Free Nursing Continuing Education

Finding free nursing continuing education is a great way to learn new skills and meet the requirements for your license. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start. In this guide, we’ll take you through everything from basic details about CNEs (continuing nurse education) such as what they are and who requires them to specific programs that will help you become an expert in your field.

Free Nursing Continuing Education

1 Free Nursing CEUs

Free nursing continuing education is exactly what it sounds like: nursing CEUs that are free. There are plenty of paid options available, but many nurses prefer taking the more affordable route when they can. If your goal is to earn as many continuing education hours as possible without spending a lot of money on courses, there are a few ways you can get them without having to pay anything at all. The first way is through your state board or regulatory body; some states offer free CEUs for licensed professionals who meet certain requirements, which typically include working in healthcare and completing an approved program that meets their state’s requirements for length (usually between two-four hours). This option requires some research on your part because it’ll depend heavily on where you live and whether or not your state has any programs set up specifically for this purpose.

Another option is through local colleges and universities; many schools offer free courses that will count towards both undergraduate and graduate degrees (and sometimes even doctorates). These courses usually require registration with the institution itself (which means filling out paperwork), but if you have time before starting back up again school-wise then this might be a good option since it’ll give you something else to occupy yourself while waiting around until term starts again! And lastly there’s always YouTube – every day new videos pop up showing people how they did things while they were away from home so if nothing else then consider watching these instead of getting bored during off hours by yourself!

2 Free Nurse CEUs Online

Here are some options for free nurse CEUs online:

  • CNE – Continuing Nursing Education
  • Contact Hours – Continuing Education
  • Online Nurse CEU – Continuing Education Units and Self-Study Courses, including courses on Specialty Practice and Leadership & Management.

3 Free Nurse CEUS CNE

Continuing nursing education (CNE) is a requirement for nurses to maintain their license. CNE courses are designed to help nurses keep their knowledge current, learn new skills and improve patient care.

CNE courses may be offered in a variety of formats, including workshops held at conferences or on-site at hospitals; online webinars; print materials; professional journals; and live presentations by guest speakers or faculty members. The American Nurses Association offers a list of approved providers of continuing nursing education credits at [URL].

4 Free Nurse CEUS Contact Hours

The purpose of contact hours is to certify that you have completed the learning required by your state’s nursing board. You may need to earn contact hours in order to renew your license or get certified, or you might choose to use them toward earning a degree. Whatever the case, there are different ways for nurses to earn their contact hours and meet their educational objectives:

  • Online-based courses— Many states allow nurses who work at hospitals or clinics through telehealth systems (or other types of remote access) to earn their required hours from an online course. The courses must be approved by the state board and they must be taken with qualified instructors who can answer questions about content if necessary.
  • Classroom-based classes— Some states require completion of classroom-based lessons before earning any type of clinical credit. These classes may take place on campus or off campus; some institutions require students complete all coursework online before taking any face-to-face sessions with instructors as part of prerequisites for clinical rotations at local healthcare facilities such as hospitals or other health centers where they’ll gain hands-on experience caring for patients under supervision from experienced RNs who will periodically visit these sites during scheduled visits called “field trips” which generally happen once every three weeks (but this schedule varies depending on which institution you attend).

5 Free Online Nurse CEU

Online nursing continuing education courses are an excellent way to earn your CEUs.

By taking online courses, you can access a wide range of subjects and topics on any computer or device with internet access. With the vast selection of free online nursing CEU course options available today, there is no reason not to take advantage of this opportunity!

There are many benefits associated with earning your nursing CEUs online. The most obvious benefit is saving money on travel expenses that would be necessary if you were taking live classes in person at a local college or university. Another advantage is being able to study for your exams at times that are convenient for you without having to worry about missing class because of work commitments or other obligations outside of schoolwork like family commitments or social obligations such as going out with friends after work/school hours (i.e., date night).

6 Free Nursing Education

Free Nursing Continuing Education

Free online nurse CEU courses are a great way for nurses to keep up with the latest trends in their field and earn continuing education hours. Online nurse CEU classes allow busy nurses to fit their education into their busy schedules, since they can be accessed at any time and don’t require physical attendance. Free online nurse CEUs are also a cost-effective choice, since they eliminate the need for travel expenses associated with traditional classroom settings, as well as other costs such as textbooks or lab fees.

Contact Hours vs Credit Hours: What’s the Difference?

When looking through your options for free online nurse CEUs, it’s important to note whether you’re choosing an option that offers credit hours or contact hours. The main difference between these two types of continuing education units (CEUs) is how long each class takes—and where you’ll receive them from! For example: if you attend an eight-week course at a university that meets twice per week for three hours each session, then those sessions would net you 24 credit hours in total (8 x 3 = 24). Alternatively if there was another institution nearby offering the same material on its website but only required 20 minutes per week with no live instructors present–that would only generate 10 contact hours (20 x 0 = 0).

7 Free Nursing Classes Online

If you are looking for free nursing continuing education, or if you want to get a certificate or degree in nursing without having to pay for it, we have some good news for you! There are plenty of providers out there that offer legitimate online nursing classes and other forms of continuing education at no cost. The best part is that these programs are not only completely free but also offer high-quality materials and instruction from accredited instructors.

You can take advantage of these programs by finding the best provider and joining a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for healthcare. By working together, everyone has an opportunity to grow as both professionals and people while learning what they need to know about in order become successful in their field.

8 Find free nursing continuing education.

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