Florida Community Colleges That Offer Bachelor Degrees

Florida is one of the most beautiful states in the country. It’s home to world-famous attractions like Disney World and the Everglades, has a rich history dating back to its original European settlement in 1527 by Juan Ponce de Leon (the man who named it Florida after landing on Easter Sunday), and offers countless other opportunities for outdoor recreation. But don’t let Florida’s flora and fauna distract you from its impressive educational infrastructure: Florida has an abundance of community colleges that offer bachelor degrees as well!

Florida Community Colleges That Offer Bachelor Degrees

Broward College

Broward College is a public community college in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was founded in 1960 and is one of the largest colleges in the state with more than 100,000 students enrolled annually.

Broward College has three campuses: Fort Lauderdale Campus (South Campus), Deerfield Beach Campus (West Campus), and Pembroke Pines Campus.

City College Miami

City College Miami is a public community college in Miami, Florida, USA. It is a member of the Florida College System and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

The City of Miami was chartered on July 28, 1896 and became an independent municipal government on June 25, 1914 with funds provided by the Legislative Act No. 488 which provided for municipal governments in cities with populations over 5,000 inhabitants. The city was formed from unincorporated areas within Dade County (which at the time included all of modern-day Miami-Dade County). In 1925 it had its own police force when it incorporated as an independent city.[6] The city suffered from corruption problems during this time period leading some residents to support annexation by neighboring Coral Gables or becoming part of Broward County.[7]

College of Central Florida

College of Central Florida is a public, state-supported, accredited college located in Ocala, Florida, United States. The College was founded in 1963 as the Ocala Union Junior College. As enrollment increased and more programs were added to the curriculum, it was renamed as the College of Central Florida on July 1, 1976. The college offers more than 100 bachelor’s degree programs; associate degrees are available for students wishing to transfer credits toward a bachelor’s degree at another institution or gain employment skills that can be applied immediately upon graduation from high school

Edison State College

For those who are interested in attending a public community college, Edison State College is a great option. It is located in Fort Myers, Florida and has been offering academic programs since 1981. The school awards associate’s degrees, certificates and diplomas to students who attend classes full-time or part-time. Edison’s bachelor degrees include a BS Business Administration, BSN Nursing and the BBA Management degree program.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accredits this institution which provides high quality education for local students as well as those from out of state or even abroad!

Florida Gateway College

Florida Gateway College (FGC) is a public, accredited institution located in Lake City, Florida. With an enrollment of approximately 2,800 students, FGC offers 11 associate’s degree programs and 4 certificate programs. The school also has departmental accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).

FGC is approved by the State Board of Education for veterans benefits under Chapter 30 Federal Veterans’ Benefits Act and Chapter 32 Vocational Rehabilitation Veterans’ Services Program, as well as being approved by the US Department of Education to participate in Title IV Federal financial aid programs including Pell Grants and Direct Loans.

Indian River State College

Indian River State College offers a B.S. in Psychology, a B.S. in Exercise Science, and a B.S. in Public Safety.

Indian River State College also offers an AAS in Business Administration for those who wish to pursue an Associate’s Degree in business administration before transferring to a four-year university to earn their Bachelor’s Degree as well as other certificates and diplomas such as: Criminal Justice Management, Fire Science Technology and Homeland Security Management

Lake-Sumter Community College

Lake-Sumter Community College is a public institution in Leesburg, Florida. It was founded in 1966 as Lake-Sumter Junior College and later changed its name to Lake-Sumter Community College. The college is a member of the Florida State College System, which offers more than 75 degree programs across 23 campuses throughout the state.

Miami Dade College

Miami Dade College is a public, state-supported, open-admission, metropolitan college that offers bachelor degrees in arts and humanities; business; education; engineering; natural and mathematical sciences; social and behavioral sciences.

Northwest Florida State Colllege

Northwest Florida State College (NWC) offers a variety of bachelor’s degrees, including programs in the fields of biology, business administration and criminal justice. The college has a large campus with more than 30 buildings on 60 acres. NWC is a public institution that was founded in 1974 after the consolidation of several community colleges in Northwest Florida. The college has earned accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges since 1977, which means it meets standards set by an independent organization that monitors higher education institutions across the country.

NWC’s reputation for high academic performance has been recognized by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine as one of the best values for students looking to pursue careers in nursing or computer science; Business Insider named NWC one of its top 10 schools where students can get into medical school; and Forbes rated NWC as one of America’s best places to find jobs after graduation (a ranking based on unemployment rates).

Some community colleges offer bachelor degrees.

Some community colleges offer bachelor degrees. Some community colleges offer bachelor degrees in a specific field, such as biology or business administration. Community colleges are often less expensive than traditional universities and can provide you with an excellent education at a fraction of the cost.

Some community colleges even offer bachelor’s degrees in specific fields that would otherwise be very expensive at traditional universities—such as nursing, teaching, or accounting—which allows students to pursue careers without having to rack up student loan debt from attending 4-year institutions full-time for years on end!


There are many Florida community colleges that offer bachelor degree programs. It’s important to know what your goals are before you start your college search, because some schools may not be right for everyone. The best way to find out if a particular school is right for you is by visiting their website and talking with someone there who can answer your questions.

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