Graduate Schools That Dont Require Gre In Florida

Graduation School Acceptance Rates Engineering

Engineering students have one of the highest acceptance rates into graduate school. This is because engineering is a highly sought-after degree, and many companies hire engineers straight out of school. However, not all engineering degrees are created equal. The more specialized your undergraduate degree, the better your chances of finding employment after graduation. The most common types of engineering degrees include:

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Graduate Schools That Dont Require Gre In Florida


Graduate Schools That Dont Require Gre In Florida

In Florida, there are many graduate schools that don’t require the GRE. Here is a short list of those schools:

  • Florida State University (No GRE required)
  • University of Central Florida (No GRE required)
  • University of Florida (No GRE required)
  • University of South Florida (No GRE required)

The remaining schools on this list are all public universities located in the state of Florida. They include:

Florida Atlantic University, a large research university with over 40,000 students and 2 campuses;

Florida International University, which offers over 100 programs across its main campus in Miami and 6 regional campuses around South Florida;

Florida Gulf Coast University – One of two regional universities funded by Board of Governors to provide access to higher education throughout Northwest Florida since 1981;

New College Of Florida – Founded in 1961 as part of an experimental program at the state’s public university system whose goal was to create smaller learning environments focused on liberal arts education.


I hope that you have now identified some great programs and know what to look for when making an informed decision on your next graduate program.

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