german universities for engineering

german universities for engineering

Technical University of Berlin.

Located in Berlin, Germany, the Technical University of Berlin is a large research university with over 35,000 students. Also called Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin), it is one of the largest technical universities in Europe. Founded in 1879 as the Royal Frederick William University (Königliche Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität) and later known as Berlin Institute of Technology (Technische Hochschule Berlin), Technical University of Berlin was founded on the basis that technological change would be an integral part to modern society. Today, TU Berlin maintains its original focus on engineering sciences—it is ranked among top 30 engineering schools in Europe and has been recognized for excellence in research and teaching by academic organizations around the world.

University of Stuttgart.

University of Stuttgart. The University of Stuttgart is a public university located in Stuttgart, Germany. It was founded in 1829 and is organized into 10 faculties. It is one of the top universities of technology in Germany with highly ranked programs in civil, mechanical, industrial and electrical engineering. The academic program follows a unique German system called “Diplom” which takes 6 years to complete.

RWTH Aachen University.

Located in the west of Germany, RWTH Aachen University was founded in 1870, and specializes in engineering sciences. It ranks 1st among German universities and has over 43,000 students.

As a member of TU9, Germany’s elite society of technical universities, it offers both undergraduates and postgraduates a wide range of courses in the fields of computer science (AI), electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Additionally, it is located close to Cologne where you can find many historical sites such as Cologne Cathedral or the Roman-Germanic Museum.

Technische Universität München.

Located in the beautiful city of Munich, Technische Universität München, or TU München, is one of Germany’s most globally recognized institutions. A part of the prestigious TU9 group of German universities (which includes such legends as RWTH Aachen and Technical University of Berlin), TU München offers a wide range of programs in engineering and natural science.

The university has been incredibly successful at producing major advances in both established fields and new ones as well. Some examples of these include innovations in power engineering that have made it possible to bypass long-range power lines for small communities; an improved calibration method for measuring air quality; and advancements in the field of imaging that make it easier to conduct early screenings for cancer.

TU München also has an impressive track record when it comes to alumni success—both from within Germany and abroad. In addition to numerous successful CEOs, CFOs, MDs, inventors, entrepreneurs and athletes around the world (including Bill Bowerman, one of Nike’s co-founders), they can also boast two Nobel prize winners: Rudolf Mössbauer and Gerhard Ertl.

As you can see, with its dedication to scientific advancement alongside practical application on an international scale, TU München is an excellent choice for any prospective engineer who wants to take part in shaping our world’s future!

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) was founded in 1825 as a polytechnic. It is located in the city of Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Until 1847 it was called ‘Fridericiana’.

It has about 25,000 students enrolled and 250 buildings on campus. Over 6,000 employees are working at KIT.

Berlin Institute of Technology.

  • How does it rank?

Berlin Institute of Technology is the oldest university in Berlin and has a reputation for excellence. It is highly ranked, especially in science and engineering, coming in at 11th place globally for engineering by the QS World University Rankings.

  • Location:

The university has three campuses in Charlottenburg, Dahlem, and Lankwitz. The campuses are all within the city with easy access to public transport. The study environment will give you a feel for European culture as well as many opportunities to network with other students from all over the world.

  • Tuition costs:

Tuition costs depend on your nationality and program of study but they’re generally lower than American or British universities. They can range from €150 per semester to €1,500 per semester. A degree usually takes six semesters (three years). If you’re an international student coming from outside of Europe then there is also a mandatory health insurance fee of about €80 per month (€193). Students are eligible for financial aid if they have passed their first exam period and received good grades. There are state loans available as well as scholarships funded by German companies that you might be able to apply for.

Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

Ruhr-Universität Bochum is one of the public universities in Germany. It’s located in the country’s Ruhr region, which is one of the most industrialized and densely populated regions in Europe. The university has about 22,000 students enrolled with a total staff of about 5,200 people (2012).

Humboldt University of Berlin.

The Humboldt University of Berlin (HU Berlin) is one of the largest universities in Germany and one of the most important institutions of higher education and learning in Europe. With over 30,000 students and more than 140 study programs, it is the largest university in Germany by enrollment. The university was founded on 15 October 1809 by Frederick William III of Prussia as the University of Berlin. It is the second-oldest university in Berlin after the Freie Universität Berlin.

It’s notable for producing many scientists that have made significant contributions to modern physics, mathematics, philosophy, medicine and other fields. Some notable former students include Albert Einstein, Karl Marx and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

Hamburg University of Technology.

  • Hamburg University of Technology (HUT) is a public research university in Hamburg, Germany. It was founded in 1978 but has had a long history of academic education dating back to the early 1800s. With over 12,000 students and over 600 professors, it is one of the largest universities in Germany. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate courses and is non-profit.
  • HUT’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science offers undergraduate programs in electronics engineering and computer science as well as graduate programs in fields such as power systems, image processing, physics engineering, microelectronics, communication technology and more.

Technical University Dresden

University of Dresden, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

The Institute of Control Engineering (IRS) is part of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. It was founded in 1991 as a replacement for the former Institute for Automatic Control at the Technical University Dresden. Research at the institute deals with control engineering, measurement and sensor technology, automatic control and automation technology, robotics, energy systems and mechatronics.

Germany has some great educational institutions for aspiring engineers

As a student of engineering, you may be interested in studying at one of the top 100 universities for this subject around the world. Since Germany is home to such excellent institutions, you may want to start by looking there. Here are two of the best:

  • [Technical University of Munich (TUM)](
  • [RWTH Aachen University](

If you want to pursue your studies at one of the top 50 universities for this discipline in Europe, check out these options:

  • [Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich](
  • [Technical University of Berlin](

Finally, if you’re looking for a school that excels in the world rankings but has fewer students than its counterparts, look no further than these top 25 contenders:

  • [Technical University Darmstadt](
  • [Karlsruher Institute for Technology (KIT)](

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