high paying jobs Germany

high paying jobs germany


  • Physician

Medicine is a relatively safe career choice in Germany. With the shortage of physicians in the country, it makes sense to pursue this profession; there’s likely to be a high demand for your skills and you’ll be able to make a good living from it. The German Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer or BÄK) provides advice on how to become a doctor in Germany, including information on studies and training, working conditions, and job opportunities.

Doctors typically work long hours, often spending time on research as well as seeing patients. However, they are usually well paid for their efforts and can work in various specialties within medicine once they have completed initial training.

Finance, insurance and real estate

The jobs and sectors in Germany that pay the most are finance, insurance and real estate. Finance, insurance and real estate offer much more than high paying jobs: they offer a chance to shape the future.

In this sector, qualified individuals get the opportunity to work in an emerging field of high-paying careers: early-stage investment banking, consulting or trading. This path takes talent as well as training—and it isn’t easy. It’s no surprise that only a small amount of people who are interested in this career choose to go into it at the beginning; many would rather do anything else but start their career here.

The outlook is good for those who graduate from universities in Germany and pursue training for these jobs—that’s because there are lots of opportunities for them now, even though the economy is growing slowly and interest rates have been low for years.

Chief executive

  • What does a chief executive do?
  • What skills are required for a chief executive?
  • What education is required for a chief executive?
  • How much does a chief executive get paid in Germany?
  • What companies hire chief executives in Germany?
  • How many people work as a chief executive in Germany?
  • How many people report to them as direct subordinates, and how many is that as an hourly rate over the year?


Lawyers advise their clients on legal matters, prepare legal documents and represent their clients in court. To become a lawyer in Germany you need to pass two state examinations – the first in law studies (Erste Juristische Prüfung), which is a written exam with an oral component, and the second exam (Zweite Juristische Prüfung) which is a practical training examination. It can take up to eight years to pass both exams.

Lawyers generally earn around €5,000-€10,000 per month before tax.

Management consultant

How to become a management consultant

Management consultants help companies to solve problems and improve their performance. They work with managers, advising them on how to improve aspects of the business and how to achieve their goals.

If you decide that becoming a management consultant is for you, there are two main ways of entering this profession: as a self-employed consultant or as an employee for a consultancy firm.

Consultancy firms can vary in size from large multinational companies employing thousands of staff, down to small local firms located in single buildings or even within private houses.

Sales and marketing manager

  • Average salary: $101,000

Sales and marketing managers act as liaisons between producers and consumers. They devise strategies to best promote a company’s products or services, then lead teams of employees to execute on those plans. Sales managers also help their team members learn how to make the most effective sales pitches and close deals with buyers. If you’d like to apply for this role, you may want to start by majorizing in business management.

If you enjoy working with others, have solid communication skills, and are comfortable negotiating with others, this could be a good career path for you!

These are the top paying jobs in Germany.

For this list, we’re using data from the website joblift.de (all of the information used is available on their site), which aggregates job listings from all over Germany. While Joblift isn’t a perfect resource, it will give you an idea of what salaries are like in Germany and how much money you can expect to take home — before taxes, at least.

  • Medical Doctors

Average salary: €70,500

It’s only appropriate that the top paying jobs in Germany start with a job that saves lives for a living: doctors and surgeons make out pretty well here if they can stand the long hours and rigors of medical school. We’ve got more details about doctor salaries in Germany here and here.

  • Lawyers

Average salary: €65,000

Just like in other places, lawyers are usually paid very well in Germany — especially those who specialize in different areas of law. In order to practice law in Germany you need to be German or have studied law at a German university (law degrees from other countries aren’t recognized). More details about lawyer salaries here and here.

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