Colleges That Offer Bcom Accounting

Colleges That Offer Bcom Accounting

1 George Mason University

George Mason University is a public research university with more than 30,000 students. It’s located in the Washington DC area, and it has an online program that’s among the largest in the country. George Mason University has a large accounting program—it even offers an undergraduate major in accounting. The school also has strong business and finance programs, with many of its graduates going into careers in finance after graduation.

The undergraduate accounting program at George Mason University offers students an opportunity to focus on three areas: management information systems (MIS), taxation or auditing/accounting law. Students can choose to specialize their studies by taking electives like cost-benefit analysis or financial statement analysis to further hone their skillset.

2 Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is a public university, which means it’s funded by the government. Students at public universities are eligible for financial aid, including grants, loans and work study programs. Public schools also tend to be larger than private institutions because they don’t limit enrollment based on ability to pay tuition.

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is also classified as one of the “large” schools in this guide due to its size: 8,865 students were enrolled when we last checked! This makes it easy for us to find someone who knows about this school’s accounting program since there are so many people here that can answer our questions about it.

3 Boston University

Boston University (BU) is a private research university located in Boston, Massachusetts. The school offers a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. It also has an independent student newspaper called the Daily Free Press and offers classes through its own radio station. Boston University also has athletics programs and is home to one of the strongest men’s basketball teams in the country, with many alumni having gone on to play professionally after graduation. BU offers several student organizations that offer volunteer opportunities outside of school hours including Habitat for Humanity, which provides housing for low-income families; National Public Radio; Students Against Destructive Decisions; Students Against Drunk Driving; Students Against Tobacco Use; Students for Environmental Action through Education (STEE); United Nations Association International Service Activities (UNASIA) Club; Women’s Leadership Initiative Program Club (WLI).

4 Ohio State University-Main Campus

Ohio State University-Main Campus offers a B.Com Accounting degree. The university is ranked #27 in the world and has a strong reputation, as well as being a public university located in Columbus, Ohio.

5 University Massachusetts Boston

UMass Boston is a public research university in Boston, Massachusetts. It was established in 1963 and later merged with Boston State College. UMass Boston has three campuses: The largest on the John D. O’Bryant African-American Institute for Education and Research (formerly University of Massachusetts at Boston), UMass Dartmouth’s campus is located on the former Fort Dearborn Reservation; while its third campus is situated along the banks of the Charles River in downtown Boston. UMass Amherst’s campus houses its humanities and social science departments, as well as its education school.

UMass Boston remains committed to providing high-quality teaching, rigorous graduate research opportunities within interdisciplinary centers with global reputations, outstanding undergraduate student experiences; professional development programs for teachers at all levels…

6 The College of New Jersey

The College of New Jersey is a public, coeducational and nonsectarian four-year research university in the capital city of Trenton, New Jersey, United States. Founded in 1766 as the “College of Newark,” it was renamed to its current name in 1880.

7 Arizona State University-Tempe

Arizona State University-Tempe (commonly referred to as ASU or Arizona State) is a public research university in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona.

It holds multiple campuses across the Valley of the Sun, including its largest campus in Tempe (home to the original campus), with other major campuses at West and Downtown Phoenix. The school was founded as the Territorial Normal School at Tempe on March 12, 1885; it later changed its name to Tempe Normal School after it became a branch of the Arizona State Teachers College in 1919. The name was shortened to Arizona State Teachers College at Tempe in 1932; soon after that, “Teachers” was dropped from its official title and it became simply Arizona State College at Tempe. In 1958, by action of Governor Jack Williams, it became one of two new senior colleges established by the state legislature within Los Angeles Community College District (LACC)—the second being Cal Poly Pomona—and received authorization for graduate programs leading to master’s degrees.[12][13]

As a senior college within LACC from 1958 until 1965,[14] ASU has continued to expand and now offers more than 200 fields for graduate study through more than 100 master’s degree programs

8 Ohio University-Main Campus

Ohio University: Main Campus

Ohio University is a public university located in Athens, Ohio. The school offers over 100 undergraduate majors and many graduate options to choose from. The business programs at Ohio University are highly regarded and they have been ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best schools for undergraduate business programs in America. The College of Business Administration has been around since 1914 and offers undergraduate degrees in accounting, finance, management and marketing as well as master’s degrees in business administration (MBA), accounting, economics and finance. Students can also enroll in doctoral programs to earn a Ph.D., DBA or MBA/JD joint degree program that focuses heavily on research opportunities throughout campus as well as internationally through partnerships with other organizations such as China’s Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Accounting (SJTU SA) which was established in 2016 when SJTU hosted an international conference titled “Advances in Accounting Education” where scholars from around the world gathered together

9 Western Oregon University

Western Oregon University is a public university located in Monmouth, Oregon. It offers Bcom accounting degree programs to students in its School of Business Administration. With a student population of 9,000 and a full-time faculty of 150, Western Oregon University is one of the best colleges that offer Bcom accounting degrees. The school also offers many undergraduate and graduate degree programs including an MBA program as well as numerous professional certificate programs.

The college has been expanding its campus over the past decade through capital improvements such as new buildings and residence halls while improving existing facilities by updating classrooms and laboratories with state-of-the-art technology upgrades throughout campus.[1]

The college participates in NCAA Division II activities under the direction of three governing bodies: Pacific West Conference (PacWest), Cascade Collegiate Conference (CCC), Great Northwest Athletic Conference (GNAC).

10 Angelo State University

  • Location: Texas, United States
  • Academics: Bachelor of Commerce Accounting, Bachelor of Business Administration Accounting
  • Student life: Small campus with a welcoming atmosphere. Students have access to on-campus housing and dining options. The school offers an array of sports teams and student clubs including organizations dedicated to service learning and community outreach.
  • Cost: Undergraduate tuition for the 2018–2019 year was $11,608 per semester or $23,216 annually. Graduate tuition costs are slightly higher at $1,894 per credit hour or $7,748 per semester (for 12 hours).
  • Admissions requirements include a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a GPA above 2.5; official transcripts; standardized test score(s); resume detailing work experience; personal statement explaining why you want to attend ASU; two letters of recommendation from former professors/employers who can attest to your work ethic along with any extracurricular activities that showcase leadership qualities or community involvement

11 There are many colleges that offer Bcom accounting.

There are many schools that offer Bcom accounting. The following is a list of colleges, their majors and requirements, as well as tuition fees and acceptance rates:

  • Colgate University (NY)
  • Accounting Major with a concentration in Accounting
  • BA Professional Accountancy Degree Program
  • Minimum GPA requirement: 3.25
  • Tuition fee: $48,000/year


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