Colleges That Offer Child Psychology

Child psychology is a very important field of study, and many careers can be built upon it. Whether you’re looking for a career in medicine or want to assist children with learning disabilities, child psychology programs can help you achieve your goals. Here are some schools that offer child psychology programs:

Colleges That Offer Child Psychology

University of Houston

The University of Houston is a Tier One research institution and offers a child psychology program. The program consists of an undergraduate minor in Child Psychology, which can be completed as part of a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or other related fields. You must apply to the minor through CASPA before you begin taking courses at UH.

If you’re interested in pursuing graduate-level training and want to take your education further, you may also be able to pursue a certificate program. This can be done by completing two graduate-level courses along with additional fieldwork experience (such as participating in an internship). Graduate certificates are great ways for students to build on their undergraduate degrees while also demonstrating professional competency in their chosen fields

University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is a public research university located in College Park, Maryland. It was founded in 1856 and is the oldest state university in the United States. The school offers a Child Psychology program that trains students to work with children and adolescents to understand their behavior and develop effective treatment methods for mental disorders.

The University has an international student population of over 14% representing more than 100 countries around the world. It has been ranked as one of America’s top 25 universities by US News & World Report for several years running (15th in 2019).

Washington State University

Washington State University offers a bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies with an emphasis in psychology. Located in Pullman, Washington, the school is part of the public higher education system and serves more than 32,000 students annually.

The university was founded as an agricultural college in 1890 after being granted land-grant status from Congress through the Morrill Act. The school has grown to become a nationally ranked research institution that houses dozens of museums and galleries on campus along with several research centers centered around human health and sustainability.

University of Nebraska–Omaha

  • Length: The child psychology program at UNO is a Master of Science program that takes four years to complete.
  • Coursework: The curriculum covers topics such as cognitive development, social-emotional development and intervention strategies for children with disabilities.
  • Cost: Tuition and fees are approximately $8,000 per semester (for the 2018-2019 academic year).
  • Program name: Child Psychology
  • Rank: 27th in the nation (out of over 1,800 programs) according to U.S. News & World Report’s 2019 rankings list of graduate schools offering this type of degree. This ranking may not be applicable for all states; see your state’s ranking below for more information about how you should use it when deciding which school might be best for you! You can click on any college/university name in our table above to find out more about how we rank each school in its respective state!

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Metropolitan State University of Denver

The child psychology program at Metro State includes classes in child development, human development and family studies, and mental health counseling. Students learn to assess children’s needs, diagnose psychological disorders and develop treatment plans. They also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with children through internships at local agencies such as Head Start programs or private schools. Those who complete this bachelor’s degree program are qualified for entry-level positions such as a school psychologist or behavioral interventionist.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most psychologists earn a median annual salary of $75,230*. The BLS projects that employment opportunities for psychologists will increase by 19% from 2014 to 2024.* If you want more information about how much you can expect to make as a child psychologist after graduating from an accredited school like Metro State University of Denver in Denver Colorado go here: https://wwwcollegesguidecom/colleges/metrostateuniversityofdenver

Western Carolina University

Western Carolina University

Located in Cullowhee, North Carolina, Western Carolina University was founded in 1889 as a state normal school. It offers over 100 undergraduate majors and minors and 30 graduate programs. The psychology department at Western Carolina University offers two undergraduate degrees: the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and the Bachelor of Science in Psychology. It also offers several graduate degrees including Master of Science in Psychology and Doctorate (PhD) degrees. The Master’s degree program focuses on child development from infancy through adolescence; students have the opportunity to earn an endorsement in special education or school psychology if they choose this option.

Several schools offer child psychology programs.

  • University of Colorado
  • Marquette University
  • Northwestern University
  • Stanford University


Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas about which schools offer child psychology programs. If you’re interested in becoming a child psychologist, then I suggest checking out the schools listed above. Good luck!

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