Colleges That Offer Web Design

Colleges That Offer Web Design

Web design is a growing field, and there are many colleges that offer web design classes. The following schools offer degrees in web design.

University of Denver

University of Denver

The University of Denver’s Digital Media and Design program is a comprehensive undergraduate and graduate program designed to give students a solid foundation in the design and development of digital media—and the understanding they need to succeed in the industry. The program encompasses all areas of digital design, including graphic design, web development, mobile computing, gaming design and more. Students are prepared with the skills necessary to enter this highly competitive field upon graduation.

Rochester Institute of Technology

RIT offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Interactive Media, a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, a Bachelor of Science degree in Game Design and Development, and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. At RIT’s Center for Media, Arts, Games, Interaction & Creativity (MAGIC), students can get hands-on experience building websites throughout the course of their studies. The Center also provides an opportunity to work with industry professionals on real projects.

University of Wisconsin-Stout

The University of Wisconsin-Stout offers a bachelor’s degree in information technology with a focus on web design. The program is offered online and in-person, and it’s designed for students who want to learn web design skills.

Colorado State University-Fort Collins

Colorado State University-Fort Collins is ranked #12 in the nation for best online bachelor’s in web design. CSU has a strong online presence, with over 1.1 million students taking classes through the school’s distance learning programs. CSU offers many degree options that can be completed entirely online, including an associate degree in software engineering and bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice, information technology management and business administration—all of which are offered at no cost to you if you qualify for financial aid as an undergraduate student.

While it doesn’t offer any specialized programs or certifications specifically related to web design, CSU does have one of the most well-known reputations when it comes to education overall thanks to its large number of distance learners enrolled each year (more than 3 times greater than those who attend on campus). It also happens to have one of the highest graduation rates among public universities across America: 71%.

Western Washington University

Western Washington University

Western Washington University is a public university located in Bellingham, Washington. The school was founded in 1893 and offers degrees through the bachelor’s level. The school’s website notes that the college has more than 250 student clubs and organizations from which students can choose. The school also has a student newspaper, radio station and yearbook as well as a number of intramural sports teams including basketball, soccer and volleyball.

The college offers undergraduate courses in computer science; web site design; computer programming (AS); computer networking (AS); information systems management (BSCS). These programs allow students to work on their own projects or group projects for class credit. Students must earn at least 24 credits for graduation from this program which may require them to take courses outside of their major field of study such as business law or economics classes if they are not required by their major department but still part of the overall degree requirements set forth by Western Washington University’s Department of Computer Science & Engineering Department Head Dr Eric Cohen PhD MS “Students receive formal instruction in software engineering concepts such as software requirements analysis process modeling; object oriented design techniques object oriented programming languages like C++ Java Visual Basic Java Script Python Perl Ruby etc., algorithms data structures networks distributed computing hardware architecture operating systems principles Web page layout CSS HTML XHTML JavaScript Flash ActionScript SQL database design

SUNY College at Cortland

SUNY at Cortland is a public liberal arts college that offers a Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development. It’s located in Cortland, New York and is part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system. The SUNY system has 64 colleges across the state, with approximately 438,000 students enrolled overall.

The College at Brockport offers several web design programs as well: A BFA in Creative Media Production which includes interactive media design and development; an ASN for web programming; and an AAS for web development. The school also offers courses on fashion/apparel production & merchandising as well as business management with an emphasis on e-commerce.

Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University offers a Bachelors of Science in Web Design and Development. EMU’s program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to create websites across a variety of platforms and devices, including mobile devices. The curriculum includes courses such as:

  • Introduction to Web Design
  • Interactive Design Projects
  • Topics in User Experience

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in web design, Southern Illinois University Carbondale offers a bachelor’s degree and a certificate program in the field. In addition to these more traditional academic offerings, it also offers a minor program for students at other colleges and universities who want to earn credit while they study at SIUC.

In addition to its undergraduate programs, Southern Illinois University Carbondale also offers an online graduate certificate program that can be completed entirely online or through an accelerated hybrid format. The school’s curriculum follows an industry-standard approach that emphasizes both front end (design) and back end (programming) development skillsets across multiple platforms and devices so that graduates are prepared for any career path they choose when they leave school.

Arizona State University at the Tempe campus

Arizona State University at the Tempe campus offers a Masters of Science in Digital Media, a Bachelors of Science in Digital Media and a Bachelors of Science in Digital Media and New Media.

George Mason University

George Mason University is a public research university in Fairfax, Virginia, United States. It was founded as a branch of the University of Virginia in 1957 and became an independent institution in 1972. The university’s name honors George Mason (1725-1792), who used his U.S. Senate chairmanship to draft what became known as the Virginia Declaration of Rights, which influenced both the United States Declaration of Independence and the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.[2]

George Mason offers over 100 undergraduate majors and concentrations, organized into 10 academic schools and colleges across three geographic campuses: Arlington County campus (Arlington); Fairfax campus (Fairfax); Prince William County campus (Manassas).

You can find web design taught at colleges across the country.

Web design is a job, skill, career and growing field. For example, web developers make $75,000 a year on average in the United States. Web designers are also needed for a range of other jobs including social media managers and content writers. In addition to these positions there are many more creative opportunities available as well.

Web design can be thought of as two separate skills: building websites from scratch or updating existing ones. Those who want to build their own sites will need to learn HTML5 or another programming language while those who update existing sites will need strong communication skills since they’ll be interacting with clients regularly while working within strict deadlines and budgets. Regardless of what you choose to do in this field though it’s important that you have good technical knowledge because all aspects require technical skill ranging from building websites through coding them up until they’re ready for use online (or printed out).

Because everything related works together so closely there aren’t really any specific courses that teach only one thing – instead students learn every aspect at once which means they’ll also be able to specialize later down the road if needed!

We hope this article has been helpful in identifying some of the best colleges with web design programs. If you’re interested in learning more about how to become a web designer, read our guide on how to get started.

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