Colleges That Start After Labor Day

Colleges That Start After Labor Day

The fall semester is an exciting time of year, with students returning to school and getting back into a routine. But for those who have already been back for a few weeks, it’s time to start thinking about the next semester. If you’re an eager first-year student or transfer student looking forward to starting college in the spring semester, here are some colleges that start after Labor Day:

University of Michigan

  • University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan is a public institution founded in 1817. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 29,718, its setting is city, and the campus size is 1,340 acres.

Georgia State University

  • Georgia State University is a public research university in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • It is the largest university in the University System of Georgia and has been recognized as one of the best colleges in the Southeast by U.S. News & World Report since 2000.
  • It is classified as a research university with very high research activity by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, it has a selective admission rate (2011–2012: 61%), and its student body consists of approximately 33,000 students representing 130 countries around the world (2009).

In 2017-2018 GSU’s freshman retention rate was 85%.

Xavier University

  • Xavier University is a private coeducational Catholic university in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Xavier has been ranked as one of the top universities in the Midwest by U.S News & World Report, Forbes and The Princeton Review. The school’s campus covers more than 140 acres and offers 81 undergraduate majors to choose from with an average class size of 25 students.

The largest school on this list with over 10,000 students per year on its campus, Xavier University offers bachelor’s degrees through 59 major fields of study as well as master’s degrees in 6 different areas along with 3 doctoral programs: education administration; education policy studies; urban education leadership; business management (MBA); natural science leadership (PhD).

Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University is a public university located in Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States. Established in 1849 as Michigan State Normal School, it was one of the first normal schools created in the United States and has been traditionally known for its education programs. The university’s athletic teams compete in Division I of the NCAA and are collectively known as the Eastern Michigan Eagles.

The main campus consists of approximately 1,400 acres (567 ha) just east of Detroit; it also has satellite campuses throughout West Michigan. More than 40 majors are offered at EMU with most having multiple options for specialization within their degree program as well as dual enrollment opportunities with other colleges across the state.

Monmouth College

Monmouth College is a private liberal arts college in Monmouth, Illinois. It is a member of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest and has been recognized by the United Nations for its environmental sustainability efforts. The college was founded in 1853 and named for General Henry Montague (1735-1818), who led troops during the American Revolution and later served as governor of New Jersey.

The college offers Bachelor’s degrees in over 30 majors, including American Sign Language and Deaf Studies; Athletic Training; Educational Leadership & Administration; English Literature & Writing; History & Philosophy; International Business (MaBA); Management Information Systems (MIS); Marketing Communications minor with Advertising concentration or Public Relations concentration; Mathematics Education with Elementary Education or Secondary Education concentrations; Mechanical Engineering Technology with Specialized Track Options in Mechatronics Design & Manufacturing or Construction Management Option; Music Performance: Voice/Opera or Piano Accompanying Pathway Program leading to Bachelors degree completion options available online as well as on campus at either our Champaign-Urbana location OR at our Quad Cities facility

Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green State University (BGSU) is a public research university located in Bowling Green, Ohio, United States. Founded in 1910 by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), BGSU offers over 200 undergraduate majors and minors across sixteen colleges/schools: College of Arts and Sciences; College of Business Administration; College of Education; Frank H. Seiberling School of Hospitality and Tourism Management; Honors College; Interdisciplinary Studies Institute (ISI); Lyman T. Johnson College of Science and Technology; Maxine Smith School for Social Work; Owens Community College at BGSU ; Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation ; Roy J. Carver College of Medicine ; Weatherhead School for International Affairs . The main campus is located on 631 acres spread across Bowling Green’s south side, with additional properties elsewhere in the city including a satellite facility known as Becker Cottage which serves as the university’s primary dining facility when classes are not in session but still allows students to use it to attend special events such as weddings or other gatherings should they so choose while classes continue through late summer until early September before they begin again after Labor Day weekend every year starting with Fall Quarter classes on Monday October 1st each year during this same time frame where most students start back up again full time hours after Labor Day weekend annually around September 22nd – September 25th depending on what day exactly falls on each week based upon how many weeks have passed since their last day off work which would be Thursday June 20th if you worked Monday through Friday all year long without taking any days off whatsoever which means that if one were lucky enough then maybe even getting two months off between June 24th – August 15th could be possible depending upon whether or not we reach maximum daylight hours during our summer solstice period running July 21st – 23rd like last year where those dates were actually Sunday June 24th instead Tuesday May 27th before returning back home next week sometime soon hopefully next week sometime soon hopefully sooner rather than

DePaul University

DePaul University is a private institution in Chicago, Illinois. The university has over 27,000 students and is known for its strong presence in the Loop neighborhood of downtown Chicago. While it’s not as large or prestigious as some other colleges on this list, DePaul does have some notable connections to the city, including owning one of its most famous landmarks: McCormick Place Convention Center.

A few colleges start after Labor Day.

Some colleges start after Labor Day with the majority starting before Labor Day. A few colleges start after Labor Day, so you should do your research to find out if any of the schools that interest you will be holding classes during this time.

While most U.S. colleges and universities are now in session and classes have started, there are some schools that have not yet begun the academic year. This is because they start after Labor Day, which is the first Monday in September. As an example, Eastern Michigan University will not begin classes until September 12th this year.

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