Football Questionnaire Of The University Of Notre Dame

Football Questionnaire Of The University Of Notre Dame

This week, Notre Dame football head coach Brian Kelly announced that he’d be rotating the team’s starting lineup. The move was meant to keep players fresh and avoid injuries, but it also sparked debate among fans over how best to use their starters. We asked our resident experts: If you were head coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, how would you rotate your roster?

Players this week who are not in the starting lineup and their statistics:

  • Defensive end Andrew Trumbetti: Trumbetti has appeared in all 12 games this season and has 17 total tackles, including three against The Citadel. He also has two sacks and a forced fumble.
  • Linebacker Te’von Coney: Coney is Notre Dame’s leading tackler with 83 on the season, including seven against Boston College. The junior also has four interceptions and a fumble recovery for touchdowns during the last four games.*


  • What is the name of the Notre Dame football player who has started this season, but will not be starting this game?
  • What did that player average for passing yards per game last year?
  • How many touchdown passes did he throw?
  • How many interceptions did he throw?
  • In what ways are these stats worse than his competition’s in 2018 and 2019 combined (for example: QB1 threw 3 TDs to 5 INTs while QB2 threw 8 TDs to 1 INT)?
  • Does QB1 have any other qualities that make him a better option than his competitor (for example: more experience or can read defenses better)? If so, please explain why they matter here):
  • *If there are no such qualities*, do you think Notre Dame’s coaching staff considers them anyway when making their final decision about which player should start each week (for example: “I know his TD-INT ratio isn’t as good as another guy’s, but he also doesn’t turn over the ball! So I think we should go with him).


  • Player Name: (the player’s name)
  • Position: (the player’s position)
  • Height: (the player’s height)
  • Weight: (the player’s weight)
  • Age: (the player’s age)
  • Hometown, Indiana, USA.
  • College/University Attended & Graduation Year: University Of Notre Dame, 2011.
  • Number on jersey at University of Notre Dame football team: #17 for Fighting Irish.


  • A player’s name. This is the second question in the questionnaire, so we’ve got to be careful to remember that this player has a different name from the last one we were asked about. We also know that this person plays for Notre Dame and is a quarterback, unless he’s changed positions recently—but let’s not worry about that for now.

The answer is: Brian Kelly

4-year starter at QB; two-time All-American; won 4 national championships with ND


  • How many times have you been to Notre Dame Stadium?
  • What are some of your favorite things about the stadium?
  • What is your favorite part about visiting campus for football games?
  • Are there any particular traditions that you look forward to each year, such as the bonfires before games or singing “The Good Ship” after victories?
  • Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions that help get you ready for the game day experience at Notre Dame Stadium, such as eating a certain meal or wearing certain clothes?


  • What is your favorite part about Notre Dame football?

The best part of the Notre Dame Football experience is the community and passion that surround this program. Whether it’s in the stadium or around campus, there’s a level of excitement that brings people together. The players and coaches are always willing to stop and talk with fans or sign autographs. You never feel like you’re alone because everyone else is just as passionate as you are!


  • Notre Dame is known for having one of the most prestigious football programs in the United States. Many people believe it’s one of the best sports schools in general, and that it has a lot more to offer than just football. Would you agree?

What makes Notre Dame so great are its athletic facilities, including a new $400 million arena that has been described as “the world’s smartest stadium” by some experts. This facility houses not only a basketball court but also what they call an indoor track, where students can practice their running and jump rope skills when weather conditions prevent them from going outside. It also features an indoor swimming pool which can be used year-round by any student or faculty member who wants to take advantage of its many benefits.

The campus itself is beautiful too! It was designed by famed architect Frank Gehry (who also designed Chicago’s famous Aqua Tower) who wanted his buildings at Notre Dame to look like something out of ancient Greece or Rome—they definitely do! The campus is home to several sculptures made from marble imported directly from Italy; these include Stations Of The Cross which depict scenes from Jesus’ life as told through scripture written above each one individually crafted piece (there are fifteen total). There’s also an enormous stained glass window depicting Jesus Christ ascending into Heaven after being crucified on Good Friday during Easter celebrations; this window measures over six feet tall!


  • What is your favorite food?
  • Pizza, of course.


  • Have you ever scored a touchdown?
  • Player Name:
  • Position:
  • Statistics (if applicable):




Games played: __

Games started: __

Touchdowns scored: __

Receptions (passing and/or receiving): __ (passing), ___ (receiving) Receptions of 20+ yards: ___


  • What is your name?

My name is _____________. I am a _______________ (player, point guard, power forward, etc.) and am in my senior year at Notre Dame University. I have played on the men’s basketball team for 6 seasons and started every game of my college career except one. I have scored ______ total points during my time at Notre Dame (a lot more than that), grabbed ______ rebounds (way less than that), assisted ______ times (more than you could ever imagine), stole the ball ______ times (I’ve lost count) blocks shots from opponents ___ times over my career which is why we’re national champions this year!

University Of Notre Dame Football Questionnaire

  • What is the best part of being a Notre Dame football player?
  • What are your thoughts on Coach Kelly?
  • How would you describe your relationship with him?
  • How do you see yourself fitting into the team?

This is the end of our University Of Notre Dame Football Questionnaire. We hope you have enjoyed this blog post and found it useful in helping to answer some of your questions.

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