how to study nursing in germany

how to study nursing in germany


To be eligible to apply for the nursing program in Germany, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a student.
  • Possess a German language course certificate.
  • Have completed a course of study in nursing.
  • Possess a degree in nursing.

Application process

  • You have to know the application process.
  • Decide which university you want to attend and check their application requirements, then fill out your application online at You will be given a student ID number that is used during the whole application process.
  • Register with uni-assist, a service used by 170 German universities that will evaluate your school transcripts and see if they meet the minimum requirements for nursing school in Germany (which includes high school grades and proof of language qualifications).
  • Wait for uni-assist to give you an evaluation report of your documents, which may take up to six weeks after you submit them! If everything checks out, uni-assist will send the results back to hochschulstart where you can view them through your account page on the website. This is when everyone who applied gets grouped into two groups: ones who are eligible for regular admission, and ones who are not yet eligible for regular admission but still have a shot at getting into university under special conditions (more on this later).
  • The most important part happens next: based on your evaluation from uni-assist, you must decide which universities you would like to apply too AND declare the priority order of these preferences (meaning first choice, second choice etc.). For example: if Berlin University is my first choice and Munich University is my second choice, I would list Berlin as number one and Munich as number two in my application form on hochschulstart’s website within the time frame specified (most likely 2-3 weeks after step 4). This step is also when all applicants are sorted into groups based on what program they want to pursue, in this case “nursing science” or “health care management” etc., as well as age – those who will study abroad during their last year of high school vs those who already graduated from high school but

Course to study nursing in Germany

Nursing Course

Nursing courses help you develop the skills and knowledge to successfully manage the health of individuals and communities in a variety of settings. You will gain practical experience within hospital wards, as well as community healthcare facilities. Nursing education is an academic discipline that shares knowledge, theories, research, practice and critical inquiry for the advancement of nursing practice.

Nursing education is an academic discipline that shares knowledge, theories, research, practice and critical inquiry for the advancement of nursing practice.

Jobs and Career

If you are deciding to apply for the Nursing course in Germany, you should first get a clear picture of the whole career path. You must know how to study nursing in Germany before you make this decision.

First, let’s look at the education requirements of getting into nursing school. Most colleges and universities require that you have completed your secondary education with a minimum GPA between 2.5 and 3.0 along with some pre-requisite courses such as:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Social Science
  • Biology/Human Biology
  • Chemistry

know how to study nursing in germany

You can study nursing in Germany. Nursing is an academic degree program and is therefore considered a course of studies. The prerequisite for this is that at least one year of practical experience should be completed before studying (possible in all countries) but not necessary if you are studying in your home country, after the first year of training.

There are study possibilities at universities and colleges. If you have completed a bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification, you will be admitted to a master’s degree program if you have one who has completed a 12 year school education with science subjects as major subjects. After this, it takes another 2 years to get the Master of Science (Nursing) degree which enables one to work as nurse in Germany and abroad too

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