Colleges That Offer Mechanics

This is a list of colleges in the United States that offer mechanic programs.

Colleges That Offer Mechanics

1 Automechanics college

Northwestern Michigan College offers a degree in automotive mechanics. The curriculum includes courses in advanced engine performance, brake service, differential and final drive, electrical systems, fuel systems and emissions control, manual transmission/transaxle repair and more. Students also take classes in technical communication (reading blueprints), applied math for technicians and computer applications.

Northwest Iowa Community College provides students with the opportunity to earn an ASE certification from its program in auto body repair; however this is not required by employers. The college’s curriculum includes courses on collision estimating; painting techniques for both steel and aluminum surfaces; protective coatings; proper use of adhesives and sealants; how to lay out templates for patching damaged areas with fiberglass molds or pieces of sheet metal that match factory specifications as closely as possible (including using computerized measuring equipment); how to mix paints using water-based materials as opposed to oil-based ones when working with fiberglass bonded products such as GRP (glass reinforced plastic) panels because they contain no solvents that might cause damage over time if left uncovered under normal conditions like sunlight exposure or fluctuations within room temperature levels which could result from extreme highs or lows throughout seasons such as summer months where temperatures can reach above 100°F while winters may experience lows below 0°F

2 Auto mechanic schools in california

It’s easy to see why California is a hot spot for mechanics. The state is home to two of the largest auto mechanic schools in the nation: The California Institute of Technology and the University of California, Berkeley. Both schools offer degrees in mechanics and engineering, as well as other related fields like industrial design and computer science. For students who want to get an education that will allow them to work on cars while still ensuring they can make a living wage after graduation, these are both excellent choices.

3 Mechanics college

A mechanic is someone who maintains and repairs mechanical and motorized equipment. Mechanics are trained in the principles of mechanics, including how to identify mechanical problems and apply solutions.

Mechanic’s education programs typically cover:

  • Basic mathematics (including fractions, decimals and percentages)
  • Physics (variables, kinematics and dynamics)
  • Electrical fundamentals (circuits, Ohm’s Law)
  • Hydraulics fundamentals (pressure vs. flow rate relationships)

4 Automotive mechanics school

An automotive mechanic is a tradesman who specializes in repairing, restoring and maintaining vehicles. As a general rule, the mechanical skills of an automotive technician are not limited to one type of vehicle or even one brand.

The requirements for certification vary by state but generally include passing an exam administered by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) or a local chapter of ASE; having several years’ worth of experience working as an apprentice; and obtaining work experience that demonstrates your competence as a technician.

Automotive technicians usually learn their craft through formal training programs offered by community colleges or technical schools near you. Some schools offer associate degrees in automotive technology while others focus on skill-building workshops designed to give students hands-on experience working on cars under supervision from an instructor.

5 Mechanics institute

Mechanics Institute is a private vocational school located in San Francisco, California. The institution offers a variety of programs in the fields of automotive technology, diesel technology and collision repair.

6 Schools That Offer Mechanic Certificates; How to Find Accredited Truck Driving Schools in California; Some colleges in the U.S. offer diplomas, associate’s or bachelor’s degrees with an emphasis in mechanics.

  • Schools That Offer Mechanic Certificates; How to Find Accredited Truck Driving Schools in California; Some colleges in the U.S. offer diplomas, associate’s or bachelor’s degrees with an emphasis in mechanics.
  • Accredited Truck Driving Schools in California
  • Diploma courses at these schools may include a variety of topics such as: automotive technology, diesel mechanics and road maintenance related topics.

The schools listed below are accredited by the Department of Education (DOE) and offer diploma programs:


Mechanics schools are available in many parts of the country. You can also find them online and get a certificate or diploma that will teach you everything you need to know about being a mechanic before graduating with an associate’s degree in mechanical engineering. The best way to decide if this career is right for you is by doing research on the different colleges that offer these types of programs today so they can help prepare students with what they will need when entering into this field.

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