highpoint college acceptance rate

highpoint college acceptance rate

What is High Point University’s Acceptance Rate?

The High Point University acceptance rate clocks in at 87.3%, meaning that out of every 100 applicants, only 13 are rejected. That’s a high acceptance rate, but it’s not the highest. The actual acceptance rate is lower, obviously, since some students receive financial aid or other benefits that make attending the school virtually free.

What Is a High Acceptance Rate?

In practice, the term “acceptance rate” refers to the percentage of applicants who were actually accepted by an institution out of all of those who applied to it. The exact number is usually calculated by dividing the number of students accepted into the total number of applicants for that year. For instance, if a college has 600 students and 3200 applications in a given year and each student had five applications on average (600 x 3200 / 5 = 300) then its acceptance rate would be 300/3200 or 10%.

High Point University Acceptance Rate: 87%

The Acceptance Rates Calculator shows you where your chances stand based on your GPA, ACT/SAT scores and other information about you as an applicant. It also calculates your chances of admission at any college or university based on your application data and compare this to current college admission statistics for that school which includes GPA ranges admitted (25th-75th percentiles), ACT/SAT scores admitted (25th-75th percentiles) as well as admissions rates for first semester freshman ranging from 1% to 100%. All colleges listed below are non-profit private institutions within North Carolina unless otherwise noted.#1 High Point University#2 Wake Forest University#3 Duke University#4 Davidson College#5 Appalachian State University

High Point University’s acceptance rate is 87.3%.

High Point University is a private, liberal arts university located in High Point, NC. The school’s current acceptance rate is 87.3%, and the average acceptance rate for all the colleges and universities we’ve listed is 70%. This means that High Point University is more selective than other US colleges and universities.

How many students apply to High Point University?

Between 2,000 and 2,500 students apply to High Point University each year. Of those candidates, approximately 1,300 are accepted – or about 86 percent. The percentage of students who are rejected is the same around 1 percent. And the number of applicants who are waitlisted is less than 6 percent.

High Point University receives 7124 transfer applicants.

With a high point acceptance rate of 90%, High Point University is an excellent choice for those looking to transfer. Of the 7,124 applicants to the university in 2017, 3,567 were accepted. The school has been rated as a top transfer school by U.S. News and World Report, which ranked it No. 1 regionally in North Carolina. Additionally, High Point University offers many opportunities for students transferring into its programs, including international students who speak English as a second language who might be interested in its Accelerated English Language Development program (AELD).

How many students are enrolled at High Point University?

According to High Point University’s website, more than 5,824 students are enrolled at this school ( ). That makes it the 6th largest college in North Carolina.

The total enrollment is 5,824 students. The school has a very low student to faculty ratio of 14:1. The average class size is 19 students. Finally, the school has a very high graduation rate of 80%.

5,824 students are enrolled at High Point University where the total enrollment is 5,824 students.

High Point University is a private, co-ed school situated in High Point, NC. The school offers multiple majors that range in several fields of study. There are 5,824 students enrolled at the school and 2,812 are male and 2,912 are female. The student-to-faculty ratio here is 13 to 1.

The acceptance rate for High Point university is high but the number of students applying for admission and being accepted is about the same number.

What’s the acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate of High Point University is 87%. You can find its admission requirements here. The number of students who attended High Point University in 2017 was 5,824. The number of students attending in 2018 is 5,700. The number of students who are expected to transfer from another institution to High Point University in 2018 is 1,611.

High Point University has an intercollegiate athletic program and a student-to-faculty ratio of 16:1, with an average class size of 24 students. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 6,475, with a gender distribution of 48% male students and 52% female students.

What’s the cost?

The total tuition at High Point University for the 2017-2018 academic year was $37,337 for residents and $47,453 for nonresidents. Students paid an average $4,266 for fees and $2,236 in room and board (which may or may not include meals). For more information about financial aid options at this school, you can get it here or contact the financial aid office at (336) 841-4680.

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