how many days a week nursing school

how many days a week nursing school

5 days a week for 12 to 15 weeks of classes

The first step for an RN is to enroll in a 12- to 15-week course, which generally takes place over the course of five days. The goal of this class is to provide the student with all of the knowledge that they will need in order to pass both state and national nursing tests. While it may be possible for someone who is working full-time to take one or two courses, most schools offer these courses during regular business hours as well.

A typical day at school will start early in the morning, usually by 7:30 AM or 8 AM, and end around 5 PM or 6 PM. On some days there may be evening classes as well depending on the structure of your particular program.

7 days a week for 18 months

Nursing school isn’t easy, but it doesn’t take over your entire life. There are some misconceptions about what the nursing school schedule is like. Some people think that nursing school takes place seven days a week for 18 months, but this is false.

Here are the facts:

  • Nursing school is a full-time commitment, and it usually takes two years to complete if you attend classes five days per week.
  • Most nursing programs require students to complete two eight-hour shifts of clinicals per week in addition to classroom instruction and homework time. This could mean that you have classes or clinicals on Saturdays or Sundays, depending on the program.
  • Some schools offer shorter programs where you can earn your associate degree in nursing (ADN) in as little as 16 months.

3 days a week for 18 months

If you’re interested in attending full-time nursing school, it’s important to consider if you have the time to do it. The vast majority of nursing schools schedule classes on weekdays. This means that while they may only take up a few hours a day, they’ll be during times when most people are busy at work. In addition to this, clinical rotations can be scheduled for nights and weekends as well. If your school has weekend classes or clinicals, that means that the weekends are reserved for studying. Additionally, you’ll probably want to study during the week as well. Studying is a full-time job—do not underestimate it!

Nursing school takes a lot of effort and diligence; this goes for part-time students as well. If you’re looking into taking one class or two classes at a time, keep in mind that this will stretch out how long you spend in school and increase the overall financial burden to complete your program (and remember: student loans). Having said this, part-time studies may allow students more flexibility with their schedules so they can better balance family and professional obligations with their coursework. Students should weigh all options before enrolling in any program!

5 days a week for 24 months

Nursing school typically takes two years to complete. If you’re going to school on a full-time basis, that usually means five days a week in class for 24 months. However, nursing students will also have clinical requirements outside of the classroom, which can extend their education by six months to an additional year. During your last semester, you will take a comprehensive exam to test your knowledge and skills. Once you pass your licensing exam, you may begin working as an RN.

7 days a week for 24 months

Nursing school is a full-time commitment, and you are expected to be in class each day of the week. Nursing school is a 24 month program, and even if there are summer breaks between semesters, you will still have 5 days per week of class time during those months. In addition to classes, nursing students must study outside of class and participate in clinical rotations at the hospital on top of their studies. It is certainly possible to work while attending nursing school, but it may be difficult to find a flexible work schedule that works with your nursing program’s schedule.

Nursing school takes two years and is five days a week.

Nursing school is not full time.

Nursing school is not part time.

Nursing school is not every other day.

Nursing school is not once a week.

Nursing school is not online.

Nursing school can be five days a week in certain situations, but it usually isn’t, and online nursing schools are few and far between; most will require you to attend classes at a campus on certain days of the week or the weekend for hands-on clinicals and labs.

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