fully funded masters programs 2022

fully funded masters programs 2022

University of Oxford, 2021

Master of Science in Computer Science

  • Normal Time to Completion: 1 year
  • Program Description: Students develop a mastery of computer science including foundations, applications, and systems. The course covers algorithms and data structures, logic and computation, program design, programming languages and semantics, probabilistic systems analysis as well as many other topics.

Master of Science in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science

  • Normal Time to Completion: 1 year
  • Program Description: This degree is suitable for anyone who wishes to study the mathematical foundations of computing or for those who wish to use computer science methods in their further studies without necessarily intending to become software engineers or computer professionals. The degree provides broad training in mathematics alongside core modules from the MSc in Computer Science, covering areas such as functional programming and type systems, logic and computability. Alongside these core modules you take a number of advanced mathematics modules.

Master of Science in Statistics (MSt) with specialization in Machine Learning & Computational Statistics * Normal Time to Completion: 1 year * Program Description: This MSc will equip you with cutting-edge methodological skills that can be used across all scientific disciplines; including biology, medicine, engineering and social sciences

Stanford University, 2021

  • Application deadline: December 1, 2021
  • The Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) has a number of fully funded masters programs.
  • Programs include: MS in Computer Science, Ph.D. in ECE: Robotics, MSCF: Mathematical Finance, MSPPM: Public Policy and Management, MS in Computational Data Science and more.
  • For the full list of programs [click here](https://www.cmu.edu/admission/graduate/index.html).
  • To apply [click here](https://applygradadmissions.andrew.cmu.edu/apply).

The University of Chicago, 2021

The University of Chicago’s Computation Institute (CI) is offering a fully funded masters program in Computer Science for students from low-income countries. The deadline to apply is January 4th, 2021. This two-year program will give you the skills and knowledge you need to be part of the computer science field and help support your home country.

Harvard University, 2021

Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Established in 1636, Harvard is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States. Harvard offers an array of scholarship opportunities to international students who wish to pursue their graduate studies at the college.

Yale University, 2021

Yale University is located in New Haven, Connecticut. Yale is the third-oldest university in the United States and one of the nine Colonial Colleges established before the American Revolution. A member of the Association of American Universities since 1899, Yale is home to 3,300 undergraduate students and 3,900 graduate students. It’s a large private university with an acceptance rate of 6%.

Financial aid: All admitted MFA students are eligible for full funding, which includes a full tuition scholarship and a 12-month annual stipend (currently $35,100). No additional financial information available.

Noteworthy faculty: Theresa May Chin teaches poetry at Yale University – her second book was given a starred review by Publisher’s Weekly; Philip Levine taught at YSJU from 1978 to 1996 – his last collection was What Work Is; David Wojahn was on faculty from 1985 to 1987 – he has won numerous awards including most recently the Frost Medal from The Poetry Society of America; Sandra Beasley teaches poetry at YSJU MFA program where she received her degree in 2002 – her work has been published in Atlantic Monthly and Best American Poetry among others; Anne Carson has directed Yale’s Creative Writing Program since 2011 – she is a Professor Emerita of Classics at McGill University where she taught for fourteen years.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 2021

Although not a fully funded university, MIT offers full funding to all graduate students. This means that all admitted students receive a fellowship package that includes tuition and health insurance. The amount awarded depends on the program. Master’s programs in engineering are fully funded for five years, while the economics PhD program is funded for four years, with an additional fifth year of partial funding available if needed. These scholarships do not need to be repaid.

MIT also offers teaching and research fellowships, which are based on academic excellence rather than financial need. According to the university website:

“All applicants who submit their applications by the first round deadline will automatically be considered for these awards… You do not have to fill out any additional forms or provide any information other than what is required in your application.”

Because of this policy, MIT has a need-blind admissions policy where financial need is not considered during the admissions process—a rarity in high-ranking universities like MIT and Harvard University.

Princeton University, 2021

Princeton University is located in the town of Princeton, New Jersey, United States. Founded in 1746, Princeton University is one of the oldest universities in the United States.

Princeton University is one of the top-ranked academic institutions worldwide. According to QS World Rankings 2020, Princeton University is number 1 in the world for Mathematics and number 5 in the world for Physics.

Columbia University, 2021

  • Location: New York
  • Deadline: Dec 15
  • Degree: Masters (MS)
  • Website: https://www.columbia.edu/
  • Type of funding: Fully funded (tuition and health insurance covered, stipend provided)
  • Funding specifics: $30,000 stipend

University College London (UCL), 2021

The University College London, UCL is a public research university located in London, United Kingdom. It is the third largest university in the United Kingdom by total enrollment and has produced at least 29 Nobel Prize winners throughout its history, along with three Fields Medalists and one Turing Award winner. In addition to its main campus, located in Bloomsbury, UCL also maintains several other campuses across London as well as satellite campuses around the world through strategic partnerships with existing universities.

UCL was founded in 1826 under the name University of London by founding members of staff who had left King’s College London after a dispute between students and faculty over religious observance requirements for students. The entirety of UCL’s original teaching staff came from King’s College. At first the college consisted exclusively of male students and male faculty; female students were not admitted until 1878.

National University of Singapore (NUS), 2020/2021

The National University of Singapore (NUS) is one of the top ranked universities in Asia. The university offers a range of fully funded Masters programs to its international students with an outstanding academic record. NUS has a wide range of graduate programs which include professional and research masters’ degrees. In addition to this, NUS offers a number of full-time and part-time research programs across various disciplines: from engineering and business administration to science and the humanities.

There are plenty of fully funded masters programs available.

There are many scholarships available. There are many ways to fund your education. You should look at the options that are available to you.

You should look at all of your options. You should look at all of the options that are available to you. There are plenty of fully funded masters programs available.

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