health ed today reviews

health ed today reviews

I was apprehensive about this class

When I first enrolled in this class, I was a little apprehensive because online classes are new to me. I didn’t know what to expect. I thought that it would be boring and that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to ask questions or meet my classmates. Also, with such an unusual format for a class, it was hard for me to gauge how well prepared I needed to be. However, as the weeks went on, my worries proved unwarranted and the course turned out to be immensely valuable and user-friendly.

My Anxiety Was in Another World

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How to Feel Confident Everything is going to Work Out

  • Believe in yourself.
  • Remember to Breathe.
  • Take Breaks.
  • Seek Help When You Need It!
  • Put Things Into Perspective

I want to be a nurse

If you are interested in becoming a nurse, there are some qualities that will help you achieve your goal.

You should be committed to learning. Because nursing is such a broad field, it’s important that you enjoy learning new things as this career will require you to continue your education throughout your entire life. You should also be dedicated and hard-working so that when the time comes for you to go into college or nursing school, or even on the job when you need training; then all those years of work will pay off in spades! It’s not easy being a nurse but with these traits it can be very rewarding.

My teachers had recommended that I take this class and boy am I glad I did.

I enjoyed learning about the different health issues that affect teens. I learned about eating disorders, stress and anxiety for teenagers in school. I also learned about sexually transmitted diseases and how to stay healthy during college. My favorite part was making a plan for my future and how to accomplish it. My least favorite part was when we had to do so much work in one week, but it made me realize that is what happens at college most of the time. The information I am going to take from this class is that mental health is just as important as physical health and they are both equally connected. I will use what I learned by getting help if I feel like my anxiety or stress isn’t being handled correctly.

The information in this course was very helpful, especially since this is my senior year of high school, it gave me a lot of good advice on how to handle things after high school ends next year.

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