Community Colleges That Offer Paralegal Studies

Community Colleges That Offer Paralegal Studies

The paralegal profession is growing at a rapid rate. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that jobs for paralegals will increase by 27 percent between now and 2022. The good news is, you don’t have to go to law school or get another degree to become a paralegal. Many community colleges offer programs in paralegal studies, which can help you prepare for entering this exciting field of work.

Lone Star College System

The Lone Star College System is a network of two-year colleges in Texas. The system is the largest community college system in the United States, with 13 colleges in the Houston, North Harris, and Tomball areas.

Students can earn an Associate’s Degree or Certificate as a Paralegal Studies major at any of these institutions:

  • Cy-Fair Campus (Cypress)
  • Kingwood Center (Kingwood)
  • Northwest College (Tomball)

Miami Dade College

Miami Dade College (MDC) offers two programs that are accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA). These are:

  • Paralegal Studies AAS Degree Program
  • Paralegal Certificate Program

Both programs provide students with the necessary skills to work in law offices and other legal settings, including corporations and government agencies. The cost of tuition for these programs is $1,955 per semester. Students who enroll at MDC can choose from one of three payment options: on-time payment in full, 6 month deferred payment schedule ($923), or 12 month deferred payment schedule ($856). Like most colleges and universities, Miami Dade does not offer any scholarships or financial aid for students who wish to enroll in their paralegal programs. However, there may be some scholarships available through local businesses as well as state aid programs like Pell Grants if you qualify based on your family’s income level.

Mott Community College

Mott Community College offers a paralegal certificate program. Mott Community College is located in Flint, Michigan and is part of the Michigan Public University System (MPU). It is a public college and was founded in 1966. The school enrolls about 6,000 students each year, with a student-to-faculty ratio of 20:1.

Mott Community College is best known for its programs in healthcare and education, but it also offers courses in law enforcement administration, accounting technology and management information systems (MIS). In addition to its core curriculum offerings at both the associate’s degree level as well as through several certificates offered online through the college’s Cooperative Education program—which allows students to earn credits while working full-time jobs—it also offers two bachelor’s degrees: Bachelor of Science/Administration with an emphasis on business administration or nursing; plus numerous master’s degrees such as Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Arts – Social Work or Master of Science – Health Education & Promotion (HSED) among others; however these are only available through off-campus partnerships with area universities such as Eastern Michigan University campus located nearby Flint rather than directly through MCC itself so please contact them directly before considering these options if interested!

El Paso Community College

El Paso Community College is a two-year public college located in El Paso, Texas. The college offers career training programs and associate’s degrees, including paralegal studies.

The paralegal program at El Paso Community College is designed to provide students with the skills they need to become successful in the legal field. Students can choose between one of two options: a certificate program or an associate’s degree program. Both options provide general education courses as well as required paralegal classes that prepare students for entry into this growing field. In addition to classroom time, the school offers most of its classes online so that you can work around your busy schedule if necessary.

Contact information:

Florida State College at Jacksonville

Florida State College at Jacksonville, known as FSCJ, is a public institution that offers several bachelor’s degree programs. The college also has an online paralegal program for students who wish to pursue a career in the field of law.

Students enrolled in this program will learn about the history and system of U.S. law, as well as legal research and writing techniques. Students will also learn how to conduct criminal investigations and develop trial skills that are applicable to both civil and criminal cases. The FSCJ Paralegal Studies Program offers both on-campus classes at its main campus in Jacksonville or distance learning options via their contracted provider, Capella University (formerly Thompson Learning).

Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University is a private Christian university located in Malibu, California. It was founded by George Pepperdine in 1937 as an alternative to the secular education that was common at the time. The college has grown significantly over the last 80 years and now offers more than 200 undergraduate and graduate programs for its students to choose from.

The Bachelor of Science program in Paralegal Studies at Pepperdine is available as a part-time or full-time program, which allows you to attend classes after work or school hours. Students are able to complete their degree within two years while they continue working full time jobs.

There are three specializations available through this program: civil law, criminal law and business law; each one focuses on a particular aspect of legal studies so that you can gain specific knowledge on how paralegals work within different fields of law practice (such as government agencies).

City Colleges of Chicago

City Colleges of Chicago is a community college system in Chicago. The system offers an associate’s degree program in paralegal studies, a certificate program and a combination of the two.

The City Colleges of Chicago Paralegal Studies Associate Degree Program features courses such as Legal Environment, Lawyer’s Office and Research & Writing.

It also offers students the opportunity to complete their legal assistant training at a school-approved externship site or employer selected by the student within 30 miles from the campus or where they live. Students must complete all required coursework before beginning their job training experience.

Los Angeles Trade and Technical College

Los Angeles Trade Technical College

1111 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles CA 90015-4699

(323) 526-5794

One of the oldest community colleges in California, Los Angeles Trade Technical College has been around since 1891. The college offers a wide variety of programs under its School of Business, Engineering and Technology Department. For aspiring paralegals, there are two certificate programs available: Paralegal Certificate I and Paralegal Certificate II. The first one can be completed in only 17 months with classes on the weekends (two class days each week). The second one requires an additional semester but covers more advanced concepts like legal research techniques and computer-assisted litigation support systems (CLS). Students who successfully complete these courses will receive certificates from LACC that are recognized by all state bar associations except California’s State Bar Association itself because they don’t require any experience before admission as long as applicants meet minimum educational requirements set forth by organizations affiliated with them such as American Bar Association (ABA). However, this doesn’t mean that graduates won’t be able to practice law after earning their degrees but rather indicates how difficult it may be for them to do so depending on their state’s policies regarding licensing requirements which vary greatly from place to place so it’s best not think too much about this topic until later when you’ve learned more about what kind career path suits you best during school years when most people aren’t even thinking about careers yet!

There are several community colleges that offer paralegal studies programs.

There are many community colleges that offer paralegal studies programs. Community colleges are affordable and convenient, as they are typically located in a student’s hometown or near their workplace. They also provide students with access to experienced professionals who can teach them about the legal field as well as help them learn how to use paralegal software, like LexisNexis® and Westlaw®.

The flexibility of community college programs makes them ideal for busy people who want to enter the paralegal profession but need flexibility in their schedule. Most community colleges offer courses during evenings and weekends so that students can attend school while working full-time or raising families.

If you are thinking about going back to school, then paralegal studies may be a good option. Community colleges can offer an affordable way to get started on this career path. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and time getting your education from a four-year school before entering the workforce. You can start by taking classes at local community college campuses or online courses offered by schools like Pepperdine University that already have established reputations as being among America’s best institutions for legal education.

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