houston teacher salary with master’s

houston teacher salary with master’s is a great business opportunity for those who want to become teachers. A master’s degree in education can help you gain access to teaching jobs at the local, state and federal level.

houston teacher salary with master’s

Teachers with a master’s degree, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), earn more money than those with a bachelor’s degree. A teacher with a master’s degree can expect an annual salary of $55,000 to $63,000.

Teachers in Houston, Texas who hold a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree will, on average, earn around $56,242 per year. The same is true no matter what type of school the teachers work for. However, the Houston Independent School District tops the list when it comes to annual salary. The district will pay its teachers an average of $52,023 per year, while other schools throughout the region pay considerably less.

Basic Information about a Career in Teaching

Public school teachers in the U.S. must have bachelor’s degrees and be licensed by the states where they teach. Usually, states require individuals to pass an exam to receive their licenses. Individuals can become teachers either through a traditional route or an alternative route.

Important Facts about this Occupation

Median Salary (2020)$62,870 (for high school teachers)
Job Outlook (2019-2029)4% growth (for high school teachers)
Work EnvironmentTeaching can be stressful at times due to lack of resources and large class sizes. High school teachers must work during school hours and must also spend evenings and/or weekends completing other work such as grading papers.
Similar OccupationsChildcare Workers, School Principals, Librarians, School and Career Counselors, Social Workers, Teaching Assistants

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Traditional Route

Most aspiring follow the traditional career route. These individuals earn a bachelor’s degree in education, complete teaching practicums, pass a state certification exam, and begin looking for a job. While many teachers earn degrees in education, high school teachers should have degrees in the subject they want to teach, according to the website TeachersCount.org.

Regardless of whether they earn degrees in education or specific subjects, during college, future teachers take classes in education and teach at least one class under supervision of experienced teachers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS, www.bls.gov), student teaching enables individuals to experience a teacher’s typical day, including:

  • Grading papers
  • Teaching students
  • Planning lessons and activities
  • Interacting with parents

Regardless of your level, though, keep in mind that the more effort you put into the job search, the better your chances are at getting a raise. Do research on salary levels for your position in your area, and figure out what factors might contribute to a higher salary. You can begin by looking at years of experience, degrees or certifications you may have, college tuition costs (if applicable), and courses or other professional development opportunities. What you do with this information going forward is up to you. The important thing is that you put yourself in the best possible salary position by acknowledging that these factors exist and by demonstrating how they have impacted you positively as a student and teacher.

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