ice planet barbarians book 1 online

ice planet barbarians book 1 online

Chapter 1

She was alone now. On a planet where no human had ever set foot before. A planet that was supposed to be uninhabited.

  • * * *

Her sensors weren’t working right, and when she finally figured out the problem, it was too late. Glowing debris rained down everywhere, slamming into her ship and making it spin out of control. She tried to compensate and managed to hold onto consciousness during the crash landing on this alien world of ice and snow. The ship had been torn apart by the impact; she could tell because it wasn’t moving anymore, even though she hadn’t shut off the engines yet. She struggled against her restraints in panic as oxygen spilled from an unknown leak somewhere on board, then forced herself to calm down as she realized there were no alarms going off about losing air pressure inside the cabin. And that meant that either her ship had landed in a huge cavern filled with breathable atmosphere—in which case she was still going to die because she couldn’t get out of here without a suit—or there simply wasn’t any air being lost at all, which would mean that somehow her sensors were malfunctioning and they weren’t picking up on whatever gas she was breathing right now because it didn’t match what they were programmed to look for.

Chapter 2

“I’m not a warrior. I’m a scientist.”

“And I am glad of that,” he said, and there was no mistaking the sincerity in his voice. “Science can extend our lives, give us cures for diseases that kill us…science can make us better than we are.” He spoke with conviction. Then he sighed, and it was as if part of him had let go of something. Like part of him wasn’t certain about what he’d just said.

He shook his head and glanced away from her for a moment, as if wrestling with something inside himself, then looked back up at her face again. “We have to hurry along now,” he said quietly. “I have much to do before the sun goes down.” And then he urged his horse into motion once more and they rode on through the tall grasses of the prairie in silence until they reached another line of trees in the distance that marked a river valley running north-south. He turned them toward it without saying anything further and she realized that this would be where she’d spend the night, wherever they were going wasn’t far beyond here by the look of things so perhaps she wouldn’t be held captive so very long after all?

Chapter 3

You wake up in a cave, your body feeling strangely numb. You’re surrounded by furry men and women, robed in leathery hides and clutching the hilts of their swords. They don’t speak much English.

They’re barbarians. After you nearly freeze to death on their planet, will they be your salvation, or the death of you?

Of all the things that come back to you, it’s the pain of being cold that stings most sharply. You were walking through a winter storm when you saw the pale blue light through red-tinted snowflakes. You followed it until it disappeared into what looked like a cave entrance in an outcropping of rock.

You didn’t know whether to be happy or scared that they found you worthy enough to take inside their territory with them. The tribe dragged you back to their cave-city as though they were rescuing some kind of exotic animal from extinction—which is how you felt among them: alien and endangered.

Chapter 4

Goran was a large man, built like a warrior. He had long hair and a bushy beard; his skin glowed bronze in the firelight. He was an intimidating figure, but there was something gentle in the way he looked at her.

When they finished their meal, the other warriors stood up to leave, and she assumed that meant she should go as well. Goran nodded but didn’t speak until everyone else had left them alone. Then he turned to her, his eyes still soft and kind, and said something in his language that she couldn’t understand—he gestured to the ground beside him.

He wanted her to stay with him? She hesitated for a moment before deciding it would be best not to upset him.

Chapter 5

You are Gina. The beast took you, but treated you well. Still, you are a captive of a strange alien predator. You fight to escape him, and he fights to keep you in his grasp. As time goes on and he treats you more reasonably, your fear begins to dissipate and curiosity takes its place. Your captor isn’t as bad as he seemed at first glance—but when will the monster within rise again?

Chapter 6

You’d think after so many months, she’d be used to their presence. But no, the sight of the tattooed male strolling into the cave still made her tense. His eight-foot height was intimidating and his huge body meant nothing but muscle, from his powerful chest down to those long legs of his. It actually should have been impossible for her to reach a spaceship in flight with such massive musculature—but she didn’t question it anymore. None of what they did made any sense.

She took a deep breath as he approached and moved away from him again, trying not to limp too much on her twisted ankle. He frowned at her, stopping in front of her and crossing his arms over his wide chest as he glared down at her with those dark eyes that always seemed to see through everything she tried to hide from him.

