gordon college acceptance rate

gordon college acceptance rate

Location: Wenham, MA

Gordon College is a private, coeducational liberal arts college located in Wenham, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. Founded in 1938 as the Northern Baptist Theological Seminary by Dr. Frank G. Flick and Dr. Charles E. Fuller, the school opened its doors to students in September 1940. In the years since that time Gordon has grown to become one of New England’s most respected institutions of higher education with over 4,000 full-time undergraduate students and 200 graduate students spread across five schools: Arts & Sciences; Business Administration; Biblical Studies; Education; and Graduate Professional Studies (law). The campus itself captures a beautiful section of nature near Ipswich Bay that feels more like a park than a college campus and is located only 20 minutes from downtown Boston, making it convenient for access both to major urban centers and open areas for recreation.

Size: 1,600

Gordon College is a school located in Wenham, Massachusetts, with an acceptance rate of 54%. In the fall of 2015, there were approximately 1,600 students enrolled at Gordon College, which was founded in 1890. The student-to-faculty ratio, which is 6:1 for this school is typical for US schools. The most popular programs and majors at Gordon are Education Studies, Business Administration & Management (MBA), Psychology, and Biology. Graduates from Gordon College have a choice between 8 degrees to pursue. This school offers degrees through the following departments: Business and Economics; Arts & Sciences; Teacher Education; Music & Performing Arts; and Social Sciences

Undergraduate Enrollment: 1,600

Gordon College is a private, Christian liberal arts college located in Wenham, Massachusetts. The school offers 36 undergraduate degree programs that can be pursued either at the school’s suburban campus or online. Gordon has an enrollment of 1,600 students and is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

This small college has a reputation for being very academically challenging and is one of the best schools to come out of New England for getting a good value for your education.

Acceptance Rate: 76%

Gordon College, a coeducational Christian college located in Wenham, Massachusetts, has an acceptance rate of 76%. To put this number into perspective, the average acceptance rate for colleges and universities across the United States is 62.9%.

The likelihood of acceptance at Gordon College is similar to that of schools with acceptance rates of 76% or lower. If you’re planning on applying to Gordon College or other similar schools below, you’ll want to make sure you chase your dream: don’t let anything hold you back!

Total Cost (Before Aid): $39,300

Even though the overall cost of a college education has risen in recent years, Gordon College’s tuition and fees are competitively priced and kept in check by the College’s independent status. For the 2017–2018 academic year, annual tuition is $31,060 for students living on campus and $33,260 for off-campus students. In addition to these costs, you’ll need to plan for room and board (estimated at $10,750 per year) as well as any travel expenses incurred when leaving home to attend classes.

The majority of students will be charged full out-of-state tuition regardless of residency status. However, low tuition rates are available to residents of certain counties in Massachusetts who meet certain criteria (for example being dependents or spouses of Gordon employees). The only way to know if you qualify for this special rate is by contacting the Financial Aid Office during your application process.

Gordon College does have a few small scholarships available which do not require an application (Gordon President Scholarship for middle schoolers; some specific awards for high school seniors). For prospective students looking for financial aid who don’t have access to family resources or outside scholarships, it’s best to take advantage of every opportunity you can find—including turning that annual family vacation into a weekend road trip to apply!

Gordon College’s acceptance rate is 76%.

Gordon College is a private, liberal arts institution in Wenham, Massachusetts. It has an undergraduate population of about 2,000 students and a student-to-faculty ratio of 12:1.

The small school has a medium acceptance rate of 76%. Gordon College’s middle 50% SAT scores are in the range of 1050 to 1140 out of 1600.

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