Cover Letter Examples Nursing New Grad

This is an example of a cover letter for a nursing graduate.

Cover Letter Examples Nursing New Grad

1. Your Name

  • Your Name: This is the name that will appear at the top of your resume and on your business cards, so it’s important to spell it right. Think about how you would like this name to be pronounced when a potential employer calls or emails you, and include that in brackets – [Jane Doe] or [Janice Doe]. If there are any alternate spellings of your name (such as Janis or Jane), include those as well – [Jane Smith], or if they prefer Janis, write [Janis Smith]. You should also include any nicknames or shortened versions of your name – [Jenny] for Jennifer, who might otherwise sign off as Jenny Kildare because she hates being called Jennifer as much as I do!

2. Your Address

  • Your address.
  • Street address, apartment number, city, state and zip code.
  • Country if you want to mention it.

3. Your City, State, Zip Code

Next, you will want to include your personal information. This includes your address, city, state and zip code. If you have a phone number or email, it is perfectly acceptable to include them as well.

Finally, don’t forget the date!

4. Your Phone Number

When you have the chance, give your phone number and even your email address. If you have a cell phone number that you use for professional purposes as well, include that as well.

Make sure to include your mailing address so that potential employers can mail you any offers or correspondence.

5. Your Email

Your email address should be professional, easy to remember, and secure.

Make sure your email address is real: If you use Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail for example then change it. Don’t use a freebie from one of those providers if you can avoid it either. A personal domain name is always better than the webmail services offered by these companies because they are always more likely to deliver what you want – namely work opportunities!

  • If someone wants to contact you about an opportunity but can’t find your email on their records then what do they do? You guessed right – they move on to the next candidate in line! So make sure that all of this information is correct before submitting your resume and cover letter online so that recruiters won’t have any problems finding out who exactly they’re talking too when applying with their employer database systems later down the road.”

6. Date

  • Date of application
  • Date of interview
  • Date of job offer

7. Employer Name

  • Name of the employer:
  • Address of the employer:
  • City, state and zip code of the employer:
  • Phone number of the employer: ______________________________________________

Email for additional information about this position: ______________________________________________

8. Employer Title

If you’re looking to move into a position as a nurse, then you should be sure to include the name of your potential employer at the top of your cover letter. This is especially true if applying for jobs through an online application portal or job board, where applicants are asked to fill out their cover letters in blocks with limited space for content.

Next, address the person who will be reading your letter by using his or her title (and gender) on it: Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss or Dr., depending on how formal/informal he/she wishes his/her company be presented. If there’s no mention in their bio about how they wish to be addressed, then use this guide from Purdue University’s Career Services office as reference:

  • Male Title = Mr./Mr./Mr./Mister
  • Female Title = Ms./Ms./Ms./Miss/Mrs.

9. Employer Address

  • Company Name —Address— City, State Zip Code

Phone Number

10. Employer City, State, Zip Code

  • Employer City, State, Zip Code
  • Company Phone Number
  • Company Email Address

Date: ____/____/20__

Your Name (print)

Your Address (print)

Your Phone Number(s) (print)

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