Colleges That Start With C In Pennsylvania

This list of colleges that start with the letter “C” in Pennsylvania is meant to help you find and compare colleges based on the type of degree they offer, enrollment size, location, cost, and other important factors.

Colleges That Start With C In Pennsylvania


California University of Pennsylvania, or CALUPA as it’s better known, is a private university in California, Pennsylvania. Its total undergraduate enrollment is 1,872 and its total graduate enrollment is 381.

Founded in 1852 as the California Institute of the Sisters of Mercy by Sister M. Frances Warde and Mother Catherine Fox to provide education to young women who were unable to afford it elsewhere, it was originally located on a 14-acre campus near what is now Butler Street but later moved to its current site along Route 22 where it remains today.


Chatham University is a private, coeducational university located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. It was founded in 1869 by Henry C. Chatham and Thomas L. Bulger as the Pittsburgh Female College, with a dedication to educating women for careers as teachers in what was then becoming an increasingly urbanized America. In 1971, it became the first all-women’s university to become coeducational without losing its status as a college or its charter from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Today it has a student body of about 1,300 undergraduate students and 400 graduate students all taught by a faculty numbering nearly 100 tenured professors


Cabrini College is a private, co-educational Catholic college located in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania, United States. Cabrini College was founded in 1953 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart and named after Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini. The main campus is located on 1,000 acres (4 km2) in Radnor Township on the western edge of Philadelphia.

Cabrini offers 28 undergraduate majors leading to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees as well as 11 pre-professional programs including nursing and pharmacy science; law and society; health sciences; education; business administration; liberal arts/humanities (BA); communications/information technology (BS); criminal justice (BS); engineering technologies & management sciences (BS).


  • Located: Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania
  • Tuition: $35,000
  • Academics: Small liberal arts college with an emphasis on the arts and sciences. Students can choose from over 50 academic programs including a number of pre-health professions.
  • Student life: Campus is located in Philadelphia’s western suburbs, which offers students access to numerous cultural events as well as major cities such as New York City and Washington D.C.. Student clubs include Phi Theta Kappa honor society chapter; The Cougar Chronicle student newspaper; radio station WCHL 92.1 FM (WCUH) staffed entirely by students; The Discourse literary magazine; Center for Community Engagement & Service (CCEST); International Club; Glee Club; Model United Nations Team (MUNT); Outdoors Club or Student Government Association which provide opportunities for leadership development and involvement in campus life by organizing service projects, community engagement events and hosting guest speakers on campus throughout the year.
  • Admission requirements: SAT/ACT scores required plus GPA range 2-3 high school GPA depending on program chosen (see below). Official transcripts sent directly from high school transcripts sent directly from high school counselor if sending electronically through Common Application website


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

School Type: Research university

Tuition: $49,666 (in-state); $51,788 (out-of-state)

Admission Requirements: SAT Reasoning or ACT; SAT Subject Test; 2 letters of recommendation from teachers; personal essay or 1-2 page writing sample on a topic of your choice; high school transcript with GPA and course list. Carnegie Mellon University does not require the submission of an application fee because it has a need-blind admission policy. This means that all students will be considered for financial aid regardless of their ability to pay upfront tuition costs. Because this is an expensive school, almost every student receives some type of financial aid to help cover expenses while they are enrolled here at Carnegie Mellon University!

Enrollment: 13,856 total students (6,964 undergraduates); 11% are international students coming from over 60 different countries including China and India! The undergraduate acceptance rate is 15% while graduate acceptance rates can get as low as 10%. Undergraduates live in either university housing or off campus apartments depending on what they prefer during their time here at CMU – most likely both though since there aren’t many options for living on campus outside of dorm rooms which can be quite expensive due to limited space available! Students who prefer not living in an apartment complex will have access through extracurricular activities such as sports teams like soccer teams where coaches provide housing arrangements for players so everything works out well together.”


Community College of Allegheny County

5000 Frankstown Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15235-3456


  • Hours: 8am to 5pm Monday through Thursday; 8am to 4pm on Fridays.
  • Enrollment: 32,000 students (Fall 2017). The college offers more than 100 degrees and certificates in a wide range of fields such as healthcare and information technology. Most programs lead to an associate degree or certificate; some are geared toward transfer to baccalaureate programs at four-year colleges and universities.
  • Class schedule: Visit the website for class schedules and registration information. Most courses run 12 weeks long with two semesters each year (Fall/Spring), plus summer semester classes offered during July & August as well as online during all other months throughout the year (Winter/Spring terms may have classes available during January – April). Enrollment fee required for each class taken unless otherwise noted by a course description within their schedule section on CCA’s website; see below for more details about this charge before signing up for anything! For further assistance related specifically towards registering yourself please visit their website–it will guide you through everything step by step 🙂 You’ll need proof if any kind of financial aid is used during enrollment process depending upon whether it’s federal or state funded–so keep that in mind when filling out forms too!!


Carlow University is a Catholic university located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1946 by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary as an all-female college. Carlow’s current campus consists of two buildings: the main building and one other smaller building that houses its nursing program.

Carlow has grown from an all-women’s institution to a co-educational institution with a student body of approximately 4,000 students (2,700 full-time undergraduates and 1,300 graduate students). The university offers over 50 undergraduate majors and pre-professional programs such as business administration and pre-law; master’s degrees in nursing; marketing research & analysis; nonprofit management; education leadership & policy studies; criminal justice administration; social work practice with individuals/families/communities; behavioral health counseling & guidance services; human resource management (MSHRM); philosophy & religious studies (MA); liberal studies (MA); criminal justice administration – justice studies option (MA).


Curtis Institute of Music is a college in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is a conservatory, not a university. Curtis is also not a music school; it’s an undergraduate college for aspiring professional musicians. The school accepts students from all over the world who are accepted into its program based on their musical talent and dedication to their craft.

Although it’s sometimes referred to as a “music college” or even just “college,” Curtis Institute of Music is actually an undergraduate program that doesn’t offer any other degree programs at this time.


Carnegie Mellon University is a private research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Carnegie Mellon is a member of the Association of American Universities. Carnegie Mellon has been ranked as one of the top universities in the world.

This is a list of colleges that start with the letter “C” in Pennsylvania.

This is a list of colleges that start with the letter “C” in Pennsylvania.

  • California College of Arts and Crafts
  • Cabrini University (Harrisburg, PA)
  • California University of Pennsylvania


This is a list of colleges that start with the letter “C” in Pennsylvania.

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