how to become an x ray technician in california

how to become an x ray technician in california

Enroll in an education program

Once you have earned your high school diploma or GED, it’s a good idea to enroll in an education program. This can be done at either a university or community college. The website of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), the organization that administers the exam, has a list of education programs approved by the state [1] .

Some programs are designed for students who already have an associate degree; others are four-year bachelor’s degree tracks.

The cost and length of program also varies. Some may only take two years, while others may require as many as four years to complete.

Before choosing an education program, you should determine what kind of radiologic technologist you would like to be; there are different careers in this field beyond becoming an x ray technician. For example, if you wanted to work with radiation therapy equipment instead and become a radiographer, then you should choose a specific education track that includes courses on radiation therapy equipment usage and operation in addition to courses on x ray technology [2] .

Apply for the X-Ray Supervisor certificate

  • After you have completed the X-Ray Supervisor examination, you will receive a notification from the Radiologic Health Branch.
  • Notify your employer that you have passed the exam.
  • Keep in mind that your certificate will expire two years after issuance and must be renewed to continue working as an X-Ray Supervisor. If you fail to renew your registration, you can contact the Radiologic Health Branch to request reinstatement of your certificate if it has been expired less than three years.

Apply for the X-Ray Operator certificate

Once you have received the signed authorization form from your clinical training program, you can apply for your X-Ray Operator Certificate. The application contains a comprehensive checklist and instructions to help guide you through the process. The following are some suggestions to help ensure that your application is processed as quickly as possible:

  • Read carefully all of the instructions before completing the application
  • Make sure that forms are complete, accurate, and legible! Incomplete applications will be returned, causing unnecessary delays in your licensure process.
  • Number all documents submitted. This will also help prevent documents from being lost during processing of your application

If you have any questions or difficulties with any part of this process please call us at (916) 263-7800 or e-mail our Radiologic Health Branch at

Becoming an x-ray technician in California isn’t a difficult process, but it does require time and energy.

Becoming an x-ray technician in California isn’t a difficult process, but it does require time and energy. It’s a challenging but rewarding career, and the process is not difficult, but it’s not easy either. The following steps will help you along the way:

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