Colleges That Offer Dance Majors

Colleges That Offer Dance Majors

If you want to pursue a career in dance, there are many colleges that offer this major. There are also several colleges that offer multiple dance majors, so you can narrow down your options based on things like school size, location and cost. The following list is not comprehensive by any means but should give you an idea of where your talents could take you:

University of California – Los Angeles

You can earn a dance major and/or minor at UCLA. The university offers a certificate program in dance for teachers, choreographers, and dance therapists as well.

Additionally, the university offers an online course called “Introduction to Dance for K-12 Teachers.” It’s currently available for enrollment through the spring 2020 semester.

Columbia College Chicago

Columbia College Chicago is a private college located in Chicago, Illinois. This school has an outstanding dance program that offers majors and minors in dance, as well as certificates that are perfect for those who want to enjoy the art form but don’t have time for a full degree program.

Dance at Columbia College includes courses such as Introduction to Modern Dance I and II; Ballet I and II; Modern Dance Technique I and II; Acting for Performing Arts I and II; Tap Dance Technique; Belly Dancing Technique; Improvisation Workshop (Modern); Contemporary Ballet Repertory: Body Mind & Spirit IV—Literary Sources of Movement & Storytelling (Summer); Elementary Spanish Conversation I & II—Beginner/Intermediate Level (Summer); Beginning Irish Dance Technique (Summer).

University of California – Irvine

UC Irvine is a public research university located in Irvine, California, and one of the 10 general campuses of the University of California system.

UC Irvine offers a Bachelor of Arts in Dance.

Florida State University

The following colleges and universities offer a major or minor in dance:

  • Florida State University
  • Temple University
  • New York University (Tisch School of the Arts)
  • California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)

Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University is a private university located in Fort Worth, Texas. TCU is considered a research university and has been affiliated with the United Methodist Church since its founding in 1873. TCU boasts a diverse student body of more than 14,000 students from all 50 states and around the world. It also has an endowment of $4 billion, making it one of the largest private universities in Texas with over 300 majors and programs to choose from.

The dance major at TCU offers you many different options for furthering your education beyond this undergraduate program:

  • Dance Performance Concentration – You can earn your Bachelor’s degree by focusing on performing arts such as ballet or modern styles like jazz or hip-hop while taking classes that teach improvisation techniques as well as choreography skills like partnering exercises or ensemble performances! This path will prepare you for graduate programs where you can get your Master’s degree or even pursue doctoral studies after graduating with your bachelor’s degree!
  • Dance Education Concentration – If teaching is something that interests you but not performing arts per se (or if performance isn’t something practical enough), then consider pursuing an education career through this path instead! In this track students learn how children develop their motor skills over time; they also master knowledge about anatomy & physiology so they know how certain movements impact one another when executed simultaneously by multiple people working together under stress conditions.”

The Boston Conservatory

The Boston Conservatory

Boston Conservatory is a private performing arts college located in Boston, Massachusetts. It is located in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston and offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The school was founded in 1867 by William Francis Channing and Arthur Gilman as the New England Conservatory of Music. The conservatory offers a four-year Bachelor of Music degree that provides students with an education in classical music performance on instruments such as piano, organ, harpsichord, violin and cello. It also offers a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree which focuses on theatre composition and technical production skills such as lighting design or stage management.

Adelphi University

Adelphi University is a private university in Garden City, New York. The school offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field of dance. Undergraduate students can major in Dance, which includes classes like Ballet I, Ballet II, Dance Theory and History of Dance, Modern Dance I and II, Tumbling I-IV and Creative Movement for Young Children. Additionally, Adelphi offers a BA in Dance and Movement Therapy.

Adelphi is a small university with about 5,000 undergraduate students but it has been ranked as one of the top universities in its category by U.S News & World Report for more than 20 years consecutively.

New York University

New York University

New York University is one of the top schools for dance in the country. Located in New York City, NYU offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance. The program focuses on contemporary dance, but also includes ballet and other styles.

NYU’s faculty consists of over 30 full-time dancers and scholars who are internationally recognized for their work as performers, choreographers and teachers; they include members from American Ballet Theatre (ABT), Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and others.

There are a lot of colleges that have dance programs, so find the one that works best for you.

There are a lot of colleges that have dance programs, so find the one that works best for you.

It’s also important to look at what kind of reputation the school has for its dance program. If it has a good reputation, then it will be easier for you to get into after graduating from high school.

With so many colleges offering dance majors, there’s no reason not to find one that works for you. Whether you want a small liberal arts school or something more urban and diverse like NYU, there are plenty of options available. You just need to do some research before making any final decisions on where to go!

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