hospital administrator salary with masters degree

hospital administration entry level jobs apply to positions that provide support services to the healthcare industry. They are known as healthcare workers, clinical assistants, or care assistant. These individuals typically provide direct patient care and care for patients in various settings such as hospitals and nursing homes. Jobs in this category include physicians’ assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, psychiatric technicians and more.

hospital administrator salary with masters degree

The hospital administrator salary with a master’s degree is higher than the national average, but it still falls well below the high-level hospital executives. The top 10% in this field earn more than $189,000 per year.

hospital administration entry level jobs

Positions remain open in a variety of departments, including: Patient Care Technicians, Medical Records Specialists, Maintenance Mechanics and Administrative Assistants.

What Are the Requirements to Be a Hospital Administrator?

Healthcare administrators handle all aspects of the day-to-day running of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Find out how to become a hospital administrator, the education needed, and the other prerequisites that must be met to enter the field of hospital administration.View Schools

What Hospital Administrators Do

Healthcare administrators, also commonly known as hospital administrators when leading a hospital, are management personnel tasked with the running of entire hospitals or clinics. They are responsible for the hiring and training of new personnel, the overall efficiency of the hospital, and the budget and finances for the organization as a whole. While most hospital administrators will have a team of department heads working under them, they are ultimately responsible for every aspect of hospital performance. Because of the great burden of responsibility placed upon them, hospital administrators have a number of requirements they must meet before even being considered for the job.

Hospital Administrator Requirements

In order to work as a hospital administrator, it is typically required that an individual hold at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field, although master’s degrees are often preferred, particularly for large facilities. Some positions may require that applicants hold a valid license to practice medicine as well, such as being a Registered Nurse (RN). Special licenses for healthcare administrators working in nursing homes are also required in most states. Such additional licensing requirements are typically spelled out in hospital administrator job descriptions. Related work experience is also highly preferred, so applicants who have previously worked in positions such as nurses, medical administrative assistants, or health information technicians may have an edge.

Hospital Administrator Degree Programs

Degrees in healthcare administration are available as both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Individuals with a bachelor’s degree in another related field, such as business or nursing, could be great candidates for a master’s program in healthcare administration. A bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration can be enough to land a job as a hospital administrator, although holders of this degree might also decide to earn a master’s later in their career. Courses that might be taken during healthcare administration programs include:

  • Healthcare laws and ethics
  • Principles of accounting
  • Human resources for healthcare management
  • Healthcare strategy

Healthcare administration courses often consist of a mix of business concepts and healthcare and medical training. Programs may include a practicum or residency, which allows students to gain first-hand experience by working and learning in real health facilities. Degrees in healthcare administration are also available online, and these programs are also likely to include a practicum.

Entering the hospital administration field is a very good decision. After reviewing your qualifications, it was determined that you are fully capable of handling an entry level position within this industry. We hope you will take this first step towards a rewarding and lucrative career path by applying for one of these jobs today.

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