Colleges That Offer Wine And Viticulture

Colleges That Offer Wine And Viticulture

Whether you’re already in the wine business or just have an interest in it, some colleges have programs that can help you achieve your goals. These schools offer special majors in viticulture and enology (the study of winemaking) as well as minors and certificates.

Northwest Wine Studies Center

Located in Walla Walla, Washington, the Northwest Wine Studies Center offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Viticulture and Enology. Students can also pursue a Master of Science degree with this program. The graduate certificate option is available to those who already have a master’s degree in another field and want to add viticulture to their resume.

Washington State University

  • Washington State University boasts the only Wine Science program in the world.
  • WSU offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Viticulture and Enology, as well as a Master of Science degree in Viticulture and Enology.

University of California, Davis

UC Davis is a public research university and land-grant institution, located in Davis, California. It was founded in 1905 as the University Farm School, which was renamed UC Davis in 1959. UC Davis is one of two general campuses within the University of California system and has been consistently ranked among America’s top universities since World War II. It is also known for its emphasis on what it describes as “high-impact” research and for having more faculty members elected to the National Academy of Sciences than any other public institution except Harvard University (another UC campus).

UC Davis’ main campus covers 502 acres (2 km²) and houses over 100 buildings, including both teaching facilities and administrative departments such as human resources or financial services; it also includes over 900 acres (36 km²) of undeveloped land with facilities available for research use by students or faculty only if approved by an appropriate committee prior to usage being made official by President Napolitano herself after reviewing any potential risks involved with using such areas due to their nature as being potentially dangerous when exposed to certain conditions such as extreme heat during summer months when temperatures peak above 100 degrees Fahrenheit which can pose serious health risks if not properly dressed appropriately).

In addition to its main campus located just off Interstate 80 near Sacramento International Airport where you’ll find most people working out there lives away from home while pursuing higher education instead they could be doing something else but instead choose this path because they want something better out themselves too which would mean making lots money online through blogging websites like wordpress blogs etcetera….

California State University, Fresno

California State University, Fresno offers a major and minor in viticulture and enology, as well as classes such as wine-making, wine tasting, and wine business. Classes are taught by industry professionals; the viticulture program is actually led by a grape grower. Students have access to CSUF’s research center which houses its own vineyard, vineyard management program and winery. The campus also has an on-campus winery focused on making quality wines for faculty and students to sample (and purchase).

Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Viticulture and Enology, a program that’s designed to prepare students for employment in the wine and grape industry. The curriculum focuses on the science, business and marketing of wine; students take classes in grape physiology, fermentation technology, winemaking management and leadership.

The university currently has 25 acres of vines planted at its Mountain Horticulture Research Center (on which students are trained), as well as an additional 60 acres that could be used for vineyard expansion (for which students will also be trained). The goal is to build up to 500 acres within five years.

The program is currently one of only three viticulture programs offered by colleges or universities east of the Mississippi River (the others being Cornell University’s School of Agriculture & Life Sciences in Ithaca, New York; and Virginia Tech’s Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics).

Missouri State University

Missouri State University is a public university in Springfield, Missouri. The school offers a variety of majors that are related to wine and viticulture. If you want to get your hands dirty and learn how to grow grapes, MSU’s Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture offers a degree program called Viticulture and Enology.

Cornell Viticulture and Enology Program

Cornell University is home to one of the oldest and most prestigious viticulture and enology programs in the country.

Established in 1914, Cornell’s Viticulture and Enology program was one of the first of its kind in the U.S., and it continues to be an innovator in wine education today. With a history that includes pioneering research on climate change and biodynamic viticulture, Cornell is a fantastic university for students who want to pursue a career as winemakers or vineyard managers.

Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Cornell University is a private Ivy League research university located in Ithaca, New York, United States. Cornell is one of the fourteen founding members of the Association of American Universities.

The university was established on April 27, 1865; it was named after Ezra Cornell (1807–1874) who initiated the university’s founding and funded its construction with $400,000 in state bonds. The Board of Trustees elected Andrew Dickson White as its first president; he served until his death in 1893.

Colorado State University

Colorado State University (CSU) offers a Bachelor of Science in Viticulture and Enology, a minor in Viticulture and Enology, a Master of Science in Viticulture and Enology, and PhD programs. CSU is one of the largest universities in Colorado with over 30,000 students. The CSU program offers courses that focus on the biology behind alcoholic beverages as well as wine production methods such as sensory analysis, food pairing techniques and advanced viticulture practices. It also teaches students how to market their product effectively.

Other schools such as North Carolina State University that offer similar programs include:

  • Appalachian State University—Majors offered: Wine Business Management; Wine Marketing; Winemaking

Purdue University

  • If you are interested in the wine business and want to learn more about viticulture, Purdue University is a great place to go.
  • The university offers several programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level that will help students on their way to becoming certified enologists or sommeliers.
  • The Department of Food Science also features courses on food marketing, as well as courses on how wines are made, marketed, and sold.
  • In fact, Purdue University is ranked among the top 20 universities for best undergraduate programs in agriculture by US News & World Report.

The fine parents at some universities have a variety of majors that have been tailored to the students who want to get into wine and viticulture.

Below, we’ve listed the universities that offer majors, minors, and certificates in wine and viticulture. This list is by no means exhaustive; if you’re still looking for a specific type of program or school near you, feel free to consult our database of thousands of liberal arts colleges with programs in wine and viticulture.

  • Wine And Viticulture Majors:
  • University of California Davis – Davis, CA
  • Mount Mary University – Milwaukee WI
  • University Of California Berkeley – Berkeley CA
  • Related Majors:

The list above is just a sampling of the many universities that offer degrees in viticulture and winemaking. While the top two schools—California State University, Fresno (top ranked) and Cornell University (second)—are well known, there are many others that offer students an excellent education in this field. Whether you’re looking for an undergraduate degree or graduate studies, there’s bound to be something on this list that fits your needs!

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