homegoing yaa gyasi online free

homegoing yaa gyasi online free

Homegoing Summary & Study Guide

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Homegoing tells the story of two half-sisters in 18th-century Ghana and their descendants, who are forced apart when one is sold into slavery. Their families follow separate paths through American history: one family rises out of slavery and becomes deeply involved in black politics; another remains slavishly devoted to white American ideals of power and success; others become involved in African American art and culture; still more live in Africa as colonizers, colonized, or independent Africans trying to define themselves after centuries of colonial rule.

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Homegoing is the debut novel of Yaa Gyasi, a Ghanaian-American author. Published in 2016, it traces the lives and descendants of two sisters born in 18th century Ghana from the period of colonization in 1750 to contemporary America. Each chapter follows a different character who is connected to either one or both of the sisters, whose lives diverge when one sister marries an Englishman and becomes his slave while the other sister remains free but later has her children taken into slavery. The narrative jumps between continents over two hundred years as it explores issues like slavery, racism, identity and family relations. The novel won several awards after its publication, including being named one of best novels of 2016 by numerous publications.

This detailed literature summary also contains Quotes and a Free Quiz on Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi.

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Homegoing is a historical-fiction novel by Yaa Gyasi that was published in 2016. Ghana…

A Note on Ghanaian Names, Pronunciation and OrthographyThe structure of homegoing is an interconnected series of stories about two branches of family, starting with the separation of two half-sisters in eighteenth-century Africa, one sold into slavery and one married to a British slave trader. The story moves through several…

Chapter 1SummaryEfua’s mother had been captured from her village when she was young, so she didn’t know anything about her relatives. Efua never knew who her father was either; only that he wasn’t around anymore and she couldn’t ask him questions. Her mother knows very little English; she speaks Fante, but…Character AnalysisMarjorie is a well-educated Ghanaian woman who has written many books despite the fact that writing wasn’t considered “acceptable behavior for women in [her] society at all.” She writes down stories that are meant to be told orally so that people can learn more about their culture (1). When…Free QuizCharactersObjects/PlacesThemesStyleQuotesTopic Tracking: SeparationSeparation 1: Two half sisters were born hundreds of years apart but eventually end up separated by slavery because their father sells Effia—without knowing—to a slave trader.Separation 2: Esi and Oko live in separate worlds even though they are husband and wife because Oko practices…Author’s StyleYaa GyasiIn Homegoing, author Yaa Gyasi employs several literary devices to tell the story of seven generations of an African family separated by slavery….MoodThe mood created throughout most of Homegoing is one full of sadness or sorrow as it deals with difficult

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