Good Safety Schools For Ivy Applicants

This list was created to help you find the best safety schools for Ivy applicants. These universities are not ranked by prestige, but instead on their ability to serve students with an Ivy League application.

The ranking system is based on three factors: average SAT score, acceptance rate, and cost. Each school is assigned a score out of ten for each category and then averaged together to get a final score between one and ten.

Schools with scores of seven or higher are considered good safety schools for Ivy applicants.

Good Safety Schools For Ivy Applicants


There are many reasons to apply to Ivy League schools like Yale, Harvard, or Princeton. If you’re accepted, it will likely be the best academic decision of your life. You’ll have access to world-class facilities, some of the brightest professors in the world, and other incredible students who will change the course of human history. All that glitters is not gold, though! However, there are downsides too: you might become a snob or get caught up in the pretentiousness at an elite school.

So it’s a good idea to apply to some “safety schools” that would still be amazing colleges for you to attend if for some reason you don’t get into one of your dream schools at the top tier of universities. Here are some good options for safety schools for Ivy league applicants based on this website’s ratings:

University of Washington

The University of Washington is located in Seattle, WA, which is a very well-regarded city. The school itself was founded in 1861, making it one of the oldest schools on this list. The University of Washington is known for having a wide range of majors and programs to choose from, and its alumni network has been called “among the strongest in the country” by Forbes magazine. If you’re interested in studying marine biology or marine conservation policy and want to live near the ocean, then this might be an excellent choice for you!

If you’re not big into water sports but still want to live in one of America’s biggest cities, then consider applying here as well!

University of Virginia

Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, the University of Virginia is one of the best safety schools for Ivy League applicants. The University of Virginia boasts 18,000 undergraduate students and an acceptance rate of 15 percent. On average students have an SAT score between 1320 and 1450 and an ACT score between 33-35. The cost per year for in-state tuition is $47,000 while out-of-state tuition costs about $57,000 per year.

While most applicants will not get into UVA on their first try (a 15% acceptance rate isn’t easy), it’s important to remember that if you don’t get accepted into your top choice school or even any Ivy League schools at all, there are still other great options available with comparable test scores and academic quality as many Ivies such as MIT or Caltech–but at a fraction of their price!

UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley is a public research university and one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. The campus is located in Berkeley, California and has an enrollment of nearly 37,000 students.

The school was founded on March 23rd, 1868 as part of the University of California system. UC Berkeley has been ranked at or near the top among public universities for overall academic excellence (including both undergraduate and graduate studies). It’s also consistently ranked as one of the top three universities in America by U.S News & World Report.

In addition to having a stellar reputation for academics, UC Berkeley is known for its vibrant culture and commitment to diversity: roughly 30 percent of its undergraduates are Asian-American or Pacific Islander American; another 10 percent identify as Latino or Hispanic American; 8 percent are African American; 12 percent White/Caucasian Americans; 2 percent Native American/Alaskan Natives (Native Hawaiians); 1% Native Hawaiians & Other Pacific Islanders

Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech is an excellent school for Ivy League applicants. The acceptance rate for applicants to the Ivies who are also applying to Georgia Tech is about 60%, which is fairly high compared to other schools. This means that if you are an Ivy League applicant, your chances of getting into Georgia Tech are good.

Georgia Tech has a strong engineering program and especially strong programs in computer science and business. If you’re interested in one of these areas, it may be well worth considering applying there instead of an Ivy League school (or applying to both).

UC Davis

UC Davis is a public research university and flagship institution of the University of California system. Founded in 1908 as the University Farm, UC Davis has been a part of the UC system since 1959. It is located in Davis, California, just west of Sacramento.

UC Davis was ranked as the top public research university in the world by Times Higher Education’s 2019 World Reputation Rankings for American universities, making it one of only two US universities to make it onto this prestigious list (after Stanford).

UC Irvine

UC Irvine is a public research university located in Irvine, California, and one of the 10 general campuses of the University of California system.

The campus is 200 acres (81 ha) in size with orange groves and open space preserve within the campus perimeter. UC Irvine offers 80 majors across its four academic colleges: Arts and Humanities; Biological Sciences; Engineering; Physical Sciences; Social Ecology; Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences; Paul Merage School of Business; School of Education; School for Professional Studies. The student-faculty ratio at UCI is 23:1.[8] As such, it is not uncommon to find courses with fewer than ten students in them.[9]

UC Santa Barbara

UC Santa Barbara is a public research university located in Santa Barbara, California. The campus is nestled right on the Pacific Ocean and is a beautiful place to study.

UC Santa Barbara was ranked number 1 by the Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings for 2019. It also jumped up five spots from its 2018 ranking at number 6 to become the third most selective college in America behind Princeton University and Harvard University by acceptances rate of around 21%.

In addition to its academic excellence, UC Santa Barbara offers many opportunities for students who are interested in pursuing a career as an engineer or scientist.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Wisconsin-Madison is a good school, but it’s safe to say that there are many better ones. If you’re just looking for a safety school, this should definitely be on your list.

It has a high acceptance rate and is located in Madison, which is one of the best cities in America; however, it’s not an Ivy League school and doesn’t pay much attention to its students’ success after college.

If you’re applying as an Ivy applicant, we’d recommend not applying here with the expectation that they’ll admit you into their program if your grades aren’t perfect or if there are any other issues with your application file (e.g., low GPA). Instead, apply here because the admissions committee will already think highly of you due to their bias towards ivy applicants—you shouldn’t need anything else besides stellar grades and extracurricular activities/community service hours!

You can be accepted to an Ivy league school, but it is really difficult, so apply to some lower tier schools as well.

You can be accepted to an Ivy league school, but it is really difficult, so apply to some lower tier schools as well.

You can get into an Ivy league school, but it is really difficult. I got into one of the top five law schools in the country and I still don’t think I’m good enough. Apply to some lower tier schools as well.


We hope this post has helped you as an Ivy applicant understand the value of safety schools. In general, if your GPA is lower than a 3.5 and your SAT score is below 1370, then it’s unlikely you’ll get into any Ivy except for Brown and Dartmouth.

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