Colleges That Offer A Bachelor’s In International Business

Colleges That Offer A Bachelor’s In International Business

International business is a fast-growing field with unlimited opportunity, and many colleges are recognizing this. These schools are offering bachelor’s degrees in international business to help graduates prepare for careers in the field. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the top colleges that offer bachelor’s degrees in international business:

California State University, East Bay

International Business is the study of global business and its international aspects. International Business programs include courses in economics, accounting, marketing and finance as well as foreign languages such as Spanish or Mandarin Chinese. The bachelor’s degree program in International Bussiness at California State University, East Bay prepares graduates for careers in commerce and trade by teaching them about the global economy; cross-cultural communication skills; foreign politics and policies; international law; international taxation issues; cross-cultural business management practices; foreign exchange rates and other financial instruments used around the world.

Requirements to get into the program: Applicants must have completed at least 60 semester units or 90 quarter units of college course work prior to applying. Students must also meet certain GPA requirements set by CSUEB before they can be admitted into this program.

Costs associated with obtaining this degree: Full-time tuition costs $542 per unit if enrolled between fall 2017 – summer 2018 ($11,092 total). For part-time students it is approximately $401 per unit ($8581 total). It does not include any costs related to housing or books/supplies however these may vary depending on whether you live on campus or commute from home each day so be sure to check those prices out when shopping around for schools near you!

University at Buffalo

The University at Buffalo is a great school. It’s a public research university located in Buffalo, NY. Not only is it the largest public university in New York State, but it also has one of the largest campuses in all of North America. If you’re interested in international business and studying abroad, then this school will have plenty for you to do!

If you choose to attend UB, you’ll get to experience all four seasons during your time there (if you haven’t already). Summers are long and hot, winters are cold with snowstorms that sometimes last for days on end—it’s an experience unlike any other!

Penn State Altoona

If you’re interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in international business at a public institution, consider Penn State Altoona. Located in central Pennsylvania, Penn State Altoona is home to more than 12,000 students and offers numerous undergraduate degrees and many master’s programs.

The university has a tuition of $8,240 and an average net cost of attendance of $13,740 per year (including books). The graduation rate is 60% while the retention rate is 72%.

Mississippi State University

  • Tuition and fees: $8,486
  • Location: Starkville, Mississippi
  • Minors offered: None
  • Programs offered: Bachelor of Science in International Business (BSIB)Bachelor of Science in International Logistics Management (BSILM)Bachelor of Science in International Studies (BSIS)Certificate in Global Supply Chain Management (CGSIM)Minor in Global Supply Chain Management (MGSCM)Minor in International Business (MINIBUS)

CUNY Bernard M Baruch College

CUNY Bernard M Baruch College

Baruch College is a senior college of the City University of New York, with its main campus located in Manhattan’s Union Square neighborhood. The college is named after Bernard Baruch, a financier, stock market expert, statesman, and presidential advisor.

Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University, which is a public university in Boone, North Carolina. Founded as a high school in 1890, it became a four-year college in 1965 and gained university status in 2015.

The Bachelor of Science degree program offered by Appalachian State University is designed to prepare students for successful careers or advanced study by providing them with an understanding of international business. The curriculum emphasizes core concepts such as international economics and business management; international marketing; global supply chain management; finance for managers; entrepreneurship within multinational corporations (MNCs); international law and ethics issues related to global commerce; cultural awareness through language courses; and foreign study abroad opportunities using one semester at an overseas location such as Prague (Czech Republic), Paris (France), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Shanghai (China) or Sydney (Australia).

Arizona State University-Tempe

Arizona State University is a public research university, with campuses in Tempe, Phoenix and Mesa. It’s one of the largest educational institutions in the country, with 80 undergraduate majors and nearly 2,000 graduate degree programs.

ASU was founded as an agricultural school in 1885 before becoming a land-grant institution by 1890. In 1958 it became Arizona State College at Tempe; it gained university status in 1972 to become Arizona State University. Today the university has more than 300 undergraduate majors alongside more than 200 graduate degrees across 17 colleges on four campuses: ASU Polytechnic campus; West campus (formerly Polytechnic campus); Downtown Phoenix campus; and South campus (formerly Tempe Campus). The university enrolls almost 100 different student clubs and organizations including fraternities and sororities like Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority Inc., Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Incorporated or Gamma Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated among others which provide leadership opportunities through community service activities or social events like Homecoming events throughout each semester at ASU campuses such as Sun Devil Stadium where football games take place regularly during fall semesters when students return back home after summer vacations!

Baldwin Wallace University

Baldwin Wallace University is a private, non-profit, liberal arts university located in Berea, Ohio. Baldwin Wallace University was founded in 1845 as Baldwin Institute by Methodist settlers in the area. The university’s name honors Salmon P. Chase (nicknamed “Salmon Portland” after he moved to Maine), who was a U.S. Senator from Ohio and later Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court; he was also chairman of the National Republican Party’s Platform Committee in 1840 when it adopted its first platform endorsing temperance and advocating for free public schools for all children regardless of race or ethnicity (on this latter point see also Anti-Slavery).

The school had financial troubles during its early years; it closed three times: once from 1865 until 1867, again from 1889 until 1891 and finally during 1908–1911 after which time it merged with neighboring Crawford Memorial Institute (which had been established as an academy for girls). In 1923 the school changed its name from Crawford College—which it had been known as since 1911—to Baldwin–Wallace College (its current name). It became coeducational in 1957 when it admitted men who were not military veterans into its nursing program on an experimental basis; male freshmen were allowed two years later and then fully integrated into all other programs in 1965.*

Ball State University

Ball State University is a public research university in Muncie, Indiana, with a satellite campus in Indianapolis. Ball State offers 135 undergraduate majors and 130 graduate degree programs to more than 22,000 students from all 50 states and approximately 100 countries. In addition to its liberal arts curriculum, Ball State has an Honors College that allows high-achieving traditional college students to take advanced courses in their major or in other disciplines. These students can also choose from among 48 undergraduate academic programs not offered elsewhere at Ball State as well as participate in special seminars and study abroad opportunities.

The International Business program teaches students about international economics, global markets and international trade; it includes three tracks: Business Management; International Marketing & Sales; or Supply Chain Management & Logistics Management. Students interested in this major should have strong math skills because much of their coursework will include financial modeling.

Bellevue College

Bellevue College is a community college in Washington, and offers an associate’s degree in international business. The minor in international business requires 21 credits of coursework and includes classes such as “International Business Law” and “Global Marketing.”

Though most colleges don’t offer a Bachelor’s degree specifically related to the field of international business, Bellevue College does. The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in International Business offers 36 credits that can be transferred from other accredited institutions if you’ve already taken some of these courses during your undergraduate studies. The program is designed for students who want to learn about global trade systems and how they affect domestic and foreign economies around the world; it also aims to prepare students for careers working with multinational corporations or governmental agencies involved with international trade and investment decisions.

There are many opportunities!

The field of international business is an ever-expanding industry. It’s not only important, but it’s also a great way to travel and experience new cultures.

If you’re interested in making a difference in the world and working with people from different countries, this might be the right field for you.

As you can see, there are many options for those who want to pursue an international business degree. The most important thing is to do your research and find the right program that fits your needs!

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