how can i find my student loans

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We know it can be confusing to find your student loan information, especially if your loans are with multiple lenders. That’s why we’ve created this site: to help you find all of your student loans in one place, so you can get a complete picture of what you owe and how to pay back your debt.

The first step is to enter your info into the form on this page—we’ll ask for basic information like where and when you went to school, as well as whether or not your loan is in default or has been paid off. Then we’ll look up all of the loans we find that meet those criteria and give them back to you! You’ll see all of the details about each loan, including its balance, interest rate, repayment plan (if any), and contact info for the lender who provided it.

If there are any loans missing from our database that should be included here—or if there’s some other issue with our data—please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]

How do I find out information about my student loans?

You can find information about your student loans, including your balance, through the U.S. Department of Education  for federal loans, or through your student loan servicer for private loans.

Federal Student Loans

The definitive source for information on your federal student loans is the U.S. Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid  website. Through this website you can access information about your federal student loans.

Private Student Loans

To find out information on your private student loans, you’ll need to contact each of your private student loan servicers to determine your total loan balance or check your credit report.

Unlike federal student loans, there is not a single website that contains information about all of your private student loans. Your private student loans will not be listed the U.S. Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid  website because the system shows only your federal student loans.

If you do not know what private student loans you might have, request a free credit report at Private student lenders may report your loans to credit reporting agencies even while you’re still in school or in deferment.

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how can i find my student loans

An important factor in keeping up with your student loan payments is knowing where to find all of your student loan information. is the U.S. Department of Education’s comprehensive database for all federal student aid information. This is one-stop-shopping for all of your federal student loan information.

At, you can find:

  • Your student loan amounts and balances
  • Your loan servicer(s) and their contact information
  • Your interest rates
  • Your current loan status (in repayment, in default, etc.)

To access

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Log In”
  3. Have your FSA ID available. This is the same username and password you used to electronically sign your FAFSA. To learn more about the FSA ID, visit
  4. If prompted, enter your name, Social Security number, your date of birth and your FSA ID.
  5. Read the privacy statement. You must accept these terms to use
  6. Select “Submit” can be a valuable tool for you in keeping track of your student loan information. Checking and communicating with your loan servicer will give you the information you need to get back on track for your student loan repayment.

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of this guide.

There’s no doubt that finding your student loans can be a confusing process, but we’re here to help you make it as easy as possible. Here are our top tips:

1) Check with your school. Not only will they have a record of your loans, but they may also be able to tell you what kind of loan you have and where to find them.

2) Search online using terms like “student loans” and “loan records,” or use Google’s advanced search function (searching for “student loan records” on Google will give you results that specifically mention those words).

3) Contact the lender directly if all else fails! They’ll be able to tell you exactly what kind of loan you have, how much money is owed, etc., and may even be able to help with repayment plans or deferments/forgiveness programs.

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