Community Colleges That Offer Social Work

Community Colleges That Offer Social Work

Social work is a profession that’s been around for a long time, but it’s becoming much more in-demand as people realize how important social workers are. There are many different types of social work positions you can pursue, including working with children or the elderly, helping people suffering from addiction issues, and even volunteering at places like homeless shelters. However, if you’re interested in pursuing a degree in this field and want to do so at a community college level (which is usually cheaper than attending an accredited university), there are plenty options available to get started on your journey toward becoming an accredited social worker.

Broward College

Broward College is a public, two-year institution of higher learning located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was founded in 1961 and offers associate degrees and certificate programs to nearly 70,000 students annually. The college also maintains several international campuses across the world, including in Singapore and China.

The school’s most popular programs include:

  • Child Development
  • Criminal Justice
  • Social Work
  • Nursing

Lakeland Community College


Lakeland Community College is located in Kirtland, Ohio. It has its main campus in Lake County and also a branch campus in Mentor. Its main campus is just north of Cleveland, which makes it easy to get to from many other cities in the area. This college serves students from all over Ohio and even some from Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia as well. Enrollment:

Lakeland Community College has an enrollment of 5,700 students for the fall term 2018-2019 academic year.* The majority of their student body comes from Lake County (where the college is located), followed by Geauga County and Cuyahoga County (which include Cleveland). The remainder comes from other counties throughout Ohio.* Programs Offered:

The following social work programs are offered at this school: Bachelor of Arts Degree Social Work Program; Associate Degree Social Work Program; Graduate Certificate Social Work Program; Master’s Degree Social Work Program.* Costs:

Tuition costs vary based on whether you are taking classes online or onsite at one of their campuses.* Student Satisfaction & Retention Rate: According to data tracked by US News & World Report , 90% percent of students who graduate enroll again within 6 months after graduation.* Student Population Demographics: There are more male than female students attending this school; however, both genders have equal access to admission into each degree program offered here.* Admission Requirements For Undergraduate Students : Minimum GPA requirement 2 years prior high school graduation; ACT score between 20-25 (20 composite score)* Application Process for Undergraduate Students : Apply through Parchment if accepted into a program before making deposit* Financial Aid Options For Undergraduate Students : Federal loans available through FAFSA application process

Northampton Community College

Northampton Community College offers a Bachelor of Applied Science in Social Work. The program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, and it is offered at four locations: Bethlehem Campus, Lehigh Valley Campus, Poconos Campus and Williamsport Center for Graduate Studies.

Forest Park Community College

Forest Park Community College is located in Cleveland, Ohio. The college offers a Bachelor of Science in Social Work that is a two-year program. This program may be ideal for students who want to earn a degree while still living at home.

Grand Rapids Community College

As with many community colleges, Grand Rapids Community College has an array of social work programs. The three most common degree options are: social work associate of arts (AAS), which takes 2 years to complete; a bachelor of applied science in professional studies (BASP) in social work, which takes 3 years to complete; or a bachelor of applied science (BAS) in human services, which takes 4 years to complete.

In terms of cost and admissions requirements, these programs are fairly standard for the region. For example, GRE scores range from 145-160; GPA is between 2.5 and 3.3; applicants need 18 credits in general education courses; at least one course must be taken outside your major field (this could also count as general education); and you must be accepted into GRC before starting a program there

Bucks County Community College

Bucks County Community College, located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, offers a bachelor’s degree in social work. It is a public institution with an open admissions policy.

Bucks County Community College is one of the top community colleges in Pennsylvania and has received numerous awards for its success in providing affordable education to students of all backgrounds.

Sinclair Community College

Sinclair Community College is a two-year, public institution located in Dayton, Ohio. The university offers a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work to students who have already completed an associate’s degree program at another college or university. In order to enroll as a non-traditional student at Sinclair and apply to this program, students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher on their previous coursework and submit an application through the school’s website by May 1st for fall admission; December 15th for spring admission; March 15th for summer admission. Cost per year is $6,000 with financial aid available based on need and merit.

The social work program at Sinclair consists of 128 total credit hours divided into four semesters: fall (32), spring (32), summer (16), winter (16). Students must maintain full-time status while enrolled in this degree program–which means they must be enrolled in 12 credits each semester–though exceptions may be made with prior approval from the dean’s office upon submission of an academic plan detailing their reasons for not completing this requirement (e.g., taking part time employment outside school hours).

Many community colleges do offer social work programs.

Many community colleges do offer social work programs. Community colleges are a good option for students who want to be social workers since they are affordable and offer social work degrees in many states. Community colleges also offer social work programs in many different formats, including online courses and traditional courses.

Some community colleges that have social work programs are:

  • Tacoma Community College (Tacoma, Washington)
  • Southern Maine Community College (South Portland, Maine)

You should now be able to identify a community college that offers the social work program of your choice. You can also use this information to determine which schools are in the area where you want to practice, what their costs are and if they offer any scholarships for students interested in becoming social workers.

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