Degrees Of Comparison Examples

Degrees Of Comparison Examples

Degrees of comparison are used to compare a person, place or thing with others. These comparisons can be made by using the following three degrees:

Degree of comparison examples

The degree of comparison is a way to compare things. The structure of the degrees of comparison is:

  • positive adjective + comparative adjective (or comparative adverb) + than
  • comparative adjective + than
  • superlative adjective (or superlative adverb) + is/are/am

Degrees of Comparison Examples in Sentences

Compared to the other students, my grades were better.

“That movie was so bad, it’s a wonder they made it.”

Examples for Positive Degrees of Comparison

  • The first example is positive degree of comparison.
  • In this case, you are comparing two things or persons by using a specific adjective and by comparing it with another adjective which has the same root (or base) word for both.
  • For instance, if you want to say that your new car is faster than your old one, then you will use the adjective “fast” as a base word and add “-er” at the end of it: “This car is faster than my old one.” This will make your sentence read in such way that it conveys what you mean perfectly.

Examples for Comparative Degrees of Comparison

  • Comparative Degree of Comparison is used to compare two things that are equal in some way.
  • Comparative Degree of Comparison is used to compare two things that are unequal in some way.

In a professional tone: The table shows examples for the comparative degrees of comparison (comparatives and superlatives). When we use the comparative degree of comparison, we are comparing two items or groups of people or things and saying one item or group is bigger, better, more important than another item or group. We use the word “than” when making comparisons with a noun clause rather than an adjective clause.

Examples for Superlative Degrees of Comparison

  • Examples for Superlative Degrees of Comparison

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Degrees of Comparison Examples in Sentences:

  • The cat jumps higher than the dog.
  • The dog jumps higher than the cat.
  • The elephant is bigger than the mouse.
  • The bear catches more fish than you do, but he also eats more squirrels than you do.5) My sister’s wedding was more beautiful than mine was last year at this time; I wish I could have been there to see it!6) Your house is so ugly that even a rat would not live there!7

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