Colleges That Study Abroad In Australia

Colleges That Study Abroad In Australia

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and is located in the southeastern part of Asia. The country has a population of approximately 23 million people, making it one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Australia has many colleges and universities that offer study abroad programs for students looking to travel around this diverse country. Here are some popular colleges that offer opportunities for students to study abroad in Australia:

Duke University

Duke University is a private research university in Durham, North Carolina. It was founded by Methodists and Quakers in honor of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) founder George Whitefield, who was from Gloucester. The university opened its doors to students on February 18, 1838 as “Duke College”, after philanthropist James B. Duke donated $30,000 to start it up. In 1892 it became “Duke University”, with its first graduate school opening in 1923. Today it has a strong reputation for research, innovation and entrepreneurship; undergraduate education; graduate education; health care; law enforcement; public policy studies; fine arts programs such as dance and theater design; music composition majors where you can record albums that sell millions worldwide—pretty much everything! To sum up this section: if you go there they will teach you things at what many consider one of America’s best universities.”

Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech is a public research university in Atlanta, Georgia. It was founded in 1885 as the Georgia School of Technology as part of Reconstruction plans to build an industrial economy in the post-Civil War Southern United States. Initially, it offered only a degree in mechanical engineering. By 1901, its curriculum had expanded to include electrical, civil, and chemical engineering. In 1948, it changed its name to reflect its evolution from a trade school into a larger and more capable technical institute and research university.

Georgia Tech is ranked among the top universities in the nation for faculty scholarship; research expenditures; number of graduates who go on to earn PhDs; student satisfaction (among public universities); ranking by U.S News & World Report; highest percentage of classes taught by full-time faculty members; percentage of undergraduates receiving financial aid; number of degrees awarded annually (among public universities); number of graduate students enrolled at any time during fall semester (among public universities); total cost per full-time student including room/board expenses while attending college; average amount borrowed by undergraduate students receiving financial aid each year while attending college (among public universities).

Syracuse University

Syracuse University offers a wide range of study abroad programs in Australia. The University has undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, and the University of Queensland.

Syracuse’s undergraduate program is called “Global Engagement” and includes an intensive language course as well as a few weeks spent in Australia for cultural immersion. The Global Engagement program is available to students at all levels: freshmen through seniors. The graduate level options are offered through the Herbert H Lehman College so that students can receive their degree while completing their study abroad experience. These programs include MA degrees in International Affairs with an option to study either one semester or two semesters away from campus; PhD candidates may spend up to one year studying abroad before returning home to complete their dissertation research on campus; and master’s-level students may spend up to two years studying abroad before returning home with an improved understanding of international affairs while still earning credit toward completion of their degree requirements

Florida State University

  • Florida State University has a campus in Sydney, Australia.
  • FSU offers a wide variety of study abroad programs.
  • FSU has a diverse student body.
  • FSU has a strong alumni network in Australia and the U.S., which means you get to stay connected with your school after graduation and develop professional relationships with people who can help you land jobs, internships and more!

University of Washington

University of Washington is one of the biggest study abroad programs in Australia. The university has a lot of different majors that you can study in Australia, such as business, energy storage and conversion, English literature, environmental studies and policy, global health sciences, history and culture of Asia (including China), international studies: Africa policy; international studies: Latin America policy; or journalism.

There are also lots of courses that you could take while studying abroad at University of Washington in Australia. You could take some classes about politics or public policy like “Australian Political Institutions” or “Introduction to Global Issues.” You could also learn about writing for publications with a class called “Reporting on International Affairs” or talk about social justice issues with “Social Justice Issues through Documentary Film” class.

California State University Sacramento

CSUS offers a semester study abroad program in Australia. The University is located in Sacramento, California and is part of the University of California system. CSUS is a public university that offers many majors and research opportunities for students. CSUS consistently ranks as one of the top universities in the US, so if you’re looking to study abroad with a high-quality academic institution, this might be your best bet.

There’s no reason not to consider studying abroad at CSUS!

There are many colleges that study abroad in Australia.

If you’re looking to study abroad in Australia, there are a number of ways to accomplish that goal. The following is a list of some of the most common programs offered by colleges and universities that help students go abroad:

  • University-sponsored programs
  • College-sponsored programs
  • Scholarships and funding opportunities

It’s important to keep in mind that these are only the most common types of programs; there may be others available depending on the school or college you attend. The best way to find out what’s available is simply by asking around (or doing some research online). This can also help you determine whether or not it makes sense for your situation—for example, if one program offers more scholarships than another one does then maybe it would be better for your financial situation as well as academic needs.

With so many great options, it’s easy to see why studying abroad has become so popular. If you want an unforgettable experience and have the opportunity to study abroad in Australia with one of these colleges, we encourage you to take advantage of it! There is no better way to get a taste of what life is like in another country and learn about yourself as an individual than by living there for a few weeks or months at a time.

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