Hochschule Bremen University Of Applied Sciences

Hochschule Bremen University Of Applied Sciences

The Hochschule Bremen University Of Applied Sciences is a highly regarded institution of higher learning, which has existed for over 100 years. It’s located in the beautiful city of Bremen, Germany and it offers courses in a wide range of disciplines. We pride ourselves on our small class sizes and support systems.

Information For Prospective Students

The Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences is the only state-funded institution of higher education in Bremen. We offer a wide range of diploma programmes, from engineering and business to social sciences and languages.

The application process can be completed online or through a printed form which you can pick up on campus or from us by email. Please note that a copy of your passport will be required when submitting your application for admission. As soon as we have received all relevant documents, we will inform you whether or not your application has been successful within two weeks at the latest.

If you are applying for a scholarship, please submit the following documents:

  • A letter stating why this scholarship should be awarded to yourself;
  • Your CV;
  • A recommendation letter by an academic staff member (can also be sent electronically)

We Offer Contextualised Education To Train High Profile Scientists And Professionals

With a large number of foreign students from all over the world, Hochschule Bremen University Of Applied Sciences is one of the most international institutions in Germany. It offers programmes in English for international students and has an active international student association (AISA) with over 1,000 members. AISA organises events throughout the year that facilitate networking among students as well as with employers and speakers from abroad.

The university is close to the city centre, making it easy to reach by public transport or bike. The campus has plenty of open green spaces and sports facilities including an athletics track, an indoor swimming pool, two fitness studios and two fitness halls where you can practice yoga or dance classes free of charge!

Education For The Real World

The university is a great place to study.

It’s also a good place for learning.

And it’s also a good place to work, in addition to being an excellent location for studying with other students.

The University Of Applied Sciences Bremen Offers An English-language Degree Programme In A Small And Supportive Context With No More Than 40 Students Per Class.

The University Of Applied Sciences Bremen Offers An English-language Degree Programme In A Small And Supportive Context With No More Than 40 Students Per Class.

The University Of Applied Sciences Bremen is a small, friendly university with a student-teacher ratio of 1:15. This means that you will receive individual attention in your classes and on the other hand have plenty of opportunities to build up networks with other international students. The language of instruction is German but there are also several courses taught in English at all levels (Bachelor, Master and Phd).

Bremen is one of Germany’s smallest cities but offers great living conditions for both students and young professionals alike. It has excellent public transport connections to other major cities such as Hamburg or Berlin; it has excellent facilities such as its sports arena which hosts several national teams including handball club THW Kiel; it offers numerous cultural events throughout the year such as concerts by big bands like The Who or Bruce Springsteen; it even hosted an exhibition featuring works by Andy Warhol!

We Have A Wide Range Of Bachelors, Masters And Postgraduate Courses

Our Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes cover a wide range of subjects including:

  • Environmental Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Management and Economics

We have many options to choose from but whatever you choose, you’ll be taught by staff who are passionate about their subject. Our small class sizes mean that you receive plenty of one on one support from your tutors and the university is proud to be recognised as one of the best universities in Germany for teaching quality.

Scholarships And Financial Assistance

The Student Services Office can help you find scholarships and financial assistance for your studies.

Scholarships for international students

The International Office awards scholarships to non-EU citizens who wish to study at the Hochschule Bremen University Of Applied Sciences. The scholarship is a one-off payment that covers tuition fees, living costs and travel expenses for a period of one year (9 months).

Scholarships for national students

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers scholarships to German nationals who want to study abroad as well as foreign nationals who wish to study in Germany. Scholarships are available in almost every subject area at universities throughout Germany, particularly those with strong research profiles such as medicine or engineering. Please note that these opportunities are not open exclusively to Hochschule Bremen University Of Applied Sciences students: interested applicants should directly contact the relevant institution where they intend on studying if they would like further information regarding how best they might be able apply through this route rather than via the DAAD itself which has no direct links with any individual university or course provider within its remit.*

This Is A Good Place To Study

If you’re looking for a university that puts the needs of its students first, Hochschule Bremen should be at the top of your list. The university is small and therefore has a more personal relationship with its students. Hochschule Bremen’s campus is located in a beautiful city that offers plenty of opportunities for cultural and sociological engagement. The university has been around since 1901 and has built up an excellent reputation over time because it provides high-quality education to its students.”

Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences is a state-funded institution of higher education that offers degrees at Bachelor, Master and PhD levels. It is located in the city-state of Bremen in Germany and has over 12,000 students enrolled.

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