Colleges That Offer Portuguese

Colleges That Offer Portuguese

Portugal, the westernmost country in Europe, is a popular tourist destination for American travelers. So it’s no wonder that many people want to learn Portuguese after taking a trip there—and even more are choosing to study it in college. Here are some of the best places to study Portuguese if you’re looking to pick up new language skills.

University of Massachusetts Amherst Portuguese

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is one of the most prestigious and well-funded institutions in the country. Their Portuguese program is no exception, with small classes and dedicated professors that help you develop your language skills. There are also plenty of opportunities for study abroad outside Portugal, including Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries.

Middlebury College Portuguese

Middlebury College Portuguese is a language that is taught at Middlebury College. It is spoken in Portugal and Brazil, among other places.

Wellesley College Portuguese

Wellesley College is a private women’s liberal arts college located in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Founded in 1870 by Henry and Pauline Durant, it was the first women’s college in America to be chartered with a curriculum equal to that of men’s colleges. The school has a student body of around 2,400 students and offers over 50 undergraduate majors across three schools: Humanities, Social Sciences & Behavioral Studies (SSB), and Science & Engineering.

Currently, Wellesley College offers two Portuguese language programs:

  • A semester-long summer program for high school juniors and seniors (Maymester)
  • A one-year program for high school graduates interested in studying abroad

Dartmouth College Portuguese

Dartmouth College Portuguese

Dartmouth College Portuguese is offered as a minor, major, dual major and double major. It’s also available for non-majors.

Brown University Portuguese

Brown University offers a BA in Portuguese language and literature, with minors available in Brazilian Studies and Lusophone Literature. The program is designed to prepare students for graduate school or professional careers requiring intensive language study. Students may also complete their studies by taking advantage of Brown’s wide range of international opportunities (study abroad).

Students are required to take 15 credits per semester, which can be spread over six semesters or seven years. Some classes are taught in English while others require knowledge of Portuguese; a number of courses involve fieldwork that takes place outside the classroom setting, including trips abroad.

Emory University Portuguese

Emory University is a private research university located in Atlanta, Georgia. The university was founded as Emory College in 1836 in Oxford, Georgia by the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. In 1915, the college relocated to metropolitan Atlanta and became associated with the United Methodist Church (UMC) and its Nashville-based theological seminary. The university’s current campus spans over 870 acres (352 ha) and includes 45 buildings on four contiguous campuses in the Druid Hills suburb of Atlanta.[6]

University of California Irvine Portuguese

The University of California, Irvine is the best place to study Portuguese if you’re interested in a BA or minor. Students at UCI are able to take advantage of a variety of courses in their program including:

  • Introduction to Brazilian Literature
  • Brazilian Film and Culture
  • Portuguese Language Culture and Society

Students also have access to a unique opportunity: the Portuguese Studies Certificate Program. This program focuses on enhancing students’ ability to communicate effectively with speakers of Portuguese by providing them with the skills needed for intercultural communication. The curriculum features courses that combine language classes with cultural studies courses such as “History of Brazil” and “Theatre Acting.”

Smith College Portuguese

Smith College Portuguese

Smith College offers Portuguese as a major, a minor and as a language course for non-majors. The major is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop their language skills and gain an understanding of contemporary Portugal in all its linguistic varieties and cultural aspects. Students may pursue their interests further through courses offered in Lisbon, Oporto or Coimbra on Smith-sponsored study abroad programs. There are many opportunities for internships or research projects within Portugal’s economic sector (such as business, finance or tourism). Courses taught in English include: Introduction to European Ethnology; History of Portugal; Brazil/Africa: Culture/Literature/Economy – From Colonialism To Globalization; Culture And Identity In Latin America; Contemporary Cinema Of Latin America And Its Social Context; Women Writers In Latin America And Their Social Contextes

Bates College Portuguese

Bates College Portuguese

Bates is a private liberal arts college located in Lewiston, Maine. The college offers Portuguese as a major, minor, and language course.

Bates College offers a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages with majors including French, German, Spanish and now Portuguese. Students who major in modern languages at Bates can choose to specialize in linguistics or literature/culture and receive additional training from faculty members who are experts on their respective fields. The program also allows students to take classes in other departments such as history or political science – all while receiving one degree with three majors! As an added benefit of being an English speaker living abroad I could always use my native tongue when I needed help communicating with people around me or translating documents that were written only in portuguese (one of our exchange students’ mother tongue).

Wesleyan University Portuguese

Wesleyan University is a private liberal arts university located in Middletown, Connecticut. The school offers a BA in Portuguese and also offers a minor in the language.

Wesleyan students can choose to take courses on the history and literature of Portugal or Brazil. They can also take courses that focus on Brazilian or Portuguese society and culture, as well as classes related to the African diaspora.

If you want to study Portugese in college, here are some places that offer it.

Choosing a college is a big decision. If you’re considering studying Portuguese in college, here’s what you need to know.

What to Consider When Choosing a College

There are many factors that go into choosing the right school for you: location, cost, size and reputation are just some of them. In addition to these factors, when looking at colleges that offer Portuguese courses it will be helpful to consider questions like: Is the campus friendly? Are there many resources available on campus and nearby? Can I get involved with student clubs or organizations related to my interests? What kind of financial aid options does the school offer? What courses are offered by professors who are experts in their fields (this may vary based on which schools you visit)? How much research has been done into making sure students have access to everything they need from books and technology tools as well as from career services staff members who can help guide them through planning out their futures once they graduate?

It can be overwhelming trying find all this information about different schools without knowing where your own strengths lie yet; however remember that every school has something unique about it – whether it’s great athletics programs or an amazing library system! It’s important not only finding out what kinds of things these schools have going for them but also understanding how well those things fit with what matters most when considering your future education plans.

There are many colleges and universities that offer Portuguese. If you’re interested in studying the language, keep your eye on this list of schools so you can decide which program is right for you!

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