“What’s wrong?” he demanded gruffly.”Why are you limping? What happened?”

“I’m fine,” Gina snapped back, struggling not to wince as pain lanced through her ankle when she tested it by putting weight on it again.”It’s just a minor sprain.”

He snorted and shook his head.”Yeah right,” he muttered derisively.”You’re not fine, woman.””

Chapter 7

“Do you know what’s wrong with Lila, Gord?”

Gord shook his head. “I don’t know. I think she needs to go see a doctor or something. She has a fever and she keeps talking about her head hurting and her stomach hurting, but I can only understand half of what she says.”

Vani sighed in frustration and stood up to pace, who had been sitting in the corner of Lila’s cave home, listening to Gord the whole time. “I understand most of it when she speaks slow enough.” He said, shaking his head as he walked past Gord and to the cave’s entrance.

Chapter 8

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Chapter 9

Garen’s injuries were severe, but not life-threatening. Rayne held his hand the entire way back to the village, even while they slept.

When they were finally reunited with the rest of the tribe, there was a great celebration that lasted late into the night. It had been many generations since their kin had disappeared as a result of a meteor impact on their home planet, and now they were rejoined as one.

The elders told them of the prophecy: “Four shall come from far away to save us from peril.” As it turned out, Garen and Rayne weren’t just any two of their kind—they were meant for each other.

Chapter 10

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11: The Orc Problem

“So I heard the guards were getting some strange reports from the ice planet, and they were looking forward to your arrival.” “They got something?” “Not just ‘something.’ They said there was a whole army of orcs. But that’s not all. They also mentioned that you had an axe.” That didn’t sound good. Orcs are dangerous, but Khado states that you have an axe, so maybe this is all a big misunderstanding? At any rate, we still have to make our way past their garrison on the surface of the ice planet. If we send our miners to do what they do best and stay out of it, maybe things won’t turn out so badly.

Chapter 12

A few days later, Gloria and the twins went on a picnic with Draco and his family. They walked through a field full of flowers, laughing and talking. Gloria had not seen so many pretty things in one place before. She smiled as she picked up some wildflowers to look at.

When they got to the spot where they were going to have the picnic, Gloria helped spread out blankets to sit on. They made themselves comfortable and ate the food they had brought with them while they talked about everything from their families to their favorite foods.

Gloria laughed as she watched Draco’s children play with her own children. The women whispered gossip about Draco’s father while he pretended not to hear them talking about him. The men talked about hunting and fishing while ignoring their women’s gossiping ways. When it was time for the families to leave, everyone agreed that it had been a good day for all of them.

Chapter 13

The happy pair made it back to the ice plains, fiercely protected by the small group of barbarians that had decided to accompany them. They spent some time in a cave that was hard to find, and set up a sort of camp there. It was not an ideal place for a pregnant woman to hide out in, but Georgie made the best of it. She had never been one to complain much about anything.

She was happy now, though, because she finally felt like she belonged somewhere. Before she’d been kidnapped by these barbarians, she hadn’t really known where home was anymore. She’d lost her family on Earth long ago and hadn’t thought she would ever find another place where people cared about her as much as they did here on this strange planet with its giant arctic dinosaurs and their fierce human companions. She felt at peace here with her new family, even if they did fight over who got the last raw woolly mammoth egg for breakfast every now and then.

the story of a woman who finds herself on a planet of beasts, but one beast takes her for his own. then she finds out that he’s been waiting his whole life for her.

The story of a woman who finds herself on a planet of beasts, but one beast takes her for his own. Then she finds out that he’s been waiting his whole life for her.

Imagine yourself looking at your parents’ graves while you are grieving. Imagine yourself feeling the loneliness and isolation that you haven’t felt since you were a little girl. Imagine yourself feeling regret over the decisions you’ve made in life and how they led to this single moment in time where you’re sitting on the ground next to their graves with nothing but your thoughts and regrets.

Now imagine yourself being abducted by aliens who take your body away from everything that is familiar. You are taken to the ice planet where they live and find yourself at the mercy of men who are strong enough to kill without hesitation—men whose only goal seems to be getting beneath your clothes as quickly as possible before taking what they want from you, causing pain along way because it pleases them more than anything else does!

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