Florida State University Of Music

The Florida State University College of Music is known for its innovative programs, particularly in music education, performance and theory. The College of Music offers programs leading to the bachelor’s degree in music, including degrees with emphasis on performance and composition, as well as a liberal arts degree with a concentration in music.

Florida State University Of Music

1 College of Music

The College of Music, housed in the University Center on FSU’s main campus in Tallahassee, is a part of the larger university and offers bachelor’s degrees in music education and performance.

The college also offers master’s degrees in music education, choral conducting and performance; jazz studies; opera performance; piano pedagogy; voice performance, theory/composition and ethnomusicology.

2 Bachelor of Music

The Bachelor of Music degree program at the Florida State University of Music is designed to provide you with a strong foundation in all aspects of music performance, theory, education and technology.

Focus your education on one aspect or choose multiple areas to create a specialized degree. Students can choose from the following concentrations:

  • Performance (Voice; Instrumental Studies; Commercial/Media)
  • Theory (Composition; Harmony and Counterpoint; Analysis)
  • Education (Teaching Elementary School Band and Orchestra/Teaching Techniques for Instrumental Musicians in Secondary Schools) * Jazz Studies * Music History * Music Literature * Ethnomusicology/Musicology

3 Bachelor of Music Education

The Bachelor of Music Education degree program is designed to prepare pre-service teachers to teach music in grades K-12. The program of study includes a broad range of coursework in music education, music theory, and music history. Special emphasis is placed on teaching methods appropriate for elementary through high school students.

4 Bachelor of Arts in Music (Liberal Studies)

The Bachelor of Arts in Music (Liberal Studies) is a generalist degree designed for students who want to pursue a career in music but do not wish to specialize in a particular area. Students take courses from all areas of the liberal arts curriculum, including humanities, natural sciences and social sciences; students also have the option of completing an internship as part of their degree requirements. The BA in Liberal Studies is particularly well suited for students interested in teaching music at elementary or secondary levels; it provides them with a broad understanding of various aspects of human life which will help them communicate with their audience effectively.

5 Minor in Music

The minor in music is open to all undergraduate students at Florida State University. The minor in music is available to students who are not majoring in music. The minor in music is not available to music education majors.

6 Minor in Jazz Studies

The minor in Jazz Studies teaches students to understand the elements that make up a jazz performance and composition. Students will learn how to improvise, read music, play with other musicians, and understand music theory.

Students can expect to learn about improvisation techniques such as melodic and harmonic variations; chord substitution; chromaticism; bass line soloing; time feel changes; comping patterns; bebop lingo (eighth note triplets); blues-based ideas from Charlie Parker’s solo on “Now’s The Time”; walking bass lines from Miles Davis’ solo on “All Blues”; etudes using chord substitutions by Dizzy Gillespie or Charlie Parker such as “Salt Peanuts” or “Moose the Mooche”

Students will also be introduced to standard songs used by professional ensembles everywhere including: All Of Me • Autumn Leaves • Body And Soul • Can’t We Be Friends? • Cold Duck Time • Easy Living • Fly Me To The Moon • Georgia On My Mind

7 Minor in Music Technology

The minor in Music Technology is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to work in the music industry as a recording engineer, music producer, or to work as a sound technician.

The minor consists of 21 credit hours of coursework taken at Florida State University. This coursework may include:

  • CMPT 107 Introduction to Computing Applications II (3 cr)
  • CMPT 108 Introduction to Programming Concepts II (3 cr)
  • MAJ 110 Musicianship III (4 cr) or MAJ 112 Keyboard Harmony III (4 cr)* MUS 215 Recording Studio Procedures I (4 cr) and MUS 216 Recording Studio Procedures II (4 cr)* MUS 219 Professional Development Seminar I and MUS 220 Professional Development Seminar II

8 The Florida State University College of Music is known for its innovative programs, particularly in music education, performance and theory.

The Florida State University College of Music is known for its innovative programs, particularly in music education, performance and theory.

The faculty and students of the College of Music represent a wide range of specialties and interests. The college offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in instrumental performance, conducting, voice/opera and music education; as well as master’s degrees in music therapy, ethnomusicology (world music), jazz studies and composition; doctoral programs in composition/theory & piano performance; an Artist Diploma program; as well as continuing education opportunities for adults wishing to explore their own creativity through private lessons or group classes at the university’s new state-of-the-art facilities on campus.


The Florida State University College of Music is one of the best music schools in the country. It offers a wide range of programs and opportunities for students to pursue, whether they’re interested in teaching music at a high school level or performing as an artist.

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