Gift Ideas For Nursing Graduates

Nursing graduates have big hearts and bright futures. Nursing school is a lot of work, but it’s also an important step in preparing to be an effective nurse. This is why nursing graduate gifts are usually centered around the things that helped them through their program: comfort items like stethoscope covers and badge holders, technology like tablets and thermometers, or even style accessories like custom-made fridge magnets and mugs.

Gift Ideas For Nursing Graduates

1 Nursing graduates have big hearts and bright futures.

Nursing graduates are compassionate and caring, hard-working and dedicated. They are smart, ambitious, and the future of healthcare.

In honor of their big day, here are some gift ideas for nursing graduates that will help them as they start their careers as nurses.

2 Gift ideas for the comforting nurse:

For the nurse who likes to be comfortable, you can’t go wrong with a pair of stethoscope covers. They’re not just cute; they keep your ears warm and your stethoscope from getting tangled up in your hair during an exam.

The high-tech nurse is more likely to need a badge holder, lanyard and other accessories to keep her ID handy while working at the front desk or making rounds on patients. You can also find items like tablet computer stands that make it easy for her patient charting needs so she doesn’t have to bend over or strain her back when sitting for long periods of time at a desk.

For those hardworking nurses that are always on call, consider getting them a sterilizer for pacifiers or bottles as well as digital thermometers with fever alarms so they can quickly check the temperature without waking up parents in distress!

3 Stethoscope covers

Stethoscope covers are a great way to show off your nursing school pride and protect your stethoscope. They’re also versatile enough that you can use them with other types of stethoscopes, like the ones in emergency rooms or clinics. If you’re looking for gift ideas for nursing graduates, consider some stethoscope covers!

4 Badge holders

A badge holder is a pouch that attaches to your clothing and holds your nursing ID. You can wear one inside or outside of your clothes, depending on the occasion.

It’s worth getting a badge holder before you start nursing school because it can be cumbersome to do so after you’ve already graduated. Most hospitals require nurses to carry their ID badges at all times when they’re on unit, and even if yours doesn’t have this policy yet, it’s still very important that all nurses are easily identifiable as healthcare professionals while they’re working. A good-quality badge holder can be used again and again in many different settings—in fact, mine has gone with me from my first nursing job through grad school!

5 Lanyards

Lanyards are also great for nurses as they can keep their IDs, key cards and other important items close to them. If your graduate works in a busy hospital or medical office, they will appreciate having a lanyard to make sure that their identification is always with them at all times. In the emergency room, it’s often necessary for nurses to rush quickly from one patient to another and having a lanyard can keep everything in its place so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting something important when moving quickly between patients.

This gift is an excellent choice because it’s useful throughout the day and helps graduates feel prepared when they start working as soon as possible after graduation!

6 Gift ideas for the high tech nurse:

The high-tech nurse can use a digital thermometer to take temperatures, sterilizer for pacifiers and bottles, and tablet computer stand. Your nursing graduate will be so thankful to have these items on hand as they start their career.

The digital thermometer is great if you want to avoid any awkward situations or miscommunication while trying to take someone’s temperature. You just put in the ear canal and press “go,” then wait for a few seconds before reading out of your patient’s temperature! It’ll save you time for when there’s an emergency situation on the floor (like when someone has a fever).

Sterilizer: If you’re not sure what this is exactly but know how important it is, we’ll fill in some details here. A sterilizer uses heat or chemicals at high temperatures that kill microorganisms like bacteria without damaging other materials inside them like plastic bottles or latex pacifiers (which can happen during washing), making them safe enough for babies’ mouths without being washed first with soap first—and best of course because soap itself does damage over time due to its grease-cutting properties.”

7 Tablet computer stand

When it comes to gift ideas, a tablet computer stand is one of the best. It’s an essential for anyone who uses a tablet and works with it on a daily basis, so if you know someone who graduated from nursing school, this would make an excellent choice.

The tablet computer stand is also great for people who just like using their tablets and other devices during leisure time. This product can be used by students or professionals alike because it allows you to watch videos, read books or magazines and play games comfortably without having to hold your device up all day long or risk damaging its screen in some way.

