Community Colleges That Offer Bachelor Degrees In Washington State

Community Colleges That Offer Bachelor Degrees In Washington State

It’s true that you can get a bachelor’s degree from a community college in Washington state. This is mainly because of the fact that many community colleges have their own four-year schools, meaning they offer their students the option to transfer into a full-fledged university after completing two years at the community college. In order to find out what Washington state community colleges have these transfer agreements with traditional universities, we’ve compiled this list:

Olympic College

Olympic College is a public, post-secondary educational institution in Bremerton, Washington, in the United States. Olympic College is a two-year community college serving the Olympic Peninsula and the surrounding regions of the state of Washington.

Olympic College offers associate degree programs and certificate programs that can be applied to Bachelor’s degrees at four-year universities or baccalaureate institutions within the state of Washington.

Skagit Valley College

Skagit Valley College

Skagit Valley College offers a bachelor’s degree in business administration, as well as a degree in nursing. In addition to these two degrees, the college also offers a Bachelor of General Studies (BGST). The BGST program allows students to design their own major and customize it based on their needs and interests. Students can choose specific classes from various departments including: biology, chemistry, mathematics/statistics, computer science and engineering technology; each class has its own requirements for completion. Students may also qualify for transfer credit if they have completed certain courses at another institution before attending Skagit Valley College. A list of transferable courses is available here:

The History Department at Skagit Valley College works with all students regardless of whether they are interested in earning an Associate Degree or transferring their credits so that they can continue working towards their bachelor’s degree later on down the road! If you would like more information about our programs please contact us at (360) 577-7000 ext 2222

Bellevue College

Bellevue College is a public, two-year college that offers bachelor degrees in fields like business, nursing, education and more. Based in Bellevue, Washington, the school has a student population of over 33,000 students. It also has 100+ different degree programs available for students to earn their bachelor degree from.

Columbia Basin College

Columbia Basin College is a community college in Pasco, Washington. It was established as Columbia Basin Vocational-Technical School in 1959, and later rechartered as Columbia Basin College in 1989. The school offers programs in applied science, arts, business and management sciences, family life & human services, health & safety sciences and technology.

The school offers bachelor’s degrees in nursing through an affiliation with Eastern Washington University School of Nursing & Health Studies; students can also obtain their associate’s degree or certificate before transferring to EWU for the baccalaureate program. The average cost per credit at CBC is $180 ($1020/semester), while tuition alone at EWU costs $5010/year (15 credits per semester).

Columbia Basin College has about 2200 students enrolled on campus each quarter

Centralia College

Centralia College is a public, two-year institution located in Centralia, Washington. It is a member of the Washington Community and Technical College System and offers degrees in a variety of majors. The college has about 2,500 students enrolled each year.

Centralia College was founded in 1966 as Centralia Community College (CCC). It changed its name to Centralia College in 2017 after acquiring other colleges within Washington state.

Here are some Washington State community colleges that offer bachelor degrees.

In Washington State, you can earn a bachelor’s degree from several community colleges. These are:

  • Olympic College
  • Skagit Valley College
  • Bellevue College
  • Columbia Basin College (CBC) in Pasco, WA (a community college with a high school and technical school)

The fact that these colleges are in Washington State is enough for them to be worth checking out. The state is known for its natural beauty, but there’s also a thriving tech and art scene (for example, Microsoft headquarters are based here). The cost of living is also lower than other places in the United States, making it an ideal place for students looking to save money while still getting a good education.

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