turrets, making it an imposing site from any angle.


Sweden has many beautiful colleges that look like castles. Some of the most famous are Lund University, Uppsala University, and Karolinska Institutet.


Denmark is known for its amazing coastline, Viking history, and impressive architecture. When it comes to college campuses, Denmark has some of the most beautiful campuses in Europe.

One of the most stunning Danish colleges is Aarhus University. The university’s architecture is inspired by the Gothic style and features turrets and spires. Aarhus is also home to the world’s largest library, which contains more than two million books.

Another great Danish college is DTU (Denmark Technical University). DTU’s campus was designed by famed architect Bjarke Ingels and features a giant stainless steel sculpture called “The Giant Cubic”, as well as a variety of other impressive structures.

Finally, there’s the University of Copenhagen, which has an iconic red castle on its campus that makes it instantly recognizable. The castle was originally built in 1448 as a royal palace but was later converted into a university in 1710.


Austria has a vast number of beautiful and historic universities, making it a great place to study abroad. Some of the best-known universities in Austria include the University of Vienna, the University of Innsbruck, and the University of Salzburg.

All three universities are known for their stunning architecture, with many campuses featuring stunning Gothic and Renaissance buildings. The University of Vienna in particular is home to some of Austria’s most iconic landmarks, such as the Hofburg Palace and the Stephansdom Cathedral.

Austria also has a wealth of natural attractions that make it a great place to Study abroad. Some of Austria’s most iconic sights include the Alps, Lake Constance, and Vienna’s famous Ringstrasse shopping district.

The 5 Best Colleges That Look Like Castles In Europe

If you’re looking for a college that looks like it’s out of a storybook, you should consider going to one of the best colleges in Europe.

Some of the best colleges that look like castles are located in England, France, and Spain. These colleges have impressive architecture and stunning landscapes.

If you’re interested in attending one of these colleges, make sure to check out the school’s website. Many of these schools offer scholarships that can help offset the costs of tuition.

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