Florida Colleges That Offer Zoology

Florida Colleges That Offer Zoology

Zoologists are scientists who study animals and their relationships to the environment. Zoology majors at Florida colleges learn about all aspects of animal life, including behavior, evolution, physiology and ecology. Zoology programs often provide students with opportunities for hands-on learning through internships or field research projects. Many zoology majors also choose to pursue doctorate degrees in order to become professors at universities or researchers in government agencies such as the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service or National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). Below is a list of five Florida colleges that offer a zoology major:

Florida International University

Florida International University is a public research university in Miami, Florida. FIU was established in 1965 as the first public university in South Florida. Since then, FIU has grown to become one of the largest universities in Florida with more than 50,000 students enrolled across its 12 colleges and schools.

Among these colleges and schools are many undergraduate majors within the FIU College of Arts & Sciences that could provide an excellent background for someone interested in zoology: Biology (Biology Minor), Chemistry (Chemistry Minor), Environmental Science & Policy (Environmental Science Minor).

Eckerd College

Eckerd College is a private liberal arts college located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Eckerd offers an undergraduate degree program in zoology that provides students with the opportunity to develop their skills as researchers, communicators and service providers who are prepared for leadership roles in the study of animals and conservation of natural resources.

Eckerd College offers a minor concentration in zoology as well as several certificate options for students interested in pursuing careers related to animal behavior studies or wildlife ecology. Students seeking a more specific focus can opt for one of two certificate programs designed specifically for aspiring zoologists:

  • [Certificate Track in Zoo & Aquarium Science](https://www.eckerd.edu/academics/zoology/#certificate-track-in-zoo-aquarium-science)
  • [Certificate Track in Wildlife Ecology](https://www.eckerd.edu/academics/zoology/#certificatetrackinwildlifeecology).

University of Tampa

The University of Tampa is a private university located in Tampa, Florida. The school offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology, as well as a minor and certificate program that can be completed online or on campus. They also offer a Master’s Degree in Biology with an emphasis in Ecology or Conservation Biology; students who complete this program may choose to pursue further studies at the doctoral level.

Stetson University

Stetson University is located in DeLand, Florida. It’s a private university with a reputation for having talented students and professors. Stetson offers a variety of degrees in the sciences, including zoology.

The undergraduate degree program at Stetson focuses on biological science and prepares students to work in various fields of biology-related research or education after graduation. The curriculum includes classes like:

  • Introductory Biology (BIOL 110)
  • General Botany (BIOL 112)
  • Marine Zoology (BIOL 214)

University of North Florida

The University of North Florida is located in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s a public university and a member of the State University System of Florida (SUSF). The school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

These are 5 colleges in Florida that offer a zoology major.

University of Florida

Majors: Zoology, Pre-Health

The University of Florida is one of the best places to study zoology in Florida. The school has an excellent reputation for providing students with a quality education and opportunities for research, internships and placement. It has several notable alumni who have gone on to gain fame in their chosen field including Steve Irwin (the Crocodile Hunter) who studied wildlife conservation at UF before going on to become famous for his television show about wildlife. In addition, Alexis Ohanian was also a student at UF where he studied biology before founding Reddit which has grown into one of the most popular websites on the internet today!

Hopefully, this guide to the best colleges in Florida has helped you make a better decision about which school is right for you. There are so many great colleges in the state of Florida, and we hope that this guide helps you find one that not only fits the bill but also offers everything else that makes college life great!

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