gettysburg college acceptance rate 2018

gettysburg college acceptance rate 2018

Gettysburg College Admissions

As a professor at Gettysburg College, I am often asked if students are required to take the SAT or ACT. Each year, I am pleased to report that the tests are optional; scores are not even considered by our admissions department in your application review. But if you do choose to submit standardized test scores, we would request that you send them from one of the following:

As for essays and letters of recommendation, I can also share that these too are optional. In fact, there is no real formula for acceptance here at Gettysburg College. Some applicants are accepted after attending a rigorous preparatory program such as boarding school or college prep courses in high school. Others come from under-served regions of the country and grow up facing many obstacles on their path to higher education. A lot of our students have overcome great personal challenges to achieve their academic goals–we don’t need to see SAT scores or an essay about overcoming adversity because we’ve seen it in their life experience instead!

  • UPDATE: However, please be advised that as of Fall 2017 (and officially starting with this admissions cycle), we will now require all applicants whose first language is not English to sit for either the TOEFL or IELTS exam before they may begin their studies at Gettysburg College.*

Gettysburg College Demographics

If you’re looking for an affordable and academically rigorous liberal arts education, Gettysburg College may be the place for you. Gettysburg College’s current student body consists of 1,895 undergraduate students, with a gender breakdown of 55% male to 45% female. The graduation rate is 85%, and the average class size is 12:1. The student to faculty ratio at Gettysburg College is excellent, resulting in a vibrant campus life and individualized attention from professors.

If you’re interested in attending this university, read on to find out more about cost of attendance and financial aid packages at this school.

Gettysburg College Academics

The college offers more than 60 undergraduate degree programs in the traditional liberal arts disciplines, as well as business, education, and engineering. Gettysburg College’s academic curriculum is designed to focus on a broad liberal arts core curriculum with a strong emphasis on the humanities and sciences. However, it also offers students professional programs in fields such as business administration (BBA), education (MEd), and engineering (ABET). The BBA program was ranked 29th overall by “BusinessWeek” in 2008.

Gettysburg College Majors & Fields of Study

If you’re a student interested in going to college, you may be wondering what the best schools are. There are so many colleges in the country that it can be difficult to narrow down your list of potential universities.

What should you take into account? You might want a school with a good location and an acceptance rate of over 80%. If that’s the case, then Gettysburg College might be worth looking into. The college is located in Pennsylvania, has an acceptance rate of 92%, and has more than 50 majors for students to study.

Students at Gettysburg College will also have access to more than 200 clubs on campus. If they want to get involved with extracurricular activities but don’t know what they want to major in yet, there’s also an honors program available for them.


Gettysburg College Student Life

Gettysburg College is a private, liberal arts school located in Pennsylvania. The college has a total enrollment of 2,500 students and offers housing for both undergraduate and graduate students.

What Makes Gettysburg College Unique?

The college’s main campus is just over 100 years old and has been called one of the most beautiful in America because of its historical architecture. The campus includes many sites devoted to the American Civil War, an important event for the area that the college commemorates through events, exhibits, and more.

To keep costs down for their students, Gettysburg College doesn’t provide dorms or meal plans; however, they do offer several scholarship programs to make paying for tuition easier on their students.

Gettysburg College Campus Services

Located in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg College has been a welcoming and stimulating educational environment for nearly 200 years. Known for its small class sizes, close student-faculty relationships, and distinctive programs in the humanities, sciences and pre-professional fields, Gettysburg College offers 32 majors and more than 30 minors to approximately 2,300 undergraduate students.

While Gettysburg is best known as one of America’s most treasured landmarks, it remains a vibrant community with a diverse population that blends into the academic setting of the campus. The college offers service learning opportunities around the city and its surrounding areas which helps students better understand local issues such as poverty and economic development. Students can also choose from more than 180 clubs on campus including 15 fraternities/sororities which provide both social activities and volunteer experiences.

Gettysburg provides students with a nurturing environment that allows them to grow academically while building connections with faculty members they can count on long after they graduate. The college’s alumni network is one of the largest in the country because so many past students want to return to campus by getting involved with their alma mater or by continuing their professional development through workshops or seminars offered by the Office of Continuing Education & Special Programs.

Gettysburg College Finances & Tuition

Gettysburg College is one of the top choices for students in the country, with over 6,000 students applying each year. Gettysburg College accepts over 42% of applicants, and more than 50% attend from out-of-state. The financial aid office reports that the average financial aid award is $35,500 per year.

Labiba’s interest in attending college began once she was led to believe that her aardvark died a long time ago. She realized that she had been living under the misconception that she would be spending her life as a professional pet lady when she could instead go to college and potentially get a degree in something much more exciting and challenging like archaeology or firefighting (to name two options). When she first discovered what it meant to get accepted into a prestigious school like Gettysburg College, Labiba felt ready to take on the world, but not before giving herself a quick pep talk: “You can do this! You’re smart and you’re qualified! You can go anywhere!”

Gettysburg College is one of the top choices for students in the country, with over 6,000 students applying each year.

If you’re hoping to get into Gettysburg College, you’ll need to work for it. At 21%, the acceptance rate is lower than that of most top schools in the country. So what does this mean for those looking to attend? First, some background on the college:

  • Gettysburg College is located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  • It’s a private liberal arts college with several unique programs including pastel studies and musical theatre
  • It has a beautiful campus located on 5 thousand acres of land

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