hochschule fresenius

hochschule fresenius

Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

The university offers a broad range of programs in the fields of economics, law and social sciences, as well as the natural sciences and engineering. Its strong practical focus means that its students are prepared for professional life after graduation. The fact that one third of the professors have many years’ experience working outside academia also ensures that this practical focus is reflected in their teaching and research.

Customer Focus

We are in the business of solving customer problems. The whole organization is focused on the customer, and is therefore structured around the needs of our customers. We are customer-centric and the focus of our daily work is to provide an excellent customer experience.


You will enjoy the flexibility of our courses. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the internationality of our study programs.

You can find current course dates as well as a list of all courses and seminars in our seminar portal.

Please note that in principle, attendance at all events is mandatory. You are free to choose when you attend the different events – e.g. you may decide to miss one lecture block and exchange it for an extra seminar or vice versa – but the total number of required attendance hours remains constant throughout your studies.


When we say that our university is efficient, we mean it in a number of ways. In the most literal sense, it means that we are exceptionally good at cutting costs while simultaneously maximizing time and resources. To be sure, there are many other universities with similar aims but which do not uphold them to the same degree as Hochschule Fresenius. In fact, Hochschule Fresenius University was founded on this basis: to create a well-managed place of learning that would have a positive impact on its students’ lives by providing them with suitable skills.


Quality is important. Quality is always important. Quality is very important. Quality is the most important.

Competence and Innovation

Fresenius is renowned for its business excellence. While other companies might have a better reputation in the automotive industry, Fresenius has won awards for being the best employer in Germany between 2003 and 2011—a record run of five years . The company’s success stems from its unique culture: employees are encouraged to explore new ideas, take risks, and express their own perspective. In this atmosphere at Fresenius, innovation is not only accepted but encouraged. This style of company culture also means that boredom is rare at the company—a key factor in ensuring that employees stay as productive as possible when they do get bored.

Investigation and Development

Our employees are involved in a wide variety of research projects. Besides supporting the Fresenius Group’s “BlueScience” strategy – which focuses on the fields of medicine and health, business and technology – we also conduct external-funded research projects. Our areas of focus include finance, management, and digitalization.

In addition to cooperative projects with our industry partners, we actively encourage collaborations with other universities and institutions such as the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research or German Aerospace Center (DLR). We also value academic freedom: faculty may work on their own research ideas free from administrative constraints. In fact, several professors have been able to develop new courses based on their unique research interests.

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