It’s easy to use too: Simply place your tablet on top of the stand and adjust its height until it reaches just where you want it! You’ll love how much better it makes working with these devices feel—and how great they look while doing so!

8 Digital thermometer with fever alarm

A great gift idea for a nursing graduate is a digital thermometer with fever alarm. This device is useful for parents and children alike, and can be used to measure temperature in the ear, mouth, or under the tongue. Digital thermometers are quite accurate as well.

Fever alarms are another good option if you’re looking for something slightly more serious than a digital thermometer to give as a graduation gift. Fever alarms detect body temperature changes that may indicate an illness, such as elevated heart rate or body tremors—and they alert others when this occurs at home or school so they can seek treatment immediately from their physician without having to worry about their child’s health alone!

9 Sterilizer for pacifiers and bottles

A sterilizer is a must-have for any nursing graduate, and it’s easy to see why. This handy device can be used to clean pacifiers, bottles and even breast pump accessories. A good sterilizer will make it much easier for new parents to keep their baby’s things sanitary: the process is simple and the results are undeniable.

If you’re buying this as a gift for someone else, consider purchasing one that has additional attachments like a basket tray so that multiple items can be sterilized at once. The best ones also come with an automatic shutoff function so they won’t overheat or burn out while in use!

10 Gift ideas for the stylish nurse:

If you want to give your favorite nurse a gift that is sure to be used, consider one of these items.

  • Coffee mugs with personalized photos: Your loved one may not seem like the type who would want a coffee mug with their name and photo on it, but they are always great for adding style and functionality to any desk or workspace!
  • Calendars with photos of their professional accomplishments: Nurses spend a lot of time at work, so personalizing these calendars can help remind them about all the amazing things they’ve done throughout their career as well as provide useful information such as holidays and important dates (like open house at the hospital!)

11 Custom-made refrigerator magnets

  • A magnet with a picture of the graduate and their family is a nice way to show that you were there for this milestone.
  • A magnet with a quote or message your new nurse will appreciate is another great option, as it shows that you care about his or her career.
  • If your graduate is an animal lover, consider getting them a magnet featuring their favorite animal. This could be one they had as a child or even one they wish they had now!
  • Sports teams are also popular gifts for graduates who are sports fans.

12 Coffee mugs with personalized photos

A personalized coffee mug is an excellent gift for nursing graduates, as it can be used in the hospital and at home. You can add a photo of the graduate to personalize it, or you could add a quote or message that will remind them of their achievements. If they have any family members who are nurses, you could also include a picture of them to show how proud everyone is! Lastly, if there’s a pet in their life who was there for them through some difficult times (like studying for exams), adding that cute face would certainly brighten up anyone’s day!

13 Calendars with photos of their professional accomplishments

  • Nursing graduates are proud of their accomplishments, so this is an excellent choice for the graduate.
  • Calendars with photos of the professional accomplishments of the nursing graduate are a great choice.
  • Calendars with photos of the personal accomplishments of the nursing graduate are another good option for a graduation gift.
  • If you have family or friends who are away from home, it may be worth purchasing a calendar with photos that represent your relationship (e.g., vacation photos) as opposed to simply choosing one based on location alone.
  • Have you ever seen those calendars where people put their pets in funny situations? Those can be fun gifts too!

14 It can be hard to find great gifts for nursing graduates. These are a few ideas.

Nursing graduates are a tough bunch to shop for, but they do have some of the same interests and needs as other people. If you’re struggling to find a good gift idea, here are a few options:

  • A nice pen or pencil set can be used by nursing students almost every day.
  • A digital thermometer is useful for taking temperatures in hospitals and other healthcare settings.
  • Nursing students appreciate anything related to their field, so if you see an item that has your student’s name on it or contains the word “nursing,” buy it! You could also ask one of their friends or family members what kind of things they like.


Nursing is a great profession and it’s hard to find the perfect gift for people who are starting out in their careers. But, with these ideas, you can be sure that you will find something that they will appreciate and use!

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